Meet Timmy, Johnny and Spike

ImageWelcome to the player profile support group. We all have problems and that’s okay.

Spike: “Hi. My name is Spike and I play to win.”

Timmy: “Hi. I’m Timmy and I just like overextending.”

Johnny: “I’m Johnny and I just want my sweet combo to go off.”

You are one of these types of players. I’m a Spike. Maybe you really only fit in one camp, maybe two, maybe all three. Mark Rosewater, lead designer of most Magic sets, fully explains these psycho-graphic profiles in much better detail than I probably can. He’s had more time to understand these theories because Magic is 10 years older than Yugioh and he was never trying to understand anything other than how to play until 2012 or so. Continue reading “Meet Timmy, Johnny and Spike”