Cards of the day: Gameciel & Kumongous

GamecieltheSeaTurtleKaiju-DOCS-EN-R-1EToday’s card of the day is actually two cards. The first released last August in Clash of Rebellion. The other, three months later in Dimensions of Chaos. The two cards are Gameciel and Kumongous. While the other Kaiju monsters are effective, all have 2700 or more ATK. Gameciel and Kumongous in particular, are weak enough that you can run them over with pretty much any monster. The Kaijus aren’t being featured because it’s a good deck. It’s not. I’ve tried to make it work, and competitively, it’s just not viable. You can try casually, and it’d be okay. Continue reading “Cards of the day: Gameciel & Kumongous”