Konami’s Yugioh Online would be better than DN or YGOPros any day

Currently, there are two main options to play Yugioh online, should you want to play. Whether you want to test out a deck that’s new to you, a deck you haven’t tried, test for a tournament or play casually, DN and YGOPro variants allow you to play with all of the cards for free. Both platforms have their benefits and downsides, but I want to explain how Konami could make an official YGO-Online platform and make it better than YGOPro and DN.

DN perfectly captures dueling in real life.
DN perfectly captures dueling in real life with its special DN rarity.

*** UPDATE:  Providing an explanation of ‘For Legal Reasons’, both DN and YGOPro are no longer available.

Before I explain what Konami could do, I don’t work for Konami and really don’t know anything about the inner workings of the company. If something I suggest wouldn’t work because of a legitimate reason, I’d like to know in the comments. And, what I’m about to suggest is costly. That’s obvious, but I think once it’s set up, it would turn a fairly nice profit for Konami.

First, the system has to be automated. Konami shouldn’t have judges or staff responding to admin calls in real time. For rulings. For other customer support things, yes, but this is mostly about the system and not customer support. And, due to it being automated, Konami is finally able to put ruling debates to rest, like Call of the Haunted + Deneb vs Mystical Space Typhoon.

In order for the rulings to be consistent, the TCG and OCG notions really have to be done away with. Konami of Americas, Europe, Japan and wherever else, need to come together to join the game into one. If this is to be done, the TCG needs to either be sped up or the OCG slowed down until all cards are out. And the TCG languages can all be played together, so make all the cards legal everywhere. Allow me to use Japanese cards along with my English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese cards. I know the card backs are different, so either force me to use opaque sleeves or play with all the same backs. Magic has some cards with two sides. The front side is the card where it is everywhere (hand, field, etc.), and when a certain condition is met (different for each card) you can flip it over and use the second side on the field. You can put the double-faced cards in your deck if you use opaque sleeves. It should just be handled this way. You can also use any language card* because there aren’t two different Magic: the Gathering games. See that asterisk? There are rules about card alters and what can and can’t be done, but if it’s unaltered, you can play it.

I’ve debated giving Yugioh just one or two official languages, but let me explain the problems with both scenarios. If Yugioh is in all languages, and not just one or two officially, then if my opponent plays a card that I want to read, he may not have the local language version and I’m SOL. You can make players always have the local language translation, but that’s a pain. And, in Europe, as far as I can tell, you don’t need a local language translation at all. If English and Japanese are the official languages and you need an EN or JP card/translation depending on region, OR a local language copy, that only reduces the problem while alienating anyone not native English/Japanese and those that don’t know any at all. The other language cards would still exist, but you need a local/English translation if outside of Asia or a local/Japanese translation while in Asia. I think this is a mess any way you do it. And, for the most part, on the competitive circuit, it doesn’t matter because players know what the cards do.

Regardless, there should only be one Yugioh, in however many languages it’s in currently, maybe more. All of the rulings would be consistent. Just translate the Q&As from the JP database. Also, note what is and isn’t a Special Summon only monster on the database. My previous “all cards are legal” change was because all of the sets moving forward would be the same everywhere and released at the same time. WP archetypes and cards are cool, but the place that doesn’t have them always complains that the other place has them. It also creates a made-up format for Worlds. Worlds can be whatever the current format is and actually matter. Worlds is always entertaining, but that time Inzektors won was because Wind-Ups and Dino Rabbit couldn’t exist. Also, do away with Manga promos, or reprint it in the next set. Release special sets that catch all regions up to current. Release all unreleased cards everywhere. Yugioh should be one game, not three pretending to be two pretending to be one.

So, Yugioh is one game. What about the dueling software? Obviously, it should be in every language the cards are printed in, possibly more. It should be a client, but all data stored online, with the option of offline solo deck building and solitaire play. Then just hit sync the next time you’re connected to adjust the saved decks. But is every card available? No. Every card should not be available. Packs and boxes of every set will be available for purchase, but not at physical MSRP. I don’t know what the price would be, but my suggestion is $1.50 for one pack, and it scales up to 100 packs where each pack is $1. And have an earn-able in-game currency that can be bought with real money or about 100 millennium points. You can earn millennium points by winning games or matches in a ranked system, but with a maximum of 200 millennium points earned this way.

Konami can encourage people to sign up for it by giving everyone who signs up with their Cossy ID within the first year 24 packs of any set(s) they choose. All new players should be given some number of millennium points and a small collection to start with. Maybe 24 packs and a copy of the latest structure deck. I firmly believe the license key/account should cost a one-time fee of $10 or less and give you starter things because you technically wouldn’t have to invest more money into it.

Limited play could also become a real thing. Structure/Starter Deck tournaments and Sneak Peek limited events. It might not be competitive, but you can actually play that to start winning millennium points to start building your collection. An entry fee for Structure/Starter events should be around 50 millennium points, provided you have all of the cards from the deck. Sneak Peek events provide players with 5 packs to build a deck and you play with that. They’re garbage decks, but you would be able to enter tournaments for the cost of 5 packs or using 5 packs you already have from that set.

Okay, so we have a model that costs money, but you don’t need to pay anything other than the initial fee. That’s nice. Your collection will hold real value. Not a ton because it’s possible to obtain the cards without paying anything, but it won’t be worth nothing. That’s pretty notable. The automated system also prevents cheating and other messy things that have to be dealt with.

Do you think this model would work? What do you think of a Yugioh-Online system? Would you play on that? It would mostly squash the free clients. I’d be pretty quick to join. There are a lot of issues that would need to be dealt with, but I’m just talking about theory here. How would you set up an official YGOO?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Buy yourself a new set of sleeves, click an ad, share this with your friends and come back tomorrow for another article.

Bonus list of things I thought of about a YGO Online system:
past format supports?
ocg format?
only current tcg?
bugs bound to happen
EU vs NA ruling disputes
will cossy be linked to YGOOnline?
public deck lists
customizable mat/sleeves/deck boxes?…
auto card placing
dice? counters?
avatars/pics? custom? only unlock
color scheme
offline access
touch screen because an app? tablet hybrid support
trading obtained/looking for
trade binder
trading for nothing
grind for long time to get cards
casual play
reporting players
promo cards? different arts? rarities?
how to do packs? what price?
every set MSRP is the same
trade packs for packs straight up
cards have value
promote by giving away cards, etc

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