A parent’s guide to tournament Yugioh

MotherGrizzly-SDRE-EN-C-1EI learned to play Yugioh years ago. I only had my friends to play with. My parents were completely disinterested. At some point, I learned there were tournaments and started attending. I realized I was awful at this game and that my deck was awful. These people were on a completely different level than I was. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to be good at this game. I wanted a better deck. I wanted to know what priority meant. The decks that were used against me weren’t fair, but obviously, they were legal and anyone could play these unfair decks, making them fair. I learned a lot on my own and part of the reason I started The Big Eye was to help new players. But what I hadn’t realized was that a lot of new players are young and a lot of parents have kids that like Yugioh and don’t know anything about it. Let’s get into the parents’ guide to tournament Yugioh. Everything here also applies to any new players of the game. Continue reading “A parent’s guide to tournament Yugioh”