Top 10: Cards that are like Mystical Space Typhoon

MysticalSpaceTyphoon-MRL-NA-UR-1EIt’s not often that the best one for one Spell/Trap removal in the game is contested. For most of Yugioh’s history, Mystical Space Typhoon is the only Spell/Trap removal you need. Other than big sweepers like Heavy Storm, Giant Trunade and Cold Wave, MST has been the best and usually the only one people used. Anything like Twister or Dust Tornado was used because it fit the theme of the deck better than MST, or as more copies of MST than you’re allowed. So, copies four through six. Or copies two or three when MST was limited. This is a top ten list – and like any top ten list – it’s my opinion and not based on strict facts. If you disagree or I forgot something, let me know in the comments. Let’s get into the top ten cards like MST.

Mystical Space Typhoon is a Quick-Play Spell Card from 2002 that targets 1 Spell/Trap on the field and destroys it. There isn’t a cost other than putting MST in your deck. No discarding, sending, tributing or paying of anything. Plus it’s a Quick-Play, which means it can be played at any time on either player’s turn and in response to stuff like Anti-Spell Fragrance. I have two criteria for this list. The first is that the effect has to destroy both spells and traps, but not monsters. Sorry, Dark World Lightning. De-Spell is also ineligible because it can’t destroy traps. The other piece of criteria is no mass destruction. This makes Storm and Heavy Storm ineligible. Both criteria keep cards like Cold Wave and Giant Trunade off of the list. Neither destroy, and both are mass ‘removal’.

Number 10: Double Cyclone

DoubleCyclone-DREV-EN-C-1EI thought about putting Parallel Twister on the list but outside of fringe situations with something like Diamond Dude, Double Cyclone is strictly better. It hasn’t seen much play, but the play it saw was very important, with Artifacts. You pop your own set Artifact and an opponent’s card. Double Cyclone is all the way down at number 10 because it isn’t versatile in what it does. There are some cool tricks you can do, but Storm is usually better. If Yugioh had a rotating format, cards like Double Cyclone could see legitimate play.

Number 9: Shaddoll Dragon

ShaddollDragon-DUEA-EN-R-1EI know what you’re saying, Shaddoll Dragon is a monster. Yes, yes it is. That’s part of the reason it’s good. Shaddoll Dragon can’t destroy anything without another card effect but if you’re playing it, you get the option to use it at any time with cards like Foolish Burial or Armageddon Knight. Needless to say, the card is even better in Shaddolls when you can fuse with it to trigger it. And in the worst case scenario, you either summon it and it attacks for 1900 or the summon gets negated and you can still destroy something.

Number 8: Dust Tornado

DustTornado-LCYW-EN-UR-1EI’d just like to mention that Paleozoic Olenoides is probably better than Dust Tornado because you can summon back Olenoides, but you can’t summon back Dust Tornado. Both cards are effectively the same as MST but with upside. The reason they’re all the way down at number 8 is because they’re traps. You can use MST and every other card on the list the turn you draw them. Dust Tornado and Olenoides both require you to wait a turn before you can use them, but neither is affected by Anti-Spell Fragrance, which is incredibly important as long as pendulums are good.

Number 7: Breaker, the Magical Warrior

BreakertheMagicalWarrior-LCYW-EN-UR-1EAlso Lyla, but Breaker was once forbidden. Lyla is probably better now because she is more easily repeatable and mills you. Breaker doesn’t switch to defense position and can attack for 1900. If you’ve played the April 2005 format, you know that Breaker is very good and shouldn’t be run out without the chance to at least destroy something and hopefully something else by battle. There is an argument to be made for Lyla because you have Charge of the Light Brigade and Solar Recharge to go with it, as well as Lumina. But for the most part, I’m ignoring other synergies, which leaves Breaker on the list. If you were to play either today, you’d summon it, destroy something, then likely make an Xyz Monster.

Number 6: Artifact Ignition

ArtifactIgnition-PRIO-EN-UR-1EI said I was mostly ignoring other synergies, but Artifact Ignition nets you another card. That’s not a synergy, it’s part of the effect. Hopefully, the Artifact you set can do more things for you after it’s set. Artifact Ignition does three things. It destroys something AND gives you a set Artifact. If it’s destroyed, your opponent skips a battle phase. If your opponent targets your set Ignition with their own removal, you can chain it and get all three effects. Ignition doesn’t see play anymore because Moralltach is limited but if Moralltach was unlimited, or another good Artifact is printed, I’m sure Ignition would see play again.

Number 5: Night Beam

NightBeam-GAOV-EN-UR-1EWhen I was making this list I thought about also putting Gyokkou in the same slot as Night Beam, but Gyokkou is good because of synergies and doesn’t destroy. Night Beam can’t hit anything that’s face-up, but the set card can’t respond directly to the Night Beam. Sure, your opponent can chain another card, then chain the set card but most of the time Night Beam just takes down whatever it targeted without hassle. Night Beam would probably be better if it could destroy face-ups or couldn’t be responded to at all. Unfortunately, neither of those things are true. At least we can still play Night Beam in degenerate OTK decks.

Number 4: Typhoon

Typhoon-BP03-EN-C-1ETyphoon and Twister both only destroy face-up Spell/Trap cards. Twister is a Quick-Play Spell that costs 500 LP. Typhoon is just a trap. By comparison, even though Twister costs LP, it’d be better. Typhoon is, in fact, much better than Twister ever was. You can activate Typhoon on your opponent’s turn on the very first turn if they control two or more Spell/Traps and you don’t have any. It hits Pendulums, continuous things and isn’t hindered by Anti-Spell Fragrance, which will be important as long as pendulum cards exist.

Number 3: Galaxy Cyclone

Galaxy Cyclone was the first card that was actually considered to replace MST. It doesn’t. Galaxy Cyclone did see significant play in Burning Abyss because you could later hit any face-up Spell/Trap with it if you mill it with Dante. Otherwise, it functions mostly like Night Beam with an additional use. The fact that it’s a Normal Spell doesn’t help it but the double use is extremely nice. Don’t forget Galaxy Wizard can search it if you’re playing trash, er, casual.

Number 2: Twin Twisters

TwinTwisters-BOSH-EN-SR-1ETwin Twisters is better than MST most of the time. Twin Twisters is not strictly better. Strictly better would be the same effect for a cheaper cost, a stronger effect for the same cost, or both. In a vacuum, Raigeki is strictly better than Dark Hole. In a vacuum, Giant Trunade is not strictly better or worse than Heavy Storm or Feather Duster. Twin Twisters is MST and lets the worst card in your hand become another MST, which is great. There are plenty of reasons not in a vacuum why Twin Twisters is better, like discarding a card that activates in the Graveyard. Twin Twisters is an amazing card and would be at the top of the list if my list making was about power level. Twin Twisters also gives you double the amount of destruction without dedicating more actual deck slots to destruction. Three MST gives you three destructions. Three Twin Twisters gives you six.

I’d just like to give Archfiend Eccentrick and Ice Hand both honorable mentions. Archfiend Eccentrick doesn’t destroy Anti-Spell if you draw it after Anti-Spell is face-up, which made me not want to include it. Ice Hand can’t be triggered any time you want and isn’t an ignition effect, so I felt it didn’t belong.

Number 1: Cosmic Cyclone

CosmicCyclone-TDIL-EN-ScR-1EThis is the new kid on the block from The Dark Illusion. I said top ten cards like MST, this is functionally the most like MST. Back in the day, most Spells/Traps that you would destroy wouldn’t trigger when destroyed, even though some could be brought back. Cosmic Cyclone banishes the card instead. Unless you can’t get Cosmic Cylcones or you sometimes want to destroy your own Spell/Traps, run Cosmic Cyclone over MST.

I still don’t have internet in my home, so until I do, which hopefully is today, make sure you’re running either Twin Twisters or Cosmic Cyclone over MST. And if you are running MST, make sure you have ultras. If I have internet, hopefully Wednesday is the Dragons of Legend: Unleashed set review. If not, I’m sorry. If you want to help me make more Yugioh content for you, you can donate on Patreon. Or you can interact with me on Facebook and Twitter.

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