Top 10: Decks for the September 2016 format

We have a new F&L list, which I already talked about. If you’re new to Yugioh, that means everyone is scrambling to find new decks because the list shook everything up. In reality, this past list didn’t shake things up too much. Konami hits things on the F&L list in cycles to push new products. Allow me to explain.

1) Konami releases a series of cards. These decks become meta.
2) Konami releases new support for these meta decks.
3) Konami releases a new series of cards.
4) Konami hurts the consistency of old meta decks and gives new support to new decks.
5) Konami releases a new series of cards and makes the series from step 1 unplayable.

This order isn’t set in stone, but it’s the pattern that typically happens. We’re at the hurt consistency stage to encourage people to play the new cards. And, in order to get the new cards, people need to buy packs, which is how Konami makes money. I don’t like this system, but I like Yugioh, so I have to deal with it. I have a list of the decks I think are going to be good this format. I’ve left off anything that isn’t out yet because it isn’t out. ABCs most notably. Shut up about the future. Everyone knows it’s coming out. Just read what I have to say, then if you disagree, or I forgot about something, let me know in the comments. Keep in mind the lists I’m showing are far from tuned.


judgment dragons a fairy tail

I thought about Wind-Ups, but I tried the deck. It’s not good anymore. I think Magician could probably go to three without any issue. And, I’m sure it will, but my number 10 pick is Lightsworn. Hear me out. Eclipse Wyvern banishes Judgment Dragon, then you banish Eclipse Wyvern with a Dragon Ruler. Err, The Blazing Mars. I showed my friend the deck and he asked me why I wasn’t just running Fairy Tail. The Blazing Mars is fine, but Fairy Tail is just better. The deck can brick, but what deck can’t? If you’ve never banished Eclipse Wyvern to add back Judgment Dragon, drop it and destroy everything, then drop the other Judgment Dragons you also added back, try it. This deck is all the way down at number 10 because it needs both a Minerva and a lot of tuning. I don’t think my list here is optimal, but there’s definitely something here. Plus, you can side Lightray Daedalus for anything with a Field Spell that ruins your day, like Necrovalley or Kozmotown. Even Sky Iris. If it was a dragon, I’d main deck some amount.


trains are hand

We finally have Revolving Switchyard, Night Express Night, Derricrane AND Dora. I’m glad we do, but you don’t need to be super hype about them. It’s fine to be excited, but I don’t think trains is that great of a deck. It’s higher than Lightsworn due to the accessibility of Minerva and the fact that Judgment Dragon doesn’t deal with Dora. Dora is a legitimate card that’s a problem, but Fog Blade exists. The deck is fine, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. Trains could be much worse, but Nekroz were new when I was first interested in trains. The deck is basically two years old and isn’t a card advantage deck. Maybe it’ll be better than I thought but I think it’ll be about as good as Blue-Eyes were last format. Quietly in the background connecting trains or something.

shaddoll trains


monarchs conspiracy

Ehther, Stormforth and Pantheism are all limited. This means your opponent won’t have Ehther+Stormforth every single turn. It’s obnoxious, but I’m glad that doesn’t exist anymore. With both Ehther and Stormforth limited, I think it’s fine to have multiple Pantheism, but whatever, that’s not the case. Erebus is still very powerful. Ehther isn’t forbidden. All of the other mega monarchs are unlimited, namely Zaborg and Thestalos. Zaborg can destroy Beatrice, dump 6 things from your opponent’s Extra Deck and beat over Pilgrim with Domain. I don’t know how many Kuraz or Return are correct because of the limiting of Ehther, but Brilliant Fusion is a good card. So is Erebus. Multiple Erebus’ and a Rank 5 or two, sometimes Tzolkin with Crystal Wing is pretty good and can still win games. Show me your Monarch brews. I want to see them. Monarchs are worse now, but they might not be dead yet.



Atlanteans were played heavily after the Adjusted List but quickly fell off after people realized it wasn’t very resilient. Perhaps with Brilliant Fusion and a little more emphasis on Pike and Turge making Rank 4s, the deck can compete now that the rest of the decks are slightly less consistent. The only hits to Mermail have been Deep Sea Diva and Upstart Goblin. All of the combos still exist except for Diva → Infantry → Diva → Neptabyss. Just discard some WATER monsters and attack for more than 8000. Mermail definitely have potential even though they’re four years old.


eyes of blue

I don’t like the deck, but I can’t let my biases affect what I think is good. I don’t like Ritual Summons, nor did I like the theme of the Nekroz, but I played the deck because it was good. Blue-Eyes won’t be the best deck going into this format but it is a legitimate choice now that pretty much everything else is worse. The only bad things I have to say about Blue-Eyes are that Alternative Dragon isn’t on the same level as Dark Destroyer and that it has no recovery at all. The deck is pretty easy to play, though. I’m sure I’m missing some plays here and there, but the deck is very linear and doesn’t have many options. Also, you just lose to Vanity’s Emptiness. If you like Blue-Eyes, you should play it. I also didn’t realize until someone pointed it out to me, but Sage can search Buster Whelp for a Buster Blader/Blue-Eyes Hybrid. I don’t know if that build is competitive, but I think something is there.


kozmo's demise

I’ll admit that I haven’t thought enough about Kozmo moving forward. Dark Destroyer being limited does hurt the deck a lot. But not all that much. Kozmotown exists to get it back. Strawman becomes slightly more important if you want to crash your monsters into Blue-Eyes. The difference between 2800 and 3000 ATK for more Forerunner and Dark Eclipser is only 200 and pretty much doesn’t matter against most decks, except Blue-Eyes. I expect Blue-Eyes to be one of the most played decks now that it won the bullshit format Konami calls the World Championship. Dark Eclipser can crash into Blue-Eyes for a net +1 but can’t be Kozmojo’d into Sliprider nor Dark Lady. Allure of Darkness is unlimited but part of the reason Allure was good in Kozmo was banish Dark Destroyer, add it back. The list I’ve been playing with Card of Demise only has four DARKs making Allure of Darkness less appealing. In the list below I have significantly more DARK monsters, which obviously makes it more likely that I don’t have to discard my hand. Either path you take, make sure you’re running triple Kozmojo.

kozmo is alluring


draco pals

People like to combine the Level 4 based Performapal lists with higher level Magician based Odd-Eyes lists and call them all Pendulums. There are a lot of similarities between the two but DracoPals easily make Ignister to spin away all of your things and then make Hope Harbinger. They play completely differently. DracoPals is a grindy deck that will grind you out if you’re not careful. I didn’t include Diamond Dire Wolf in my list because I created those images before writing this. Radish Horse can make Dire Wolf without using your Normal Summon to attempt to hit backrow like Solemn Strike before your Pendulum Summon. Monkeyboard is gone, but Pendulum Sorcerer is still unlimited. Magical Abductor still exists to search whatever you want from Archfiend Eccentrick to Kirin to Luster Pendulum. Igknight Reload and Upstart Goblin are cards that probably should be squeezed into the deck, too. It might not be the best deck this format but it’s still a competitor. The deck just needs fine tuning. Maybe I’ll do that in the future.



This deck does its thing and draws cards and sets traps. It’s obnoxious. Bottomless to cleanly deal with Beatrice and Cir. Six Solemn Strikes and three Solemn Warnings along with four Mirror Forces. The deck doesn’t do powerful things, but it certainly doesn’t let you do anything powerful and is largely unhindered by most floodgates with the exception of Skill Drain and the obvious Anti-Spell. Plus it has access to Ignister and Kirin. Vexacus made top 32 at YCS Origins with a similar list when everything was still full power. Majespecters are the way to go if you want to play a deck with Card of Demise that only got better with the new list. Vexacus only played one Kirin, so whatever to that. Nothing else in the deck was hit. Majespecters may be at their best right now. Not to mention a whopping NINE trap cards that stop Dante, Beatrice and ABC-Dragon Buster. Then there is the Majespecter Tornados, Bottomless and the Mirror Forces. This deck is a threat and you need to be running some serious backrow destruction if you want to beat it.



Kirin is not at four copies now. It’s a little less than that because there are hands where you just can’t summon Bunbuku and Pendulum Summon the Kirin. You still have Abductor, though. Magicians are a strong engine that mesh well with Performapals to make nice OTKs with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. And any game where you can’t OTK, you just bounce with Kirin over and over and over. The deck is weaker with only one Kirin and no Monkeyboard which limits access to Utopia Beyond for easy OTKs but Radish Horse and Performapal Unicorn let you make a big Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. Don’t forget that you have both Photon Papilloperative and Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon to shrink monsters if you need to. Red-Eyes Flare Metal is also very good at closing out games. I’ve chosen to include a single Nobledragon Magician for Ancient Fairy Dragon and Ignister, both of which are still very strong. The Pendulum Call limit didn’t even hurt the deck because pure Magicians was a weaker deck before the new list and I wasn’t even running any copies in my list before the change.



Blue-Eyes is higher than Level 5. Dante only has 2500 DEF. But that doesn’t matter because all of the Malebranches are Level 3. That only matters because Dante is a Rank 3. Evilswarm doesn’t matter. I’m not even sorry if you thought I put Evilswarm on my list. We’re at the beginning of a new format. Burning Abyss really didn’t lose much. It lost a copy of Cir, which can be recurred with Dante. The Phantom Knights haven’t lost any strength, neither has Terrortop. People seem to forget about Fiendish Rhino Warrior, too. That’s a strong card. It makes siding Vanity’s and Majesty’s Fiend easier because they can’t be destroyed. Beatrice is limited but I never saw Burning Abyss stumble before Beatrice was legal. The deck is very strong and only weak to floodgates that people don’t play. The deck can still run any amount of Anti-Spell Fragrance, Booby Trap E or other cards that haven’t seen much play lately, namely Fire Lake, Traveler and the other Phantom Knights’ cards, Wing and Sword. Oh yeah, Burning Abyss got the third Allure of Darkness if you want to take that route. Sky Scourge Norleras and The Beginning of the End are two other strong options. You can even put Rubic back in your deck to make Virgil. Hell, you can even put in Genex Ally Birdman, Normal Summon Tour Guide, summon a monster, bounce Tour Guide and make Dante and still have Tour Guide for later and sometimes make Virgil with Birdman when you need. Burning Abyss just takes a little bit of innovation. I think the big piece of innovation now is Fire Lake. We won’t always be putting Beatrice on top of Dante, which leaves us with more Burning Abyss monsters on the field that we can sacrifice for Fire Lake to take care of whatever problems you may be having. During the beginning of every format, most people play more trap cards. Fire Lake and Twin Twister combine to form an unstoppable team of backrow destruction. Fire Lake can hit monsters and your own cards if need be.

dante is still good

Yes, I legitimately think Burning Abyss is the strongest deck going into this format. It’s not a trap deck, it’s a grindy monster deck. Monsters beat out traps nearly every time. It’s weak to Galaxy-Eyes Cipher and Graveyard floodgates but saying a deck has weaknesses isn’t a reason a deck isn’t good. It’s valid to identify those weaknesses to either attack them or try to defend them, but they’re not a reason not to play the deck. I want to hear what you have to say about this upcoming format. Tell me in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to help me out, you can click an ad or help directly on Patreon. I’m new on Patreon so I want to hear suggestions about what rewards would be appealing. Dantes are still cheap, get them while he’s still unlimited.

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6 thoughts on “Top 10: Decks for the September 2016 format”

  1. I just made a kozmo deck and was thinking of going the fire king route. With DD limited to 1 is pure kozmo just better now?

    1. Fire King is probably the way to go with only one DD. Pure Kozmo relies on playing DD turn after turn and using it to OTK.

      1. Okay thanks. Ive been playing around with the fire king variant and it seems really inconsistent. I either draw into my garunix or never get the cards to do the fire king kozmos.

  2. I’m very interested in playing a Norleras Burning Abyss deck. Even seeing this list of yours gives me more direction on this build.
    Any suggestions? If you have a build yourself could you post or e-mail it? I would appreciate it cause I like comparing builds of different players to understand better what I’m playing and maybe have some ideas I notably wouldn’t have had.

    Thank you for this awesome post, I mostly agree with you on all of the items except I would say Blue-Eyes are getting outplayed a lot often and wouldn’t even bother including on the list.

    1. I wouldn’t bother including Norleras anymore as you don’t have multiple Beatrices to spam all day long. You could run Phantom of Chaos or something but that’s not great.

      I can point you in a few directions.

      Blue-Eyes can do strong things. Despite it’s lacking power, I think it’s more worthy of inclusion on this list than Trains are.

  3. Always glad to hear older cards like Blue Eyes have a chance, but in the end I’m still stuck waiting for the return of the Ancient Gears, if that ever happens. RIP the dream.dek. But yeah, I was wondering if anyone looking at this might be willing to give me a hand – I’m working on crafting a player-made archetype for a Story I’m writing. Each card is going to have a “sealed” and “unlimited” variant, where the “unlimited” variants of all cards are retardedly broken with one exception, while the “sealed” variant is a more normal set of cards, though they are still supposed to be fairly powerful. If anyone’s willing to help out, shoot me an email or throw me a comment and I’ll show you the cards I’ve made by now that need evaluating. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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