Top 5 favorite Ritual Monsters

Because, ya know, top 5.
Because, ya know, top 5.

Top 5 Favorite Ritual Monsters!

Things in my life are changing. I simply have less time to dedicate to The Big Eye. A lot less. I can’t not write a lot when I write but I’m going to try. My editor, aka wife, tells me that my posts are too long for the not income the site is bringing in. So, once a week, I’m going to write a textless post. It’s not like anybody reads, anyways, right? Once a week I may write something Magic related as I’ve been consuming a lot of content there and it may be profitable in that scene. I don’t know what the posting schedule is going to look like but I’ll post on both Facebook and Twitter when I post a new post and it should be clear if it’s Magic or Yugioh. Let’s get into my top five favorite Ritual Monsters.

List is my opinion. Feel free to disagree because that’s what an opinion is. They’re my favorites for reasons. You have your favorites for whatever reasons. Tell me in the comments.


relinquished-mil1-en-c-1eTaking monsters is always fun. I write under the name Big Eye, which steals monsters. Relinquished also inflicts battle damage to your opponent, which is awesome and always forgotten.


evigishkigustkraken-ha06-en-scr-1eevigishkimindaugus-ha05-en-opThese two are only on the list because of the degenerate loops involving M7, Hieratics, One Day of Peace and whatnot. They’re both limited for a reason.


malacodanetherlordoftheburningabyss-sece-en-scr-1eThis card is fine. It’s just fine. I played it in my Burning Abyss deck at my small locals when Djinn Releaser was still legal – that was fun. He makes things smaller, is fairly big himself and doesn’t kill your Malebranches. Not to mention that Djinn Releaser is Level 3, Tour Guide is Level 3. Three plus three equals six. Or rather, Tour Guide into Djinn into Dante, use Djinn from Graveyard and a Malebranche in hand to make Malacoda.


nekrozofvalkyrus-thsf-en-scr-1eI thought about putting Unicore, Brionac, Trishula and all of the other Nekroz on this list but more than one Nekroz in a top five is too many. Allow me to remind you that Valkyrus is the card that made Nekroz a nightmare. Yeah, the deck was consistent and the Ritual Spells searched themselves, but you weren’t allowed to attack, ever. Valkyrus also drew cards. One guy at a locals was playing Swift Scarecrow because Valkyrus was $45 at the time and stopping the Battle Phase is that important. Don’t forget that 2900 helps you get there and OTK easily. Don’t forget Emeral and Valkyrus turn one for value.


TSHD-EN039 HeraldofPerfectionWhat is more degenerate than Nekroz going plus four and ending on Brionac using Djinn? (a thing I did at locals because I was more willing to take risks at locals) I’ll tell you. Triple Tour Guide and Chaos Sorcerer in Herald. I know the Tour Guide is limited and Djinn forbidden but at one time, Chaos Sorc, Guide and Djinn were all unlimited along with Preparation of Rites and that made playing against Herald not very fun. Shout out to 14-year-old me saying Veiler crashing into Consecrated Light was a thing.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 favorite Ritual Monsters”

  1. I’d just like to say that I’ve read every one of your posts since I discovered this site, back around the Movie Pack/Dark Illusion set reviews. A bit recent, but I’m still planning on going back and reading through more of your older stuff as well. You’ve also helped me out a lot with my playing experience, for YGO, Pokemon, and FEø, since not everything you’ve written is card or set reviews, and I only wish I had the extra money to support you. I get that you have life that needs living and all that, but hopefully you don’t end up feeling like this whole site has been a waste, because you’ve definitely helped at least one player out, so thanks a bunch, looking forward to Wednesday!

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