Deck of the day: Star Seraph Herald feat. Ben 10

TSHD-EN039 HeraldofPerfectionI’ve played more than my fair share of Herald builds and seen even more. I thought I found a build I liked until I looked around a little more and discovered just how good Benten is. Herald obviously needs a lot of fairies. I’ve played builds with Agents and Hyperion, builds with Spirits, builds with Advanced Ritual Art, builds with other janky fairies, builds with Star Seraphs. None have really felt right, even with Pre-Prep and Ritual Sanctuary. The hot tech I was looking for was Cyber Angel Benten. With the inclusion of Benten I’d be fairly happy taking Herald to any local tournament. I’d rather play Burning Abyss with Rhinos or Phantom Knights because Burning Abyss is just the best engine right now and combats everything. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with my build. Continue reading “Deck of the day: Star Seraph Herald feat. Ben 10”