Set review: The Dark Illusion part III

I’ve reviewed the first 80 cards in TDIL, minus 000. Today it’s time to go over all of the WP cards. That’s World Premier, meaning they’re new to the TCG and not in OCG’s version of the same set. Anything I say is my opinion and open for discussion. You can send me an email or you can leave a comment. I’m also on Twitter and Facebook where you can message me if you have anything to say. Pictures will be in when good scans exist. Today, I’m starting with Magical Something. No, that’s actually its name.

TDIL-EN000 Magical Something

I didn’t believe it was called Magical Something at first, but it is. And because this is another Magical Abductor, but evil or something, I assumed this was a Scale 5. It’s not even a pendulum. Don’t assume, kids. Un-interestingly, this gains Spell Counters and can set Quick-Play Spells. Interestingly, Magical Something gains levels, not ATK. And because this has no max level, Magical Something can actually be level 13+. /-deep sigh as I write this-/ You can even go over 9000. Magical Something doesn’t seem like a card that will make an impact on the current format, but as the past has shown, good, generic cards are often useful at some point. Especially if they have a relevant type/attribute. I’m sad that this likely means no more Cavalry monsters, though.

Competitive rating: Some day, it’ll be the best card in the deck. What deck? I don’t know.
Casual rating: Pretty good in a spellcaster/xyz deck with lots of Quick-Play spells. Even just Spellbooks.

TDIL-EN081 Ninjitsu Art Notebook

Current Ninja decks don’t want this. They usually only play Hanzo. Sometimes Upstart Golden Ninja, Strike Ninja or Ninja Grandmaster Sauske. The point is, not very many Ninjas. Alchemy, Transformation and Super Transformation are really the only ‘good’ Ninjitsu Arts anyways. And Hanzo searches all of them. Give us good Ninjas, and good Ninjitsu Arts. But Ninjas are not for Spikes. Ninjas are for Timmies, sometimes Johnnies.

Competitive rating: Not until we get good Ninjas.
Casual rating: If you’re loaded up on Ninjitsu Arts, so much that Hanzo can’t get them all, sure.

TDIL-EN082 Subterror Nemesis Warrior

This is the first Subterror monster. The first when going by set order at least. All four of the new Subterror cards seem like they’re key parts of the deck, but they’re not quite there yet. Burning Abyss/U.A. and Kozmo/Kaiju each got a 5-3 split. And, guess what? The series that got 5 became a competitive archetype. Kaiju saw play but U.A. never did and I’m afraid at only four cards each, Subterror and SPYRAL won’t be good enough. I’ve played with Subterror, and everything I’ve come up with isn’t competitive, but Nemesis Warrior is still a good card for what Subterror are trying to do.

Competitive rating: Subterror needs more support.
Casual rating: Play three.

TDIL-EN083 Subterror Behemoth Umastryx

For all the casual players, I’m sorry that both Stalagmo and Umastryx are ultra and the Field Spell is secret. Both Subterror Behemoths are pretty straight-forward. They’re both decent cards within their archetype and have relevant effects. They both can also Special Summon themselves.

Competitive rating: Subterror needs more support.
Casual rating: Play three.

TDIL-EN084 Subterror Behemoth Stalagmo

If we assume Suberror Nemesis Warrior is a normal human, even at above average height, Stalagmo is HUGE. I’m not sure why a giant underground rock monster has rock wings, though. At least Stalagmo draws two cards for the cost of one and has a decent 2800 ATK.

Competitive rating: Subterror needs more support.
Casual rating: Play three.

TDIL-EN085 The Hidden City

This isn’t a Subterror card if that ever matters in the future, but it is a Field Spell should you want to use Terraforming to go get it. I’d like to see a better Field Spell, more on the power level of The Grand Spellbook Tower and Kozmotown, but this isn’t bad by any means.

Competitive rating: Subterror needs more support.
Casual rating: Play three.

TDIL-EN086 SPYRAL Super Agent

I’m glad this is a super rare because it has super in the name. I hope it’s never reprinted in another rarity. SPYRALs are really cool, but they lack enough consistency and power. Looking at the opponent’s top couple cards is really cool, but I was hoping for the limited information you get to be the cards on top of your deck and the ability to put those cards on the bottom if you want to. Regardless, I don’t think SPYRAL will be too good because everything relies on Super Agent. But, not every card is made for Spike.

Competitive rating: SPYRAL needs more support.
Casual rating: Play three.


Machine Duplication and Rank 1s are obvious plays with this. My only other thought would be to discard it for stuff like Raigeki Break, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and D.D.R. Here’s hoping we see better SPYRALs and SPYRAL GEARs in the future.

Competitive rating: SPYRAL needs more support.
Casual rating: Play three.


Please note that the ATK gain never goes away. Your Super Agent will be plus 500x as long as it’s face-up. Maybe being WIND will be relevant? Or perhaps the fact that the rest are EARTH will be the relevant part and Drone will suck because it’s not EARTH?

Competitive rating: SPYRAL needs more support.
Casual rating: Play three.


This is just Premature Burial for SPYRALs, but usually better because it doesn’t cost any LP, doesn’t destroy your monster if Big Red goes away, and protects your SPYRAL from being destroyed by battle. If SPYRALs ever become good, it’ll be because summoning back Super Agent, or other SPYRALs, for free, is super easy.

Competitive rating: SPYRAL needs more support.
Casual rating: Play three.

TDIL-EN090 Heavy Freight Train Derricrane

It’s about time we got the trains. Derricrane works on any EARTH Machine you summon, not just other trains or other Level 10 trains. Derricrane and Dora make trains exist in Europe. Not top tier, but you could say the deck is /FREIGHT/ening. Okay, it isn’t, but it’s fine for locals. Maybe it’ll steal a few tops here and there. The U.S. doesn’t have Night Express Knight, but that’s okay because trains aren’t the best.

Competitive rating: Good in trains, but trains as a deck are meh. Even with dolls.
Casual rating: Even better than in competitive, because it’s a good card, but not broken.

TDIL-EN091 Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora

Dora isn’t Gustav, but that’s a good thing. Rank 10s are fairly diverse in what they do. Gustav burns for 2000, but to compensate for that, is only 3000/3000. Ravenous Tarantula is actually just the Seven Sins. And Skypalace Gangaridi can destroy something and burn for 1000, but can’t attack. Dora has the most DEF for a generic two material Rank 10, and it’s not like you’re going to complain against 3200 ATK when few monsters are even 3000 ATK. Yes, monarchs can attack for 3600, but that’s why Dora has 4000 DEF. Dora doesn’t negate effects like Felgrand, but the rest of its effect functions the same. Felgrand was good half because it negates effects and half because it makes something unaffected by everything. Dora attacking in is very hard to stop. It’s basically Star Eater but can protect itself during the Main Phase(s). One final word on Dora before I move on, please stop raving about trains. If you want to play it, play it. If you think they’re awesome, great, but train fans are almost as annoying as people begging to limit Construct.

Competitive rating: If you run enough Level 10s, it’s either this or Gustav if you only have one slot.
Casual rating: You probably want 2-3. Good thing it’s only super.

TDIL-EN092 Revolving Switchyard

This card has three parts to it. Part one is Normal Summon Night Express Knight and Special Summon Ruffian Railcar to make a Rank 10. Part two is discard a card, search Night Express Knight or Derricrane. And, part three is the Dragon Ruler effect clause.

Competitive rating: I wouldn’t take trains to anything competitive.
Casual rating: Play three and some number of Terraforming. R.I.P. Chicken Game.

TDIL-EN093 Dragodies, the Empowered Warrior

This card would have been really good before BOSH. It’s still a fine card, it’s just that most Pendulum decks are currently full on the Level 4s they want. If a generic Rank 4 Pendulum deck like ClownBlade becomes good again, it will definitely be worth taking another look at Dragodies.

Competitive rating: It’s a common. You’re unwilling to pick up a playset?
Casual rating: Are you playing a generic warrior/spellcaster pendulum deck? Play three.

TDIL-EN094 Empowerment

This card is really, really good if you’re playing Empowered Warriors. It just allows you to trade any card for a Level 4 guy. Usually, you’ll be able to benefit off of the discard, too, like with Trick Clown. Don’t forget Terraforming and Magical Abductor.

Competitive rating: If Empowered Warriors are good, this is good. If not, then no.
Casual rating: Like I said, if you’re playing Empowered Warriors, 10 out of 10.

TDIL-EN095 Paleozoic Olenoides

This is another new archetype, and before you tell me it isn’t new, shut up. Konami didn’t reveal the Paleozoic cards until they were ready to tell their western audience about them. All of the Paleozoic traps can Special Summon themselves if a Trap Card is activated. Only one per Trap Card, it’s optional and trap effects don’t trigger the Paleozoics. Paleozoics are quite fun and I recommend trying them out. They’re not competitive, but they are just fine for casual games. Oh yeah, this one’s other effect is to destroy a Spell/Trap on the field.

Competitive rating: It’s better than Dust Tornado, but worse than the other S/T destruction we have.
Casual rating: Play three. It’s usually better than MST because it can come back.

TDIL-EN096 Paleozoic Hallucigenia

PaleozoicHallucigenia-TDIL-EN-C-1EThis one is like Shrink. Also, it’s ugly as hell. Don’t forget that they’re Level 2 WATER Aqua monsters for Wetlands.

Competitive rating: Shrink isn’t good. This isn’t good. Paleozoics aren’t good.
Casual rating: It’s not the best, but you need to play three.

TDIL-EN097 Paleozoic Canadia

It’s like Book of Moon, but worse because you can only target your opponent’s monsters. It’s also better because it can come back as a monster to Xyz with or something.

Competitive rating: Nope.
Casual rating: Play three. Book of Moon is just fine.

TDIL-EN098 Paleozoic Pikaia

This is the best Paleozoic because it draws cards. If Paleozoics ever get monsters or spells, Pikaia can discard those too. It’s just really good. Draw two cards and trigger your other Paleozoics.

Competitive rating: No.
Casual rating: Definitely play the full playset.

TDIL-EN099 Paleozoic Anomalocaris

PaleozoicAnomalocaris-TDIL-EN-SR-1EIf three materials seems like a lot, don’t worry. All of your Trap Cards come back as monsters to Xyz with. This does not gain 1200 ATK with Wetlands because it doesn’t have a level.

Competitive rating: Three Level 2s is too much for any deck that’s trying to be competitive.
Casual rating: Only three Level 2s? Make it with FIVE! Make three of them with five materials!

Time for some brews. These are all casual, which is why they have ‘bad’ card choices in them. In fact, all of these decks are bad choices, but for casual, they’re all fine.

dark magician tdil paleozoic trains spyral subterror trains

Overall, TDIL is a fine set. I wouldn’t explicitly buy packs/boxes, but you can here if you want. I prefer to just get singles, like Coral Dragon or Pot of Desires. Follow me on Facebook if you want to see posts when they go up.

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