Don’t be afraid to try new things

DarkSimorgh-CT08-EN-SR-LEAt the NAWCQ we saw a lot of Domain Monarchs. The last time we saw Domain Monarchs, Performapals were dominant. Then Kozmo saw a surge in play and Monarchs started playing with an Extra Deck because Kozmo doesn’t care about being locked out of theirs. Then Burning Abyss saw a surge in play, and they use their Extra Deck a lot. Now Domain is being played again. These are meta changes. While the best archetypes are usually clear, how to play that strategy isn’t. For the past few years, there have been multiple ways to play most decks. Most players say you need to innovate to be ahead. The spiciest technology from the NAWCQ was Typhoon, Corebage and Dark Simorgh in the Main Deck. Otherwise, we’ve seen everything before. Even then, Typhoon and Corebage aren’t new techs.

The game isn’t always about innovation. Most innovations are garbage ideas. Some innovations are really good ideas. Whoever first thought to not bother with High Priestess at all in 2013 was a genius. Putting the whole Burning Abyss engine in Monarchs was a great idea. Or is it the Monarch engine in a Burning Abyss deck?

I get a lot of questions about random tech cards in decks. Whole new deck innovation is less common because all of the best decks are discovered pretty early, but single techs still come up. Quickdraw Synchron in Monarchs is a neat idea that has pretty nice synergy with the rest of the deck. If you asked me what I thought, I’d say it’s probably not great, but try it. Turns out that Quickdraw is pretty good. It’s also WIND if you want to tech in Dark Simorgh with it.

Without Dueling Network it’s harder to try new tech cards out, but DevPro is still available for download. And hopefully, soon, we’ll get some Yugioh Online. Don’t forget that you can always just take a sharpie to your old commons to turn them into new cards for new brews.

Blue-Eyes Alt Dragon is coming out soon. Then shortly after that, we get TDIL, which brings more Dark Magician stuff. Don’t be afraid to try out the new Dark Magician cards in all sorts of variants. Try out all of the new cards in the existing decks. Look at your older decks and see what combos the new cards enable. Some examples of new cards that slot nicely into existing decks are cards like Brilliant Fusion and Ghost Reaper.

Throw Dark Simorgh in your Monarch deck and try it out. Don’t just theorize about it. Write Dark Simorgh on any other monster and just proxy it. If it doesn’t work out, now you know that your new tech or your new deck idea doesn’t work and you’ve learned something. Is Amorphage Sloth good? I don’t know yet, I haven’t tried it. It seems good, but now it’s time to test it. There were only 5 copies in the revealed 21 lists from the NAWCQ, but does that mean it performed well compared to the 33 copies of Maxx ā€œCā€? Steven Tarnok played all of the Pendulums and it worked.

Top 32 Steven Tarnok

You can never truly fail by trying out ‘jank’ strategies. You get to learn why it isn’t so effective and how to beat it. If you know why a deck loses, it makes it easier to beat. And in the same vein, you should try out what’s successful, so then if you’re playing something else, you know how to attack the better decks of a format.

I can't read Japanese, either

Sloth might be the next hot tech. It’s secret rare for a reason, right? It’s not an anime card, it’s not a super awesome I-win-the-game-right-now-aw-yeah type of card that casual players like. It must be good, right? Nothing might go up tomorrow. Until Monday, click an ad and buy up Sloths while they’re cheap.


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