What should you be packing in your side deck for ABC and Metalfoes?

Everyone is on that ABC hype train, and with good reason. I don’t think it’s the deck that can do the most powerful things, but it is fairly resistant to hate, especially post INOV. What hate is there? What other decks are out there? Today let’s take a peek at what the meta is going to look like after Invasion: Vengenace drops.


abcdragonbuster-sdks-en-ur-1eThe ABC deck is kind of the boogeyman of this format. The skeleton is cheap, but an optimal build is not. The deck is really good at plopping ABC Dragon Buster on the field and just winning from there. However, the deck does have weaknesses. It needs A, B and C on the field or in the Graveyard in order to banish them. Imperial Iron Wall and Chaos Hunter prevent them from banishing at all. I prefer Chaos Hunter because it can be used on their first turn, even if you go second. Chaos Hunter looks really good when they go for Tsukuyomi and you drop it before ABC comes out. The biggest benefits of Chaos Hunter are that it can’t be destroyed by Twin Twisters and can attack for 2500. The downside is that it doesn’t stop Rank 4 Xyz from taking care of Chaos Hunter, then dropping ABC. Castel and Dire Wolf can hit both Chaos Hunter and Iron Wall.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Macro Cosmos and Dimensional Fissure. Fissure is far less effective because it doesn’t banish Xyz Materials. Macro Cosmos banishes every single card preemptively but is not the most effective card against the deck. If you’re looking to keep them off of a single piece, D.D. Crow and Ally of Justice Cycle Reader both put in a lot of work. Cycle Reader more so because you can hit two ABC pieces, opposed to just one.

Pro tip: If your opponent needs multiple pieces to do their thing, like A, B and C or a high and low scale, keep attacking just one piece. Keep banishing just one letter and attack the low scale. Redundant other pieces are pretty useless without their counterpart.

System Down clears out everything. Nobody really plays Kozmo but you can side it in there, too. No matter what happens, your opponent loses everything. If they have ABC and split it, they lose A, B and C and the ABC from their Graveyard. If they don’t, they lose the ABC and whatever else is in their Graveyard. System Down is the best card against ABC, even if there are counter measures.

Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries can cleanly take out all of their ABC Dragon Buster. Ask any Burning Abyss player what it’s like to play without Dante. inb4potofavidity

Pot of Avidity is another really good card against ABC. When they tribute ABC Dragon Buster to split it, chain Avidity and shuffle all three pieces back into their deck. Avidity has a ton of value against ABC and also if your deck is weak to Ghost Reaper itself.

Last but not least, Kaijus. Gameciel and Kumongous just sit on top of ABC and if they preemptively split ABC into the separate pieces, you don’t have to deal with ABC anymore. They’re easy to fit in most main decks and take care of almost everything. Don’t leave home without Gameciel.

If you’re playing ABC, what are you going to do?

Just make sure you have those Twin Twisters for backrow and Kaijus for Chaos Hunter. I’d also include Raigeki and some amount of Dark Hole for Vanity’s Fiend, which is the hardest card to deal with. Magnet Reverse is another way to come back after something like a System Down. You just can’t summon an ABC that was banished with Ghost Reaper, so don’t let your opponents cheat you on that. Scramble Union is the last card that counters the hate by giving you all your monsters back. It’s like Return from the Different Dimension without any LP payment. Just make sure you have a side deck plan and practice the mirror match.

If you want to play ABC, in addition to three structure decks, you’ll need Gold and Silver Gadgets, Photon Thrasher, Pot of Desires and Tsukuyomi.



metalfoesfusion-tdil-en-sr-1eMetalfoes feels a lot like Monarchs in that it can do the most powerful things but is a little inconsistent and loses to floodgates hard. The deck can beat Jowgen with the Level 3 and 4 Pendulum Monsters in addition to Archfiend Eccentrick. But what cards does Metalfoes lose to?

Anti-Spell Fragrance’s only out is Mystical Space Typhoon or Twin Twisters. Metalfoes players aren’t going to bother with janky stuff like Malevolent Catastrophe. Just clean answers. Typhoon is another way to counter Anti-Spell. Whatever they use, Anti-Spell puts them at least one turn behind, which is usually enough to win the game.

Magical Spring is a card we haven’t seen in a long time and was some garbage when it first came out. Just play it when your opponent goes to destroy their own thing and they’ll likely be forced to just end their turn. Dimensional Barrier, along with Vanity’s Fiend and Emptiness, are cards that are very difficult to beat with Metalfoes. Most Metalfoes decks have some amount of Swords of Concealing Light and/or Book of Eclipse.

If you’re playing Metalfoes, make sure you have about four copies of Anti-Spell Fragrance destruction and some amount of monster removal that doesn’t target and doesn’t destroy, like Book of Eclipse. The rest should be actual hate and not counter hate.



MajespecterUnicornKirin-DOCS-EN-R-1EMajespecter feels like the new kid on the block even though it’s older than ABC, Metalfoes and Blue-Eyes. Ties of the Brethren has breathed new life into the deck and it’s not really weak to anything. The best cards against the deck are Dimensional Barrier and Mask of Restrict. Dimensional Barrier completely shuts down the deck. They can’t even Pendulum Summon guys to protect their LP. Mask of Restrict doesn’t see much play now without Monarchs, but I assure you, somebody is playing Monarchs still and if you want to beat both that one guy and turn off the Majespecter traps, Mask of Restrict is your card.

There isn’t really a plan to beat Dimensional Barrier other than Night Beam and that’s not a good one. Make sure you have some amount of backrow hate because sometimes you can hit Dimensional Barrier on the End Phase. Anti-Spell doesn’t hurt as much as some other decks but it still sucks. Make sure you’ve got some.



Literally, anything that stops Special Summons wrecks Blue-Eyes. If you’re playing one of the above decks, just make sure you’ve got your anti-Special Summon cards and play tight Yugioh. Blue-Eyes can’t do quite enough to make it worth playing in a tournament.


Burning Abyss

I haven’t seen any Burning Abyss in a long time. Have they gotten power creeped? Kind of. Metalfoes can quite handily beat the current builds without Fire Lake and so can Majespecter and ABC. Insert obligatory Ghost Reaper and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror comment. If you’re still playing Burning Abyss, you probably already have Twin Twisters, so just make sure you get Pot of Avidity for Ghost Reaper.


Dark Magician

Don’t worry about this deck. Just keep destroying Circle and/or Eternal Soul. Circle is the scariest thing the deck can do.

What do you think the best deck of this format is? What are you playing and what’s in your side deck? Do you have any spicy techs? And yes, Pot of Desires is a staple.

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