Casual Corner: Destiny HEROs

DestinyDraw-RYMP-EN-ScR-UEWelcome to Casual Corner. Today I’ll be looking at three versions of Destiny HEROs. I received an email from a guy named Adam asking if I would consider looking at Destiny HEROs. So I decided to try out some different Destiny HERO builds. Adam never gave me a deck list, so I had to start from scratch. He requested I not just make another Diamond Dude deck and that I try to make something with Blade Master. Adam lucked out because he emailed me right as I was preparing to launch my Patreon. It’s just a way to help keep writing content for you guys here. One of the rewards is to deck doctor your decks. I’ve set the limit to four for now, but I may increase the amount I do if it’s popular. So, let’s get to Destiny HEROs. Continue reading “Casual Corner: Destiny HEROs”