YCS Prague: Snatch Steal Edition

Konami released an update on the security measures that are going to be taken at YCS Prague. They stated this is due to “recent events that have taken place in Europe”. They’re obviously talking about the attack in France, but what does that mean for YCS Prague?



Prague is in the Czech Republic, in the middle of Europe and is part of the Schengen. If you live in the EU, you either already know or don’t need to worry about traveling in Europe for YCS Prague. If you live outside of the EU and are traveling to Prague you likely know about the Schengen rules, but I’ll quickly explain it. Within the Schengen Area, you can travel between countries as if it’s one big country, which is similar to how in the U.S., you can travel from state to state freely. And if you’re on a tourist visa (in the Schengen, at YCS Prague for example), and you overstay your 90 days, you will likely be ejected from the Schengen and then banned from reentry for 5 or more years. I’m not an immigration lawyer, nor is this an immigration blog, but that’s the gist of it.

YCS Prague

Prague, where YCS Prague will be, is in the Schengen, and that means it wouldn’t be difficult for anyone in the Schengen to travel to the Czech Republic. But mainly I want to talk about the security measures, what is overkill, what should be standard and what is necessary as a company to avoid getting sued.

Let’s look at the security measures taken for YCS Prague

“All persons attending YCS Prague are restricted to 1 bag per person within the venue.”
I see outcries against only being able to carry one bag, but realistically almost every single event I’ve been to, I’ve only taken one bag, and I haven’t seen many players with more than one bag. I think this should be standard procedure. There are always backpacks everywhere at large events anyways. If this means only one bag at all, I think it becomes unreasonable. But one backpack-style bag is fine if you don’t count a shopping bag or a plastic bag from a food place. But most players don’t need more than one bag to carry their Yugioh gear. For a long time, I just used a string bag with only my mat, deck box, calculator case and binder in it.

“All bags will be checked upon entrance to the venue.”
I don’t think ALL bags at every event is necessary, but random bag checks are OK with me. I’d like to avoid seeing “suspicious person bag checks” because that leads down a road of racism. But random checks discourage malicious activity much like how random deck checks discourage people from changing their deck during an event, not that I think many, if at all any, are trying to attack large Yugioh events. I do believe that Konami reserves the right to check all bags entering the venue, though, even if it seems excessive.

“A free cloak room will be offered at the entrance to the venue.”
Sounds like people are gonna steal whatever is left here. I wouldn’t leave anything there that I wanted to pick back up later.


SmokeGrenadeoftheThief-LOD-NA-C-1E“Players will have to check their bag into this [cloak] room before entering the venue itself.”
To me, this means bring a bag or backpack you don’t care about and only what you can carry on your person. I’d only bring a string bag with my deck box, a mat and a water bottle, and if the string bag gets taken, that sucks. Unfortunately, it sounds like a lot of people are going to get their stuff stolen from this cloak room.


“No bags will be allowed within the event hall itself, Duelists can only bring their Decks, Game Mats and anything else required for playing.”
I think this is actually reasonable. Maybe a bit much to disallow bags, but I know people who have had their bag stolen from underneath their chair.


“Players will not be allowed to bring their trade binders into the main hall. There will be a designated area assigned for the trading of cards.”
I really like this rule. I’ve been to events where trading can’t be done near the tables where people are still playing, and it was a much more enjoyable experience. I hate when I’m just watching someone play and I get people coming up to me asking “Got trades?” This rule at events in the past has mostly alleviated that. Maybe no trade binders at all in the playing area is excessive, especially because I don’t want to leave it in my bag in some cloak room that everyone has access to, but no trading in the playing area has worked at the events I’ve been to


“When entering the venue, you will be asked by security personnel to open your bag and show them its contents. You will also be asked to open/take off your jacket or coat.”
This is understandable, but will significantly slow down the start of the event. It’s not a bad idea, but I think there should be a statement saying players should expect at any time to be asked to show security personnel their bag contents.


“Held items are left at their owners risk, Konami Digital Entertainment do not accept responsibility for property stolen or damaged.”
This statement is Konami protecting themselves from the situation where someone leaves their binder on a table, someone takes it and then the owner tries to blame Konami for the binder being stolen. It’s just kind of a warning statement telling everyone to watch their stuff.
What do you think of these security measures? Are they extreme? Not enough? Should be mandatory everywhere? Have you had things stolen? Leave a comment. If you liked this, subscribe to my email list to get an email every week about the week’s posts and a top tip. It’s free. If you want to support me writing entertaining articles, click an ad. But the best thing you can do is check out and tell your friends about other things I’ve written, like my post about a casual Buster Blader deck. If you have a question, email me.

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