Don’t be afraid to try new things

DarkSimorgh-CT08-EN-SR-LEAt the NAWCQ we saw a lot of Domain Monarchs. The last time we saw Domain Monarchs, Performapals were dominant. Then Kozmo saw a surge in play and Monarchs started playing with an Extra Deck because Kozmo doesn’t care about being locked out of theirs. Then Burning Abyss saw a surge in play, and they use their Extra Deck a lot. Now Domain is being played again. These are meta changes. While the best archetypes are usually clear, how to play that strategy isn’t. For the past few years, there have been multiple ways to play most decks. Most players say you need to innovate to be ahead. The spiciest technology from the NAWCQ was Typhoon, Corebage and Dark Simorgh in the Main Deck. Otherwise, we’ve seen everything before. Even then, Typhoon and Corebage aren’t new techs. Continue reading “Don’t be afraid to try new things”