Top 8 decks from the EUWCQ

The EUWCQ was last weekend. It was pretty quiet compared to the NAWCQ. There were 1386 players with a cut to top 64. Half as many players as the NAWCQ, but the same top cut. Top cut really should be reserved for those who proved themselves in the swiss rounds. I’d be okay with top 16, but I really just want top 8, so we’re going to look at the top 8 deck lists from the 2016 EUWCQ. Remember that Lightning isn’t legal, so let’s-a-go.

Samir Bacher – First

Top 1 Samir Bacher

Samir finished 6th in swiss and deserves the chance to go to the World Championship. I hate when players are at the top of standings after swiss, then get knocked out in excessively large top cuts. That happened to six players at the EUWCQ this year. Samir only played nine Performapal monsters, but clearly he didn’t need more. Instead of more Pals, he chose to play extra Majespecters and Flash Knight. I’m not big on Painful Decision, but it’s quite good with Flash Knight and Master Pendulum both in the deck, allowing it to go get a low scale, high scale, or just a Level 4. The lone Veiler is a strange inclusion, but it can be searched with Magical Abductor if it comes up. There are three Veilers in the 55, which would make me play Meteorburst over Absolute Dragon, but Absolute can be made by using Vortex and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. The last strange inclusion is Koa’ki Meiru Drago, but it can be Pendulum Summoned, and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Sloth and the Dracorivals are searchable. Pendulum Dragon more so with Sky Iris. Utopia Prime is in the Extra Deck because Samir likes Raigeki-ing when it’s Macro Cosmos, too.

Carmelo Buttiglieri – Second

Top 2 Carmelo Buttiglieri

Finishing 36th in swiss, Carmelo did not make top 8. But here he is in second place. He ran a pretty standard PK Fire list. Nothing too exciting. Again, a lone Veiler makes its way into the Main Deck. Rubic and Virgil aren’t seen often, but nothing exciting. Typhoon is the stand-out card from the EUWCQ.

Finn Bakewell – Top 4

Top 8 Finn Bakewell

Finishing 16th, Finn would have made top 16, but not top 8. I don’t have his list from the EUWCQ, but he made top 8 at U.K. Nationals and top 4 at Euros. Parrotrio is neat in that it can be Scale 2 or 7. Neat tech, Finn.

Lorenzo Roma – Top 4

Top 4 Lorenzo Roma

Another unexciting PK Fire list. The deck is good and this list is standard. Corebage and Giga-Brill over the third Beatrice are the most noteworthy tech choices, but Corebage isn’t really a tech card anymore.

Jack Verma – Top 8

Top 8 Jack Verma

I don’t like the singleton Veiler and triple Raccoon. I don’t like Painful Decision without the option to get either scale. I don’t like Absolute over Meteorburst. Trap Eater is pretty spicy. Otherwise, standard looking list. Unicorn – Kirin has an emphasis placed on it with triple Raccoon, and clearly it pulled its weight landing Jack 9th in swiss.

Rafael Neven – Top 8

Top 8 Rafael Neven

I saw Rafael’s name spelled Rafael, Raphael, Rafaël and Raphaël this weekend. I don’t know how he spells it. Rafael played a standard looking Demise Kozmo deck. Two Solemn Strikes seems weird at first, but usually you just want to stop a fielded monster’s effect from resolving. You don’t care about the effect. So that’s where the Breakthrough Skills come in. No LP payment, and it can be used again on some stuff like Vortex Dragon, Infinity and Dark Lady. Otherwise, I like the simplicity of the list and the five 3-ofs in the Side Deck. Rafael knew which five cards he wanted, and he wanted as many copies as possible.

Ole Wegner – Top 8

Top 16 Roland Fang

Ole made top 8 with Extra Deck Monarchs. I can’t find his deck list anywhere, so, here’s another Extra Deck Monarch list.

Alpay Engin – Top 8

Top 8 Alpay Engin

The only Fire King Kozmo list to make Top 8. The list is pretty standard. The deck has weaknesses, and is weaker than Demise Kozmo when they don’t open the combo. That’s not so awful. The deck just becomes plain old Kozmo with a random Delta Shuttle to sometimes help make Rank 5s. I like three Soartroopers and two Dark Lady, but Alpay made Top 8 at Euros, not me. I don’t really know why Mirror of the Ice Barrier is in here. Someone said it’s for Ghost Reaper, but it doesn’t do anything if you get GHReaper’d. Farfa is the most likely reason I think.


With three Odd-Eyes Performapal variants in the top 8, I’m not surprised it won the whole thing. Congratulations to those going to Worlds. Until tomorrow, click an ad and get an Ignister if you don’t have one. It’s not very much, and if you seriously don’t have one, you’re going to want it eventually.

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