10 ways that YuGiOh Online will be better than Dueling Network

So with DN and YGOPro ordered to cease and desist, everyone’s heard the rumors that there is going to be some official YuGiOh Online. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about how it’s going to be worse than DN and how nobody should use it. I want to present ten reasons why an official system that isn’t Dueling Network will be better than Dueling Network. This list is also ways the new official game could mess up if they don’t do these things.

10: No shuffling animation

There is no physical manipulation of the cards because there are no physical cards. Why does there need to be any shuffling animation? I’ve never had a super fast internet connection, so playing on Dueling Network was often painful because I’m going to play the best deck, and the best deck usually shuffles a lot. Anyone who has played on DN with a slow connection knows the shuffling pain. While all online platforms have no physical manipulation, YGOO doesn’t need to show a shuffling animation, and shouldn’t. It’d be a huge mistake if there was any kind of shuffling animation. It isn’t needed and slows games down. And it will still be better than paper Yugioh. You just click shuffle and the shuffler shuffles your deck. Hopefully we get a good shuffler.

9: It will be an automatic system with all of the rules

But Big Eye, what about Call of the Haunted and Deneb? Well, the entire TCG can finally settle on one side of the argument because these can be the official rulings. I really appreciate PSCT, but there needs to be some kind of final say other than Europe does it one way, North America does it the other way. Last time I checked, which was just now, Germany and the U.S. get the same cards and both are legal in the other regions. Why should the rules for the cards be different?

Additionally, having a correct ruleset would be huge for online. When Nekroz was good, I was trying to test out Divine Wrath to stop stuff like Valkyrus in the mirror match. On the Pro clients, players could tribute Shurit for Nekroz Trishula and put Trishula as Chain Link 1 and Shurit as Chain Link 2 so I couldn’t stop the Trishula. That chain ordering isn’t possible in the TCG, and if we had official rules, I would have been able to Divine Wrath so many more Trishulas.

8: Training wheels for new players

Training wheels exist on bikes to ensure you can’t fall over. They help you learn to balance so you can ride on your own. There can be multiple basic learning duels with pre-constructed decks that have a specific order to teach you the game. The game can start with Normal Monsters and Tribute Summons, move to Ignition, Quick and Trigger effects and explain everything from turn player priority and the flow chart to how to tell the difference between a summon and an effect that summons.

Of course, all lessons should be unlocked from the start, but there should also be some kind of play against character/theme decks to get new players more comfortable with playing the game. I received one email from a reader with a rules question then saying he was unsure of the ruling because he doesn’t play in real life due to not being able to remember what is in his deck. Playing with simple example decks and working up to more complex decks would allow more players to improve rather than throwing them into the pools of vicious players ready to chew them up, spit them out, chew them up again and then vomit the new player out onto your doorstep.

7: The training wheels aren’t there only for lessons

This brings me back to number 9. The rules system won’t allow players to do anything they’re not allowed to do. Habits are hard to break. People aren’t easy to change. If players know the rules and know that priority is still very important and that there isn’t ignition priority, the playerbase as a whole will see improvements in the level of play. Countless times I’ve put my two monsters on top of each other for an Xyz, but before I make my Xyz Summon my opponent flips up Bottomless Trap Hole or Solemn Warning. If players get into the habit of playing correctly, they don’t give me the opportunity to play around a card that I thought was simply a Mystical Space Typhoon. Dueling Network, like real life, requires you to do the stuff to your cards and you can do stuff like flip your Trap Card early, accidentally giving your opponent information.

6: The training wheels are unforgiving

In any automated system, if you do something, you can’t take it back. I hope this is the same. No undo button. Once you do something, it’s done. On Dueling Network and in real life, if you make a mistake, you can ask to take it back. Hopefully, that won’t be allowed to happen. While testing, being able to start from a certain point or being able to go back to a certain point and re-sequence something is very helpful, YuGiOh Online is hopefully something to replicate tournament structure.


5: Actual tournaments

If the YuGiOh Online system is tied to your Cossy ID, tournaments can mean something. Actual prizes can be given out and you can get something other than just being at the top of the ladder. I have no idea if you will have access to all of the cards like DN, or if you’ll need to ‘buy’ all the cards like MTGO, but regardless, a tournament structure could be set up and provide some incentive within the system for tournament play. Dueling Network had nothing but custom sleeves and pictures. I hope the incentives for winning tournaments are more than that.

4: Qualify for real tournaments

One incentive for playing YuGiOh Online could be to qualify for tournaments. Currently, there aren’t many tournaments you need to qualify for. Pretty much only WCQs and the World Championship. However, placing first in daily/weekly tournaments could earn you some number of byes at Regionals and YCS’. Starting 1-0 or 2-0 is a huge advantage, but not one that’s so unfair. More invite only events would be nice, like something similar to Magic’s Pro Tour.

3: Public deck lists

Deck profiles are great. TCGPlayer and YugiohTopDecks are great. We get to see lots of decks. I’m not asking for Konami to publish deck lists from live events. Even if that would be nice, it would also be good to just have a page on their site like this one. YuGiOh Online decks would be fairly easy to publish. Whatever the tournaments are, the top 8 or so would be posted on Yugioh-Card.com every week, or however often tournaments are hosted. More data on what’s being played isn’t bad.

2: Unification

YuGiOh Online should be the start of the unification of OCG and TCG. The game would be better off for all players if there was only one Yugioh. On numerous occasions, kids at locals would have a Japanese Dark Magician or another card that everyone knows what it is. Especially with Normal Monsters, I don’t care, but I’d have to tell them that it’s not actually legal. Having one set of official rules, whether they’re the current OCG, current TCG or a mix of the rules, I don’t care. I’ll learn the unified rules and help to explain the new rules when I can. It really wouldn’t be a rough transition if done slowly. Also, my least favorite thing about the OCG would go away. They’re ahead of the TCG and TCG players seeing the cards months in advance makes people forget about the new stuff coming out. I know TDIL doesn’t have a lot of good stuff in it, but INOV is months away. TDIL is less than one month away. If you’re reading this in the future, replace TDIL with the next set and INOV with the set after.


Yes. The best thing about YuGiOh Online would be that it can be called YGOO. Everyone has that one guy that, when he walks into locals, shouts “YUGIIOOHHHHHH”. If whatever they come out with isn’t called YGOO, I’m going to be incredibly disappointed. Number 2 would actually be number 1, but YGOO is just too good not to have.

Likely, these things won’t be a part of YGOO. Likely, it won’t be called YGOO. What are your hopes and expectations for YGOO? My hopes are high, but expectations low. Would you use YGOO if it was a one time purchase? What about if you had to buy all the cards like MTGO or real life? Until tomorrow, click an ad and don’t worry about no more DN.


4 thoughts on “10 ways that YuGiOh Online will be better than Dueling Network”

  1. “6: The training wheels are unforgiving”

    Actually, many automated systems do allow you some form of takeback, as long as there is no option for you to act on knowledge you can only gain by attempting the action. (For example, taking back a card activation because your opponent attempted to counter it is a no go)

    You should be able to determine valid targets for any card or effect without actually committing to it. (For example, determining if you can target a particular monster with targeted removal.)

    It seems weird when I see people forced to banish their own BLS, because the monster they wanted to target is not a valid target.

    1. I don’t think an official system should allow takebacks. Definitely some sort of cancel action button if nothing has been done since/because of that. An example would be clicking Xyz Summon on an Xyz, and then being able to back out of it. But once you’ve done it, no take backs.

      You’re right about checking targets. Nobody would activate BLS if it’s the only monster on the field. There should be a “check targets” option next to the effect or something. But also this should be a cancel-able action. Activate BLS effect, all costs haven’t been paid, so you can undo the action.

  2. there’s already an aptly named Yu-Gi-Oh! Online, an besides, devpro is still up which uses the correct OCG rulings… nobody else in the world uses TCG rulings, nor should they… the OCG is called such because it’s the official card game.

    1. Yu-Gi-Oh Online is from 2005. It’s irrelevant and re-using that name is fine in 2016. Who is talking about that product? Who uses it?

      OCG may or may not be correct, but I talked about Unification of the game where everyone has the same rulings. And I’d just like to point out that North America, South America, Europe and Austrailia are all TCG with TCG rules.

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