Set Review: The Dark Illusion Part I

TDIL-BoosterENThe Dark Illusion is legal for play August 5th, so let’s take a look at the new cards. They’re not up on the database, but the wikia has the full set as per usual. Also, as per usual, the set is coming out pretty quietly because everyone has been looking at the cards for months. The wikia normally has really nice scans, but right now they’re trash because people haven’t scanned their cards with a nice scanner yet. So, pictures will come when that happens. I used to do set reviews in groups of about 20 cards, but I find when I’m reading set reviews I usually skim most of it, so I’m upping core sets to 40-40-20 as the first 80 are the same as OCG’s set, then cards 081-099 and 000 are WP (World Premier) cards, either imports from OCG or exclusive to the TCG for now. Let’s start with card 001.

TDIL-EN001 Performapal Bot-Eyes Lizard

I don’t think this card is good. The only reason I can come up with for changing its name is for a Fusion Summon. Why couldn’t it just already be an Odd-Eyes monster? Why couldn’t it be an unrestricted scale 1 Pendulum Monster? At least it dumps an Odd-Eyes if you wanna get one back with Oafdragon or Absolute Dragon.

Competitive rating: It’s a non-pendulum if you want to try a Performapal brew with non-pendulums.
Casual rating: Key player if you’re fusing into Vortex Dragon and using Oafdragon to get back the Odd-Eyes

TDIL-EN002 Performapal Gongato

oh no gongcat was such a better name. why did they have to change it? In all seriousness, I think Gongato is a much better name. Gato is cat in Spanish, and it’s obviously a gong and a cat. Level 1 means you’re never going to Pendulum Summon it unless we get the unlikely Scale 0, so its effect(s) better be good. It’s a Scale 2 that doesn’t generate any advantage in the Pendulum Zone. It just reduces battle damage. Not great. The monster effect is only slightly better in that it stops battle damage when any monster attacks, but it has to involve your monster.

Competitive rating: You’re going to go 0-3 drop.
Casual rating: I’d only play one because it’s super searchable and can stop one battle damage every turn potentially.

TDIL-EN003 Performapal Extra Slinger

I thought the monster effect was a Quick Effect. It isn’t. I thought it was Level 4. It isn’t. Extra Slinger is really cool but extremely hindered by Spell Speed 1 and Level 3. I see people use cards incorrectly all the time, so I’m sure this is going to be used as a Quick Effect, which it isn’t. At locals, I saw a competent player fuse the Lightsworn Raiden and Chaos Sorcerer to make El Shaddoll Construct. Another guy at locals played Skill Drain with Vanity’s Fiend because he thought Skill Drain didn’t stop continuous effects. He was thinking of Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. Read the cards, people. I thought Pilgrim Dante was Level 8. It’s not.

Competitive rating: You can try to convince people that once per turn means either player’s turn (it doesn’t). You can also try to just overlay into a Rank 4 and hope nobody notices.
Casual rating: I guess if you want to? I don’t know why all the Performapals aren’t Level 4.

TDIL-EN004 Performapal Inflater Tapir

Well, it’s a cute balloon animal, which I really like. It’s got a cute little hat, and actual tapirs are cute. Level 6 and well below average stats make this bad. It could have been a Level 5 Pendulum with decent ATK and it would be playable because Nobledragon + Level 5 Pendulum Monster means Ignister.

Competitive rating: You’re not playing competitively if you’re playing with Tapir.
Casual rating: I wouldn’t, but you can try it. It’s not very good.

TDIL-EN005 Performapal Gumgumouton

I know gum-gum is the sound or something for rubber in Japanese, but as someone who doesn’t know any Japanese other than ‘konnichiwa’ and ‘sayonara’, the only thing I can think of is One Piece and Chopper. Gumgumouton actually has several things going for it. It’s a Performapal, which means you can search it 100 different ways. It’s EARTH, which may be relevant at some point. It’s a Beast-Type for Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. Its effects, while pretty not good, may come up. It has 2400 DEF, and Monkeyboard has been Pendulum Summoned to sit on at times. But the best thing about Gumgumouton is that it’s a Level 5 Pendulum monster. Almost always worse than Light Phoenix, but it lets you Pendulum Summon Level 2 and 3 monsters.

Competitive rating: Performapal Odd-Eyes Light Phoenix is better 99% of the time and Beast-Eyes is meh.
Casual rating: If you’re running Beast-Eyes because of stuff like Silver Claw, one of this isn’t the worst.

TDIL-EN006 Performapal Bubblebowwow

Possibly the ugliest and most terrifying card in The Dark Illusion. Why are all the Performapals at this stage only stopping destruction? Give me Level 4s with effects that give me more cards. Hell, just give me Performapals that search more Performapals. Level 6 might come up if you’re making Utopia Beyond, but there are better choices for Level 6 pendulums.

Competitive rating: Let’s be honest, most of the pals are garbage from someone’s dream (or nightmare) circus.
Casual rating: It doesn’t have much synergy with anything because it’s Level 6 and doesn’t really do anything.

TDIL-EN007 Performapal Radish Horse

If English is your second language, this is a play on the word horseradish. Google tells me it’s a root vegetable that is used as a spice. At least this guy is Level 4. It changes some attacks around. But not much more than that.

I underrated this and Gofu. I explain my oversights in Part 2.

Competitive rating: Makes Rank 4s without Pendulum Summoning.
Casual rating: Goes in a horse deck?

TDIL-EN008 Performapal Life Swordsman

Oh god, why do they keep printing Level 1 and non-pendulum Performapals? We’re eight cards into the set and I’m tired of looking at garbage.

Competitive rating: Who plays life gain?
Casual rating: This doesn’t do anything.

TDIL-EN009 Acrobatic Magician

This is the first card that isn’t a garbage Performapal in the set. It’s just not a Performapal. It’s still garbage. I see no real reason to play this over basically anything else good.

Competitive rating: Your Magician engine probably shouldn’t be more than eight or nine-ish cards. You don’t have room for Acrobat Magician.
Casual rating: I hope you’re using bad cards like this to make good cards like Ignister.

TDIL-EN010 D/D Savage Tommy

D/D are not good right now. Maybe that’ll change. I don’t think so. Scale 6 is fine for a low scale if you’re only aiming to Pendulum Summon the Level 7+ guys. His monster effect is the real good stuff, though. It just destroys a D/D in your Pendulum Zone to make a Rank 8. Tommy doesn’t have impressive ATK, and the monster he summons is in Defense Position, but you’re overlaying with them. It doesn’t even place any restrictions on monsters you can summon the turn you use this effect. The only restriction is that it halves battle damage (ok, whatever) and you can only use this effect once per turn (darn, can’t abuse this repeatable ignition effect) The biggest downside to Tommy boy here is that, currently, there is only one Level 8 D/D/D to summon.

Competitive rating: Soon, Tommy. Soon.
Casual rating: Instant staple. I’m not a D/D aficionado, but I know you need to run this to make Rank 8s.

TDIL-EN011 D/D Savage Nikola

I should have saved my current joke for Tesla. Too late, already made it with the light bulb guy. Scale 8 isn’t so useful. As far as I know, Level 6 isn’t so useful either. Nikola just kind of moves stuff around and sometimes makes something +2000/+2000. Neat, but meh.

Competitive rating: I think no?
Casual rating: Run one?

TDIL-EN012 Blackwing – Tornado the Reverse Wind

Konami, if you’re going to print Blackwing cards, clearly you want someone to play them, so why put all these awful restrictions on them that make them even worse? Tornado could have had the “If you control a “Blackwing” monster other than “this one”, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand)” AND just summoned a Blackwing Tuner from your Graveyard when it’s Normal Summoned. But it doesn’t. It’s really bad. And worst of all, it restricts what you can Special Summon from your Extra Deck. At least it doesn’t stop Dark Armed Dragon from coming down.

Competitive rating: It’s 2016. Blackwings are bad. We can hope for good support, but they have too many bad cards.
Casual rating: It’s serviceable.

TDIL-EN013 Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow

Well, I’m glad they had the foresight to not make it part of the Hazy archetype when it was localized. This is bad. You need non-tuners already in hand and nothing on your field. I suppose summoning two random tokens if you just want a Level 5 monster might be cool.

I underrated this and Radish Horse. I explain my oversights in Part 2.

Competitive rating: Blackwings aren’t good. Red Layer is a better random Level 5.
Casual rating: It brings back Armor Master. And every casual player knows how hard that is to deal with.

TDIL-EN014 Red Warg

I’m sure there will be some confusion about ‘name changes’ as there always is. This card was called Red Wolf by fans that translated the Japanese card. This card is a fine casual card. The most useful deck I can think to put this in is a Resonator/Red Dragon Archfiend deck. I don’t know why it halves its ATK. The worst you could do is something like Red Resonator, Red Warg, summon Rare Metal Dragon and attack for 4400. But, instead, that would only deal 3700 damage.

Competitive rating: Might be good if we get broken Resonators.
Casual rating: I’d definitely run some number in a Resonator/Red Dragon Archfiend deck.

TDIL-EN015 Red Gardna

Is this a Necro Gardna clone that’s better because it requires us to control a Red Dragon Archfiend? No. It just stops all monsters we control from being destroyed by our opponent’s card effects. The downside is that we need to control a Red Dragon Archfiend monster and it can only activate when your opponent activates something. The upside is that it doesn’t care what Red Dragon Archfiend monster you control, and it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll want to activate this at Spell Speed 3.

Competitive rating: Red Dragon Archfiend isn’t competitive.
Casual rating: You can run one or two in the Resonator/Red Dragon Archfiend deck.

TDIL-EN016 Red Mirror

This gets back Red Warg, Flare Resonator and Red Resonator, but only when your opponent attacks. Being attacked is pretty likely, but it’s really slow. It’s not a combo piece that helps you make your first big synchro. I don’t think this is impactful enough to ever see play.

Competitive rating: Not viable.
Casual rating: I wouldn’t, but I can’t stop you.

TDIL-EN017 Magician of Dark Illusion

MagicianofDarkIllusion-TDIL-EN-SR-1EI’m going to come out and say it now. Dark Magician.dek isn’t competitive. It’s fun, but not competitive. Magician of Dark Illusion is easy to summon AND it summons a Dark Magician from your Graveyard. It’s Level 7 and becomes Dark Magician while on the field if that would come up.

Competitive rating: Why are you taking Dark Magicians to any serious event?
Casual rating: Go ahead and make sure you have the full playset.

TDIL-EN018 Magician’s Robe

MagiciansRobe-SHVI-EN-SR-LEWe already saw this in the SHVI special edition, so it’s technically not a new card. It’s a pretty neat card. Less pivotal to the deck than Magician’s Rod, but still a decent card. It comes back as a body to get in the way of your LP or as tribute fodder. It trades ANY Spell/Trap Card for a Dark Magician. The problem with Magician’s Robe is you have to build your deck in such a way that you’re running Dark Magician, and probably other bad cards. It’s also a card you want to see early in the game, but not really any other time.

Competitive rating: Probably not.
Casual rating: Run some amount. It’s got 2000 DEF, which is a lot.

TDIL-EN018 Magician’s Rod

MagiciansRod-TDIL-EN-SR-1EThis card is much better than Robe. It just searches any of the important Spell/Traps you want. Then, this can add itself back to your hand if it’s optimal for you to do so. It has 1600 ATK, which isn’t nothing.

Competitive rating: I don’t think Dark Magician.dek is good.
Casual rating: I know it’s super rare, but try to get three.

TDIL-EN019 Master Peace, the True Dracoslayer

This card is busted. It negates and destroys any card or effect that activates for free. It floats into any Dracoslayer or Dracoverlord. It’s Level 8. It has 2950 ATK, which loses to Dark Destroyer, but beats almost everything else. The problem with it is that it requires you to tribute a Dracoverlord and Dracoslayer. If this was a Fusion like Dinoster, it’d be stupid good. It’s an Effect Monster that you need to draw, so it’s only okay. It’s definitely good once on the field, and not the hardest to summon. My prediction is that it won’t be worth adding to your deck without three Draco Face-Off.

Competitive rating: I wouldn’t.
Casual rating: It’s busted. Try it.

TDIL-EN020 Metalfoes Steelen

Most of the Metalfoes have the same effect, which is pretty stupid. It works with Ariadne, Plushfire, Yang Zings and pretty much every card that does something when it’s destroyed. And, you usually won’t feel bad about destroying another pendulum. Steelen is able to be summoned with Emergency Teleport. Probably irrelevant, but maybe not. It doesn’t have any ATK, which stinks, but 2100 DEF is notable and there will be times in which it’s big enough to sit on. Also, the Metalfoes use 8 as their high scale, which is nice.

Competitive rating: We’ll see how the Metalfoes pan out.
Casual rating: The deck is pretty bad if you’re not abusing stupid things.

TDIL-EN021 Metalfoes Silverd

Another Metalfoes. More of the same, except this one has 1700 ATK. That’s the type of thing I like to see. Usually won’t come up, but definitely will come up more than you’d expect. Another card that can be summoned with Emergency Teleport. Notable that it’s a generic Scale 1, which we don’t have many of. The only thing better would be an unrestricted Scale 0, possibly with a good effect.

Competitive rating: We’ll see how the Metalfoes pan out.
Casual rating: The deck is pretty bad if you’re not abusing stupid things.

TDIL-EN023 Metalfoes Goldriver

They’re like Igknights, but less bad. All the same. Scale 1, 1900 ATK. I don’t know what else to say about the Metalfoes as individual cards. I’d just like to mention that I came up with this Exodia deck, and makes full use of three Goldriver because it’s a Pendulum with decent ATK and a Normal Monster for Heart of the Underdog.

Competitive rating: We’ll see how the Metalfoes pan out.
Casual rating: The deck is pretty bad if you’re not abusing stupid things.

normal EXODIA

TDIL-EN024 Metalfoes Volflame

Oh god, there are more? This is Scale 8, Level 7, 2400 ATK. Level 7 could matter, probably not, but it could.

Competitive rating: We’ll see how the Metalfoes pan out.
Casual rating: The deck is pretty bad if you’re not abusing stupid things.

TDIL-EN025 True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher

That’s quite the name. I hope it’s bad so no one ever has to write it on a deck list. It’s kind of like Bonfire Colossus or Goka, the Pyre of Malice, but it also lets you destroy other monsters in your hand, which is something I did not catch the first time I read the card. It’s Level 9, which has very few good Xyz. We literally only have Dyson Sphere and Enterblathnir for 2-mats. If both monsters you destroyed were FIRE, you can just banish a monster your opponent controls or something from their Graveyard. Then, if it dies due to a card effect, you search a non-FIRE Wyrm-Type. I’ve seen many people compare this to the Dragon Rulers. This is not a Dragon Ruler. If we see a resurgence in FIRE monsters, Agnimazud will be a premium card to have.

Competitive rating: Not good now. Will be good one day.
Casual rating: Play three in any FIRE deck you’ve got.

TDIL-EN026 Dinomist Ankylos

It took long enough for this to come out. We’ve had the rest of the Dinomist for a while. They don’t do anything. Other than being the Dinomist Scale 6, Ankylos provides a Level 4 body that turns all of your Dinomist into DMoCs, kinda. This doesn’t activate, either.

Competitive rating: When was the last time you saw a Dinomist?
Casual rating: I’d run 2-2 Stego and Ankylo.

TDIL-EN027 Triamid Dancer

TriamidDancer-TDIL-EN-C-1EThis is the first Triamid. Triamids are kind of weird. The ATK/DEF boost Dancer gives to your rocks isn’t until end of turn. Dancer starts at 600/1900, but will usually jump up to 1100/2400, which is respectable. After another activation, if it lives, it’ll be 2900 DEF, which is pretty hard to attack over. It also makes Fossil Dyna bigger if you’re playing that.

Competitive rating: I don’t think Triamids are competitive.
Casual rating: Probably play three in Triamids. Not good in generic rock decks.

TDIL-EN028 Triamid Hunter

Hey, you can Normal Summon Hunter, then Dancer, then make a Rank 3. #ProPlaysByBigEye When I was playing Triamid casually, 1400 seemed not very good, but surprisingly Dancer puts in work. Hunter at 1900 is decent, but Dancer is actually better in casual games because it continuously actually does something. Getting multiple Normal Summons is awesome, but you’re going to run out of steam pretty quickly. I am glad that the Triamids help all rocks, not just Triamids.

Competitive rating: I said Triamids aren’t competitive.
Casual rating: If having a weak Level 3 fits your rock deck, play it. Otherwise, keep it in Triamids.

TDIL-EN029 Triamid Master

Master is actually less good than Hunter or Dancer. You still need to run it because in casual games the field gets pretty gummed up with set cards. But still, 1800 ATK isn’t the worst.

Competitive rating: Triamids aren’t good yet. Probably never.
Casual rating: You need to max out on all of the Triamids.

TDIL-EN030 Triamid Sphinx

This is Triamid’s boss monster. It’s another Sphinx for Exodd if you want to do that. It gets really big, and that’s about it. It can come out of seemingly nowhere, but it doesn’t generate any advantage or auto win the game. It doesn’t protect itself. It just draws attacks to itself. It’s meh. You need to play three because a free 2500+ monster is great. Too bad Chicken Game isn’t legal, but if you’re playing casually, play it anyways.

Competitive rating: R.I.P. Chicken Game.
Casual rating: Play Chicken Game anyways.

TDIL-EN031 Shiranui Solitaire

ShiranuiSolitaire-TDIL-EN-UR-1EI think Sage is a better name, but that isn’t its name. This is like Lonefire Blossom, but for Zombies. Most zimbabwes have 0 DEF, so that isn’t a problem. Plus it does Shiranui things. Mostly it makes Level 8 synchros with Uni-Zombie and Mezuki. 10/10 A+ zombie.

Competitive rating: Not right now, but pick up your playset soon.
Casual rating: It’s less good in pure Shiranui than it is when you’re abusing it.

TDIL-EN032 Toon Dark Magician

ToonDarkMagician-TDIL-EN-SR-1ENeat. I’m glad this exists now. It does toon things. Probably play three and three toon Red-Eyes. Toons aren’t competitive yet, moving on.

TDIL-EN033 Scapeghost

If you didn’t get it, this is a joke about Scapegoat being dead. It’s like Scapegoat, but makes dead goats, ghosts. It’s cool and cute, but pretty bad. It’s a flip monster. I can’t see this seeing any play unless you’re playing some kind of Token Stampede deck. Even then, Jam Breeding Machine + Wetlands is superior.

Competitive rating: Nope.
Casual rating: It reads FLIP: make a Level 5 or lower Synchro Monster, which is cool. Also, a tuner for Zombie Master to do things with.

TDIL-EN034 Block Dragon

I’m not really sure why this is an ultra rare. It probably shouldn’t be. Some not good cards have to be high rarity for some reason. I don’t know why Konami doesn’t make only good cards. If you’re wondering, the line of text that says “except by battle” protects the Koa’ki rocks from destroying themselves if you don’t pay the maintenance cost. Neat as a one-of in Rock Stun, which might get a deck feature one day.

Competitive rating: Today is not your day, Block Dragon.
Casual rating: It’s really good in Rock Stun and doesn’t bounce back to your hand like Redox. But it also can’t revive like Redox can. It also eats more than Redox.

TDIL-EN035 Amaterasu

The Sun goddess isn’t the CEO in Yugioh. She also doesn’t soul charge to scry. I think this is the first monster that has an effect that activates while face-down. Let me know if it isn’t. I can’t think of a deck that wants to tribute two monsters to set this. It is a big field wipe, but don’t attack into a monster your opponent tributed two monsters to set. Maybe as a tech in Princess Subterror because it’s Level 9 for your Ritual Princess and your opponent might assume it’s just a set Subterror? Tarotrei flipping this up when your opponent expected a Stalagmo can be back-breaking. You lose your Tarotrei, but your opponent also loses everything. Back when Formula Synchron was good, Black Rose-ing on your opponent’s turn was devastating. Banishing everything is worse (for them).

Competitive rating: Possibly. I want to see it happen.
Casual rating: I’d play some number in some deck that can support it. I really like the card.

TDIL-EN036 Black Dragon Ninja

BlackDragonNinja-TDIL-EN-C-1EI don’t think the color Dragon Ninja cycle is going to be completed because the DARK one is Black Dragon Ninja and not Purple Dragon Ninja. Maybe the EARTH one could be Brown Dragon Ninja? Like most of the others, Black Dragon Ninja is pretty buns. Is that the DARK Dragon Ruler behind him? LIGHT and DARK Dragon Rulers confirmed. Six Dragon Rulers. Half of six is three. Three sides on a triangle. Three points on a triangle. Six Dragon Rulers is 15 letters, five times three. Illuminati confirmed.

Competitive rating: Ninjas aren’t good. Maybe one day. Koomy, give us good ninjas, but better pirates.
Casual rating: The card is fine.

TDIL-EN037 Spell Strider

SpellStrider-TDIL-EN-SR-1ESpell Striker grew up. It’s neat, but you have to banish one of your own Spell Cards. Maybe it’ll end up being good. Trap Strider would be better, but Trap Eater already exists and can help make Ignister for extra punishment. If your friend has a deck with really annoying face-up Spell Cards, play three Chicken Game, three Terraforming and three Spell Strider.

Competitive rating: This is one of those cards that will be good in like four years.
Casual rating: Crystal Beasts way to play against Pendulums?…

TDIL-EN038 Zap Mustang

Thunder Seahorse! I don’t really know why this exists. By the way, you can’t Pendulum Summon this guy because that isn’t a card effect. I hope someone finds a use for this, but it’s pretty awful.

Competitive rating: I’d rather play Thunder King or Denko Sekka and just not use Seahorse.
Casual rating: Marauding Captain and Goblindbergh?

TDIL-EN039 Totem Five

I had never seen this card before. Tech this in a Level 3 pendulum deck? Then just blow up your opponent’s field and make some Rank 3s? I don’t think this is very good. Most cards are just bad.

Competitive rating: Why does this exist?
Casual rating: Unlikely, but certainly exciting.

TDIL-EN040 Tuning Gum

This actually isn’t awful for big synchro climbing/chain plays. I kind of wish it was a plant for Lonefire and Spore, but you can still use One for One to fetch it.

Competitive rating: One day.
Casual rating: Slots right into the Red Dragon Archfiend deck, doesn’t it?

That’s it for this part. Come back on Wednesday for Part II of the set review for TDIL. We start with Wrecker Panda and finish the cards that aren’t WP cards. Spoiler: Most of the cards are bad because most Yugioh cards are bad. Until Wednesday, click an ad, buy TDIL for yourself and tell your friends that Konami needs to join the TCG and OCG.

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  1. Savant Thomas and Savant Nicola are misnamed.

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