Deck of the day: Kozmo

KozmoDarkDestroyer-DOCS-EN-ScR-1EIn the TCG we have twenty Kozmo cards. That’s not a lot compared to archetypes like HERO or Blackwings, but there are archetypes that have less cards and were also top decks. Nekroz has 18 cards, including the Zefras. Inzektors have 22, but a lot of it is straight garbage. Inzketor Orb, anyone? Regardless, Kozmo has been viable from day 1 with Farmgirl, Goodwitch, Sliprider, Forerunner and Kozmotown. The deck has only gotten better with more support. And now that we’ve likely gotten our last batch of support, Dark Lady and Landwalker have been everywhere and people have been trying to break Dark Planet. There’s just one problem. Konami made Dark Planet fair. Playing fair just can’t compete with unfair things. Continue reading “Deck of the day: Kozmo”