Spoilers are called spoilers because they spoil the game

Konami isn’t dumb. I don’t know what forces keep the TCG and OCG from melding, but they both exist, and it’s time for them to meld. No mana payment. Just melding. During the NAWCQ live stream two new Subterror cards were revealed for TDIL, which comes out August 5th. Then, during the EUWCQ, we saw all of the new SPYRAL cards. But we only saw the pictures. We don’t know level, name, attributes, or even if they are monsters. My point is not to preview these cards. My point is to say that the new cards are exciting because we haven’t known about them for months.

I hate comparing Yugioh to Magic because fans of either game say the other is garbage, the community is garbage and the game doesn’t make any sense. Even if these things were true, there is no denying that Magic is successful and that Wizards of the Coast, the company that owns Magic, is doing some things very right in regards to how they’re handling their game. This is not to say that WotC is handling Magic perfectly. They have some things that aren’t great, like the reserve list. This is a list of old cards that WotC promised to never reprint physically in any playable form. Or something. Thus, the cards on the reserve list are extremely expensive because WotC has promised never to reprint them and the supply can only go down.

Regardless of what WotC and Magic are doing, Yugioh exists. Yugioh is separate from Magic, and that’s a good thing for both games. Konami is in the business of making money. Konami is a corporate entity. Konami exists to make money and pay their employees so they can eat and hopefully, have extra money to trade for fun. What Konami does is provide one source of fun in the form of Yugioh. I like Yugioh. I think it’s fun, which is why I play it and write about it. It’s something I’ve invested a lot of time in because it’s fun. Yugioh is fun because it’s a game of change. Konami also makes video games. Metal Gear and Castlevania come to mind first. While many of these games are great, you wouldn’t want to play the same game over and over. Some people do, but most don’t. Think of your favorite video game. Now imagine it’s the only game you’re allowed to play. Maybe that’d be okay, but you’d get more enjoyment if you were allowed to play other games. Now imagine no new Yugioh cards ever came out. The game would die. People like having different things. You can’t enjoy only Goat format or only Dragon Ruler format. You have to jump back to current day, otherwise that would get boring. Yugioh is a game of change, and the people creating new cards, everyone involved, work hard to get the cards to you so you can enjoy them. And these people need to get paid so they can eat and continue creating cards and getting them to you.

New cards are exciting when you know you’ll get to play with them. Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon would have been a huge surprise if we first learned about it in Konami’s feature here. We don’t know what the new ABC monsters do. We don’t know about the new Ancient Gear cards. We were given notice of Neo Ultimate Dragon one week in advance. That’s plenty of time to get excited, then go buy packs, or buy the card from people/vendors, who either have to buy it from someone else who bought packs, or buy packs. Konami makes money from selling packs of Yugioh. I didn’t read the article Joe Frankino wrote on Neo Ultimate because I already knew what it does. I already had my own thoughts on it, and had read other people’s thoughts on the card. Konami was ready to tell their western audience on July 15th. Japan had the text March 18th because that’s when it was ready to be revealed for Japan.

On July 16th, Japan got information about new Ancient Gear cards that come out September 24th. This means we’ll probably get the new cards sometime in January. If we’re lucky, December. Probably after, possibly never.

During the EUWCQ live stream we got four pictures of new cards. People are really excited for SPYRAL because it’s new and coming out August 5th. The OCG is just all leaks. World Premier cards are how Konami keeps the TCG from merging. Konami isn’t ready to announce things for the TCG when they announce them for the OCG. It’s hurting sales because no one is excited for the new cards. The only way to excite the TCG is to print an OCG WP card, and months later announce it for TCG. Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer and Cyber Dragon Infinity are just two examples. The only other way to excite the TCG is to announce new cards that are right around the corner. Specifically WP cards. This could just be every single set from now on if the games were one.

And we’re back to Magic. Magic only has one game. There are multiple formats, but that’s a product of the game’s design, not how it’s handled. Alternate Yugioh formats would be great, but that’s not what this is about. If I travel to Japan with Spanish cards, the Spanish cards are just as valid. If I’m in the United States with Japanese cards, I can use them. No, promos in America aren’t legal in Europe. I’ve never heard a single complaint about not having new promo cards unique to areas. I’ve never heard a complaint that Japanese, English and Spanish cards are legal everywhere.

I don’t know what you and I can do as players to force Konami to merge the game. My best guess would be to make a big stink about it every time you get the chance. But it looks like the OCG/TCG divide isn’t going away soon. Until tomorrow, click an ad and buy up sexy Blue-Eyes while you still can.

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  1. Yeah, I agree with you that the reserve list in M:tG isn’t particularly good for expanding a format and selling booster packs, etc. which the way that CCGs pay for their software, both development and support, paying artists and so on.

    I blame the 90s comics crash and the backlash to a over-printed early reprint set, forcing WotC to make the promise.

    I like M:tG’s full set full card list a week before “prerelease” as a way to build hype for a new product, with some cards revealed in the 3 to 2 weeks prior to get people an idea of what the set is about.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! doesn’t really do that type of story telling, I think in part because cards in a set don’t really happen in the same continuity. Kozmo cards exist in their own space, you have the Dracoslayer Dracoverlord Arcs. The show cards just exist in the show, and so on. The lack of flavor text also hurts.

    I do really dig some of the Kozmo reveal stuff by Jerome McHale, but that was not something Konami of America does that much.

    1. The reserve list has nothing to do with any of my points other than WotC isn’t perfect either.

      Ideally, if there was only one Yugioh, the month before a set comes out, cards are slowly previewed on Konami’s blog site, and hopefully, other sites, like how new Magic cards are previewed. For everyone who doesn’t follow Magic news, WotC will preview some new cards on their site, and give various Magic content creators exclusive new cards to preview on their show/site/whatever. Then, before the prerelease/sneak peek, the full set is spoiled on WotC’s site. This is much better than Yugioh’s current system. Konami doesn’t preview all of the cards because we’ve already seen everything. And without large tournaments with actual money on the line, it’s fine for the first time we see cards to be at the sneak peek.

      I enjoy the lack of story in Yugioh. It’s something that makes it different from Magic. And in competitive play, it doesn’t matter at all. Every time someone on a stream says call a flavor judge I cringe because the players are playing competitively, to win. Not to follow the story. No real Yugioh story is a strength. Also, this allows them to print whatever cards in whatever set. They wouldn’t HAVE to print a Legendary Werewolf on Innistrad (the spooky world in Magic)

      Read this: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/eldritch-perfect-part-2-2016-07-18

      Konami doesn’t have to wait for any specific set to print cards. Neptabyss does not belong with Performapals and Kozmo, but he was in BOSH with CyDra Infinity. I will admit that flavor text on cards would be nice, but there just isn’t room on most cards. Room could be made, but Yugioh cards are smaller, and the card texts more specific and do more things.

      I created a facebook group. I’d like to move discussions like this over there. But I haven’t really done anything with it yet.

      1. Not particularly keen on welding my Yu-Gi-Oh! discussions to my meat space persona. (Or developing yet another online account.)

        Also, regarding sets that tell stories in Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Duel Terminal sets might do that well enough for me.

        I just have no idea how they actually tell the story of each Duel Terminal, and given the Japanese only nature of it, I might not be able to experience it as indent.

        1. Some story is fine. I just hate when anyone says to call a flavor judge because someone has a flipped Avacyn and an unflipped Avacyn or someone does something that contradicts the story.

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