Card of the day: Hope Harbinger Dragon

Number38HopeHarbingerDragonTitanicGalaxy-PGL3-EN-GScR-1EWe’re back for another card of the day. And by we, I mean you, the reader, and me, Big Eye. Any sort of entertainment medium isn’t anything without its audience. So, thanks. Today’s card of the day is a generic Rank 8 that takes two materials. It’s Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy. Hope Harbinger has the same stats as Blue-Eyes, except it’s an Xyz with an effect without a level. Also, it’s Harbinger. Not Harbringer. It’s not bringing any hars. A harbinger is the forerunner of something, or announcing the arrival of something. So Hope Harbinger Dragon is the dragon announcing the coming of hope. Continue reading “Card of the day: Hope Harbinger Dragon”