Format Archive: March 2011, the format before Xyz

Since there is relatively little information on older formats one of my goals is to archive each format starting with September 2011, but before I can start there we need some context about the previous format, March 2011. So this is part 1 of the format reflection series.

Three weeks before the new Forbidden & Limited list on March 1, 2011 Storm of Ragnarok (STOR) was released on February 7. STOR contained a re-vamp of Six Samurai and a new hand trap, Maxx “C”. Since Kageki, Kagemusha, Kizan, Enishi and Shi En were all released in STOR, it was basically a new archetype, but was able to benefit from some older archetype-specific cards that most new archetypes don’t have the pleasure of dreaming of, namely Gateway, United and Grandmaster.

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