Top 32 deck lists from the 2016 NAWCQ

The North American World Championship Qualifier has come to a close. Top cut was 64, which I think is a little high, but that was the decision made. More than 32 copies of Minerva were given out to the top 32 finishers and I tried to compile all of their deck lists. If only there was a way for Konami to publish the deck lists or something. Maybe if they had a website like they could put YCS, WCQ and worlds deck lists there. At any rate, I’ve managed to gather 21 of the 32 deck lists and I’m going to share all of them with you. Most were from deck profiles on YouTube, where you’d have to watch 17 videos. Here’s the condensed version. Continue reading “Top 32 deck lists from the 2016 NAWCQ”