Deck of the day: PK Fire

DanteTraveleroftheBurningAbyss-DUEA-EN-ScR-1EAs much as I think this format is skillful and diverse, I’m tired of it. There are a hundred different decks, all with viable variants. None of the good decks are mindless. I think I’m tired of this format because none of the decks are fun to play, nor are they as powerful as previous format’s best decks. Just on a straight power level comparison, I’d say that none of the current decks are stronger than Nekroz, Dragon Rulers or even Cold Wave and Oppression Glads from 2008. So even though this format is diverse and skillful, I want to take a look at why Burning Abyss is still popular and still good. At ARG Providence (August 13/14) and the ARG 25k (July 30/31) Burning Abyss decks made up 25% and 41% of top cut, respectively. Burning Abyss is not 80% of top cut like Nekroz and Performages and Pals were, but a lot of people are still playing it. What makes it good? Continue reading “Deck of the day: PK Fire”