Set Review: The Dark Illusion Part II

TDIL-BoosterENLast post, I started the set review for TDIL. Many cards are bad, but that’s nothing new. I went over cards 001 to 040. Today, it’s time for cards 41 to 80. What I say is my opinion. If you disagree with anything, let me know. I’m always willing to discuss where I’m wrong because I get to learn something. Pictures coming when good scans exist. I have nothing more to add in regards to an introduction, so let’s get to it with Wrecker Panda.

TDIL-EN041 Wrecker Panda

I tried coming up with something witty about raccoons and trash pandas. I tried thinking of a way to put this in a deck with Baby Raccoons Ponpoko and Tantan. But, Wrecker Panda just isn’t very good. It’s not a tuner, so has no real upside. The wikia says it’s a short print.

Competitive rating: It doesn’t do anything.
Casual rating: It’s cute? Not really. It looks like a raccoon.

TDIL-EN042 Fairy Tail – Snow

Is this a squirrel? Is this a bunny? I can never tell with furries. Someone, please tell me what that is. At least it’s not nightmare fuel like Bubblebowwow. I don’t see a competitive home for it, but it’s a short print, which are often overlooked because they look the same as common and show up in a common slot, so it should be fairly easy to pick up a playset and store them somewhere in case it gets good. Seven cards is a lot, but you can banish them from anywhere to get it back, save some LP and flip something else down. It’s also a Level 4 LIGHT Spellcaster with 1850 ATK. All could be relevant and both LIGHT and Spellcaster have a decent amount of support cards.

Competitive rating: Get three and don’t lose them. It has serious potential.
Casual rating: It’s pretty good. It’s not even once per turn in any way. This can go in almost any Level 4 deck.

TDIL-EN043 Metalfoes Adamante

I don’t know where Metalfoes fit into the meta right now, but they’re definitely easy to abuse and the Fusion Monsters are kind of necessary to run in some number if you want to make full use of the Metalfoes cards. This one is Level 5 if that matters.

Competitive rating: I think it’s necessary in some amount.
Casual rating: You probably need three. Thankfully it’s only rare. You also have Super Poly.

TDIL-EN044 Metalfoes Orichalc

This one is even better than Adamante AND it’s common. Clearly this should be a rare. Okay, Orichalc is twice as hard to summon because it takes two Metalfoes and can’t just use any monster under a certain ATK value. Double piercing is not bad, though.

Competitive rating: You can’t use ANYTHING to make it like with the other fusions, but it’s still decent.
Casual rating: Why not play three? This is your go to fusion dude.

TDIL-EN045 Metalfoes Crimsonite

This is the same thing as Adamante, but 3000 or less ATK and takes two monsters. It’s also Level 9 and has 3000 ATK. Let’s hype up Dyson Sphere and Enterblathnir. Ultimate Dyson Sphere should be at least like thirty dollars. Rank 9s, the new Rank 4.

Competitive rating: Probably worse than Adamante because it takes three total materials.
Casual rating: Better than Adamante because it’s 3000 ATK and DEF.

TDIL-EN046 Nirvana High Paladin

NirvanaHighPaladin-TDIL-EN-ScR-1EThis card is really cool because it’s the first Synchro Pendulum Monster. It just so happens to also be a DARK Spellcaster, which I’m sure is likely to come up at some point. If it was a dragon, you could make it with Meteorburst and Nobledragon Magician, both cards you already want to play. In a Magician deck with Kirins you can use either Archfiend Eccentrick or Majespecter Raccoon as your tuner with Meteorburst. Both are likely to end up in your Extra Deck, then you can make High Paladin if it comes up. The biggest disappointment with it is that it itself isn’t scale 11+ and scales higher than 8 are pretty restrictive, like “You cannot Special Summon monsters, except “Qli” monsters.” And that’s only Scale 9. Yosenju Shinchu R can become Scale 11 if you want, but doesn’t let you summon non-Yosenjus.

High tier competitive rating: High Paladin is under high scrutiny for competitive play.
Local tier competitive rating: I’d run one in a Majespecter/Magician deck. Why not?
Casual rating: Why aren’t you running this if you’re using a pendulum deck?

TDIL-EN047 Assault Blackwing – Sayo the Rain Hider

Neat. Not Formula Synchron, but it could hold off some attacks. It is a Blackwing if the name matters. Also, Icarus Attack will probably always be decent.

Competitive rating: Meh. I’d rather draw a card with Formula Synchron.
Casual rating: Probably play one if you can make it.

TDIL-EN048 Assault Blackwing – Sohaya the Rain Storm

I don’t know what the Assault Blackwings are trying to do. Sohaya can do a bunch of different things and is actually pretty decent in an Assault Blackwing shell, but that’s unlikely to become competitive anytime soon.

Competitive rating: Blackwings can’t compete anymore.
Casual rating: Assault Blackwings are fine.

TDIL-EN049 Assault Blackwing – Onimaru the Divine Thunder

We’ve been waiting for a generic Level 12 Synchro. And unless you use only Synchro Monsters or Blackwings, Onimaru doesn’t do anything except not die to card effects. This is a decent card, and one I’m glad we have. There have been many times I’ve wanted a generic Level 12 Synchro, even if it’s just a 3000 ATK guy that can’t be destroyed by card effects. Obviously, if you use Blackwings it can do more things like become a different level or a tuner, but that’s just extra icing on the cake. The regular icing on the cake is the gaining 3000 ATK when it attacks if you used only Synchro Monsters. It’s certainly possible in synchrocentric decks. Maybe Metalfoes/YangZing will play one for a guy that attacks for 6000. The real cake is just being a generic Level 12 Synchro that doesn’t care what materials go into it, has no summoning restrictions and no downsides.

Competitive rating: Right now, no. In the future, yes.
Casual rating: This card is crazy good.

TDIL-EN050 Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend

More Red Dragon Archfiends? It’s not the hardest to summon. It’s Level 10 and just takes 2 tuners with any number of non-tuners. There have been times I’ve wanted a card like this. Plus it actually does things and doesn’t require you to run specific Resonator or Red Dragon Archfiend cards. Tyrant RDA doesn’t even ask for a DARK Dragon-Type Synchro Monster. The first effect is similar to Hot RDA, but destroys ALL other cards on the field, then attacks for 3500. The second effect isn’t irrelevant, either. Many times stuff like Fog Blade or Call of the Haunted are activated during the Battle Phase and Tyrant RDA just says no for free, then gains a non-zero amount of ATK. The difference between 3500 and 4000 means being able to just crash into a Towers or attacking over King Magnus or into Dark Planet.

Competitive rating: This is another good, generic card that will be good one day. Just not yet.
Casual rating: The card is good by itself, even better with more support that cares about RDA.

TDIL-EN051 Coral Dragon

CoralDragon-TDIL-EN-ScR-1EBut it’s not a Sea-Serpent. How will I make jokes about it being called a dragon, but not being a dragon? It looks like an adult Tatsunoko, which makes it old. Why isn’t this a Dinosaur or Sea-Serpent? Since Brionac is similar, I have to make the comparison. Coral Dragon is worse, but not strictly worse. Just slightly different. Brionac had 100 less ATK, which might matter, and wasn’t a Dragon-Type, which could easily matter. Brionac has no once per turn clause and bounces cards. Coral Dragon is only once per turn, one card, and destroys. Coral Dragon also draws a card if it is sent from the field to the Graveyard. The biggest benefit of destroying is that it’s destroyed and not returned to their hand/Extra Deck. The downside to destruction is that it usually triggers effects. Coral Dragon is very good, it’s just that Synchro Monsters right now aren’t great.

Competitive rating: Going to be a staple at some point
Casual rating: Probably less powerful in casual play where people slam giant monsters on the table and don’t use their Extra Deck as a swiss army knife of answers.

TDIL-EN052 Ebon High Magician

EbonHighMagician-TDIL-EN-SR-1EI thought its art was not great when I first saw it. After seeing a clear scan, it’s pretty nice. Like Hierophant of Prophecy, this guy is pretty neat. Unlike Hierophant of Prophecy, Ebon High Magician may actually be good. And if you take note of how much work the number 2800 puts in, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ebon High sees some amount of competitive play. Activating Quick-Play Spells and Traps from your hand during your opponent’s turn may or may not be super relevant. It depends on if we see drawing/searching during the opponent’s turn become a thing. At the very least it can protect your stuff from being preemptively hit with Twin Twisters and the like. And last, but probably not least at all, it floats into ANY DARK Spellcaster-Type monster. Ok, it has to be a main deck monster that can be Special Summoned without being properly Special Summoned first. Chaos Sorcerer, no. Dark Magician of Chaos, yes. Tsukuyomi, no. Exodia the Forbidden One, yes.

Competitive rating: I’m hopeful, but I think it’ll end up about where Trapeze Magician or Majester are, useful some of the time, and really useful then, but otherwise meh.
Casual rating: This guy summons DMoC from your deck, why don’t you want to summon it?

TDIL-EN053 Super Hippo Carnival

We saw people play three E-Tele and one Blue Layer for Rank 3 support. Super Hippo Carnival doesn’t have the utility that Emergency Teleport has in being able to get Ghost Ogre or Level 1, 2 and 3 tuners. That being said, if you’re not using tuners, and you’re not using other Super Quantal stuff, Super Hippo Carnival is better for Xyz because it summons your Hippo from the Graveyard, too. Plus you have the added bonus of it being unlimited and sometimes summoning tokens to protect your LP. I think it’ll see some amount of play, but I’m not sure how much.

Competitive rating: Free Level 3 for tribute fodder or Xyz.
Casual rating: Meh. Protects your LP

TDIL-EN054 Luna Light Perfume

I don’t know why, but it seems the Lunalight post I did is pretty popular and that a lot of people are buying Lunalights through my affiliate link. In Lunalights, this is basically a better Monster Reborn. It doesn’t take from your opponent’s Graveyard, nor can it summon anything that isn’t a Lunalight, but it still allows you to trade in a card later for any Lunalight monster. It’s important to note that this is not a Lunalight because it’s Luna Light Perfume, not Lunalight Perfume.

Competitive rating: Lunalights aren’t competitive.
Casual rating: You run three of this without question.

TDIL-EN055 Frightfur Sanctuary

I have one friend that’s convinced that ‘fluffals are good if you build it right.’ Fluffals can do things, but they don’t have the power or consistency to compete with Kirin decks, Beatrice decks or Erebus/Ehther decks. This seems like it does things and lets you discard cards to get the deck rolling. Still, Fluffals/Frightfurs seem not competitive, just fine.

Competitive rating: Try it out at locals.
Casual rating: I think this is necessary, but probably not three.

TDIL-EN056 Forbidden Dark Contract with the Swamp King

It’s nice to see D/D/D getting more cards, even if we’ve known about it for months. I haven’t tried this card at all, but it seems like it does a lot. It summons things for free to make Xyz plays and it’s another way to Fusion Summon. And, as long as you have Oracle King you gain 2000 LP.

Competitive rating: D/D/Ds are neat but too fragile.
Casual rating: Play two because Kepler searches everything.

TDIL-EN057 Dark Magical Circle

DarkMagicalCircle-TDIL-EN-ScR-1EIf there is a reason to play a Dark Magician deck, this is it. It’s secret rare for a reason, right? It searches the top 3 cards for Dark Magician, or support cards. It can even get another copy of itself if it’s there. There are plenty of ways to Special Summon Dark Magician on your opponent’s turn to just banish things. Once Eternal Soul comes out, it’ll be even easier to do, too. I don’t think Dark Magicians are competitive, but you can’t take the deck lightly should you happen across it.

Competitive rating: Banishing things is always good. Dark Magician is meh.
Casual rating: If you’re not running three, I don’t know why. This is the heart of the deck.

TDIL-EN058 Illusion Magic

IllusionMagic-TDIL-EN-R-1EThis is super simple, and doesn’t actually generate advantage, but it allows your spellcasters to ‘dodge’ removal by trading it for Dark Magicians. Also, it’s another Quick-Play Spell to be activated on your opponent’s turn for all of the other Dark Magician support cards.

Competitive rating: Key player in the deck.
Casual rating: It’s still a key player in the deck.

TDIL-EN059 Dark Magic Expanded

DarkMagicExpanded-TDIL-EN-C-1EJust having three copies of Dark Magician between your field and Graveyard isn’t hard. Xyz Materials are not on the field, so be careful when making Xyz Monsters. All three effects are something you want. This isn’t Spellbook of Fate, but it feels similar in power.

Competitive rating: Good card, but Dark Magician deck as a whole isn’t top tier.
Casual rating: I don’t know if three is correct, but one is too few copies.

TDIL-EN060 Metamorformation

Metamorformation-TDIL-EN-SR-1EKonami is trying to replace Igknights with Metalfoes. This Field Spell fits the theme of having the name sound the same, but not being part of the Archetype and grants +300/+300. At least the Igknights gave us Ignister. Regardless of how good the Igknights are, this card is not good. It only makes your non-effect Metalfoes monsters unaffected by things. While it might come up, there are much better cards to run in that place in your deck.

Competitive rating: Metalfoes on their own are bad.
Casual rating: I guess if it’s one of the only 40 cards you own…

TDIL-EN061 Metalfoes Fusion

It’s just Polymerization for Metalfoes, but important because you set it from the Deck. It also returns to your Deck so you can activate your Metalfoes again and again.

Competitive rating: I can’t believe it’s not secret rare, but you only need one.
Casual rating: You need at least two to play pure Metalfoes.

TDIL-EN062 Triamid Fortress &
TDIL-EN063 Triamid Cruiser &
TDIL-EN064 Triamid Kingolem

Kingolem is the best of the three, but if you’re playing Triamids you need all three in your deck in some amount. And none of them suck in Triamids, but Kingolem is definitely the best. The 500 point gain is for all rocks, not just your rocks. So if your opponent has a rock, or Normal Summons a rock, it’ll gain 500 ATK or DEF or you’ll gain 500 LP.

Competitive rating: Triamid aren’t competitive.
Casual rating: 2-2-3 might be the best ratio, but I’ haven’t put so much time into Triamids because they’re clearly not competitive.

TDIL-EN065 Cosmic Cyclone

CosmicCyclone-TDIL-EN-ScR-1EAnother secret rare, and another card Konami wrote an article for. This isn’t Twin Twisters, and it’s not MST, but it’s comparable. Stardust Dragon can’t do anything to Cosmic Cyclone. Cosmic Cyclone only gets rid of one card, but so does MST, and MST still sees play. MST does one for one removal the best. Twin Twisters does two for two removal the best. Galaxy Cyclone can be used twice, and Cosmic Cyclone effectively gets rid of the card forever and doesn’t trigger destruction. The best use for Cosmic Cyclone is against cards with destruction triggers, like Kozmotown, Pendulums, and cards that can be recurred easily. Using Cosmic Cyclone on a Spell/Trap that is going to resolve whether or not it’s on the field isn’t useless like using MST would usually be. Banishing a Pantheism so it can’t be used again actually matters. And, of course, you can do (almost) all of the tricks that MST can do, such as clearing your field for Gorz and making Spells/Traps that need to remain face-up to resolve properly resolve without effect. Other than the LP payment, MST can destroy your own stuff when it’s advantageous, which isn’t often. But it isn’t super often that banishing is more relevant than destruction. I think Cosmic Cyclone is very good and going to be underused. We’re at a point where I don’t think it will ever need to be limited because there are many better alternatives that aren’t Dust Tornado and Twister.

Competitive rating: You probably should pick up a playset when you can, don’t rush, but don’t wait forever.
Casual rating: Usually worse than MST because it costs LP. MST is free. This is also secret rare.

TDIL-EN066 Pot of Desires

PotofDesires-TDIL-EN-ScR-1EHow hard are you tryin’ to draw two cards? Clearly for free was too broken, so they had to put a ‘cost’ of shuffling back five monsters. That was too good, so now you have to banish 10 cards face-down AND put a hard once per turn activation. If Spell Canceller or Imperial Order is face-up when Pot of Desires attempts to resolve, you can’t activate another. If the activation is negated, like with Solemn Judgment, Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon or Infernoid Onuncu, you can activate another. Pot of Desires actually changes how decks will be constructed. If your deck has specific key pieces that you can’t play without, you shouldn’t play Pot of Desires. If your deck is just good cards, go ahead. Pot of Desires also asks if you should be running more than 40 cards. It banishes 10 cards from your deck. If you run 40, go first and activate Pot of Desires, you have 23 cards left in your deck to do things. In 2012-13, 50+ card Mermail decks were fine because everything was searchable and the deck didn’t run out of steam as fast as a 40 card Mermail deck.

Competitive rating: I haven’t done the math or the testing, but Pot of Desires is a card to watch.
Casual rating: Meh. +1s in casual play are less important.

TDIL-EN067 Magical Mid-Breaker Field

Activate this card at the start of your Main Phase 1 or 2 does not mean your opponent can activate something as you’re entering a phase so you can’t activate this, Cold Wave, Anti-Magic Arrows or the like. If someone tries this, tell them turn player has turn player priority to activate cards/effects first when entering a phase as the gamestate is open. If they disagree, call a judge. If the judge rules that they can activate something ‘entering main phase’, appeal. Most ‘symmetrical’ effects are actually unfair because you dictate when to play them and when to turn them off. Or you just play them after you do things. Vanity’s Emptiness, Imperial Order, Royal Oppression, Heavy Storm, Giant Trunate, Dimension Fusion, Card Destruction, etc. Magical Mid-Breaker Field doesn’t let you choose when to activate it. Magical Mid-Breaker Field also doesn’t let you turn it off easily by playing another Field Spell. Don’t forget that most monster destruction is not played during your opponent’s Main Phase 1. It’s either your own Main Phase 1, or the Battle Phase.

Competitive rating: Not good because it’s actually a fair card.
Casual rating: It doesn’t stop Mirror Force, so meh.

TDIL-EN068 Card of the Soul

This is weird. If you’re at 8000, you can search Kozmo Dark Planet or Obelisk. Infernoid Onuncu is serachable at 6000. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and the like at 4500. 3500 lets you get Angel Trumpeter, Koa’ki Meiru Drago, or Trap Eater. Judgment Dragon at 5600. Dragon Rulers at 4600. There are lots of things to search, but it’s not like Card of the Soul can search anything at anytime. It can search any monster, but many monsters are under 4000 total.

Competitive rating: Probably too situational.
Casual rating: Meh. If you want to get to a certain amount of LP to search that one card.

TDIL-EN069 Fusion Fright Waltz

Another Fluffal/Frightfur card. It’s weird and can wipe the field, but it’s meh. Frightfurs are meh. Please show me a consistent competitive Fluffal deck. I’d like to see it.

Competitive rating: No.
Casual rating: Play some number because it does things.

TDIL-EN070 King Scarlet

Weird. I guess if you want to turn something into Hot RDA Abyss or Hot RDA Bane, it’s nice. This is not a competitively playable card. The card is fine for casual, though.

Competitive rating: RDA.dek is bad.
Casual rating: I wouldn’t play more than one or two.

TDIL-EN071 Magician Navigation

This is a secret rare, so it must be good, right? Wrong. The Buster Blader fusion is secret rare and we saw how competitive that was. If every single casual card was at low rarity, then they would sell less packs. Selling packs is how Konami makes money out of Yugioh. Competitive players spend more money buying packs than casual players. When a competitive player opens up a Magician Navigation from a pack, they’re usually more than willing to trade it to the casual player, anyways.

Competitive rating: This is the garbage secret rare of the set.
Casual rating: This is one of the best secret rares in the set.

TDIL-EN072 Metalfoes Counter

It has counter in the name, but isn’t a counter trap? This is a little too slow for competitive play, but it might still be good. This doesn’t belong in the wombo combo variants of other decks with stuff like Yang Zing.

Competitive rating: No.
Casual rating: Play two?

TDIL-EN073 Metalfoes Combination

This is what makes Metalfoes nutty. At least partially. You’re not using it for the Fusion Summoning effect. You’re going to destroy it yourself with something like Storm or Baxia to make plays and complete your scales. And of course, in pure Metalfoes, it’s still a vital part of the deck. In fact, it’s even better because you can use the first effect.

Competitive rating: I’m unsure of how potent Metalfoes Yang Zing are, but this makes the deck possible.
Casual rating: Three-of in any Metalfoes deck.

TDIL-EN074 Triamid Pulse

Triamid aren’t competitive. This eats up your resources to do things. Maybe just run one? The card isn’t very good because Triamids have no real way to get anything back once it’s banished.

Competitive rating: Try taking Triamids to a tournament.
Casual rating: The card is just ok. Play just one.

TDIL-EN075 Destruction Sword Memories

This card is actually really good. Of course, Buster Blader isn’t competitive, but it’s a fine casual deck. This turns any other Destruction Sword into Buster Blader, which is obviously a key piece of the deck. My list is a little dated as it has triple Chicken Game and Upstart Goblin, but just cut those for some number of this and maybe some more Destruction Sword cards.

Competitive rating: Who was playing Buster Blader before?
Casual rating: Why weren’t you playing Buster Blader already?

TDIL-EN076 Floodgate Trap Hole

Floodgate is a bad name if it’s not a floodgate. It’s like Book of Moon, but balanced. Often flipping something face-down is as good as removing it. I think in most decks this is worse than Book of Moon or Bottomless Trap Hole, but if you can make Traptrix Rafflesia, this is fine. Using cards from your deck is always better than needing to draw them.

Competitive rating: Only with Rafflesia
Casual rating: Not being able to flip up your monsters is super annoying. Run some amount.

TDIL-EN077 Premature Return

So the comparison must be made to both Return from the Different Dimension and Premature Burial. This is not better than either, but it doesn’t cost any LP. Normally summoning in face-down Defense Position isn’t very good, but I can see potential in Premature Return. Maybe it’ll be good in years to come. Maybe it’s good now. Banishing a card from hand is significantly worse than just discarding.

Competitive rating: Possibly. Don’t count it out. Kozmo like banished things, right?
Casual rating: I’m indifferent on this for casual games.

TDIL-EN078 Unified Front

This has some neat tricks, but not competitively viable. Unless it does something amazing in addition to changing ATK, it’s bad.

Competitive rating: No.
Casual rating: You can do some neat tricks with this.

TDIL-EN079 Pendulum Hole

This is simple and I’m glad it exists and I’m glad it’s common. People said this will replace Solemn Strike, but that will never happen. True, Solemn Strike destroys pendulum decks but Strike also stops monster effects, something Pendulum Hole can’t do. I believe a Kirin deck that is prepared for Anti-Spell Fragrance is the best deck. Pendulum Hole makes that slightly less viable, but people need to be playing Pendulum Hole for Pendulum Hole to be good.

Competitive rating: Possibly? Side some if you’re already running three Strikes.
Casual rating: Good against Pendulum decks, but it’ll be dead if you aren’t playing against Pendulums.

TDIL-EN080 The Forceful Checkpoint

Cards like this can’t exist without being compared to Confiscation, Trap Dustshoot and obviously the Forceful Sentry. This negates attacks, but actually does something. It seems either really bad or really good, and I can’t tell. Either The Forceful Checkpoint will see as much play as Trap Dustshoot or Supply Squad.

Competitive rating: It’s a battle phase trap, but it’s like Trap Dustshoot.
Casual rating: Get three if you can, but if not, no big deal.

In the first part of this series, I underrated both Blackwing Gofu and Performapal Radish Horse. I was sent a message saying I trashed the two best cards in the set. I don’t believe either of them are the best card in the set, but I did severely underrate both cards. Gofu’s true home is in Extra Deck Monarchs with multiple Kuraz. Gofu allows you to play Allure of Darkness. You can summon Gofu, summon tokens to destroy with Kuraz and then overlay Gofu with Prime. Gofu also allows you to make Tzolkin without needing to discard for Quickdraw. Gofu also lets you make Leo. Red Layer and Gofu do different things. If you want to make Tzolkin and Leo, use Gofu. If you want to use Return of the Monarchs more, use more Red Layer.

And as far as Radish Horse goes, it lets you make a Rank 4 without Pendulum Summoning, which is important because you can Diamond Dire Wolf away something and not care if Dire Wolf gets hit with Strike. It also sometimes makes something smaller some of the time, which is extra great if you run Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. The main use is making Rank 4s without Pendulum Summoning. The last good use I can think of is to use this with Odd-Eyes Unicorn to make more OTKS with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.

The last half of the set looks really strong. Four of the seven secret rares I’ve looked at seem like they could be worth money and see competitive play. Dark Magicians are casually viable, and maybe even not the worst at locals if it’s not meta. Follow me on Twitter, and come back Friday for the last 20 cards and some brews with the new cards. If you want to help out The Big Eye, share it with your friends and pick up some TDIL for yourself.

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