Set Review: Raging Tempest Part 2

Last time we went over all the cards that aren’t rares or commons that I thought were worth talking about. Raging Tempest doesn’t really need an introduction so let’s take a look at the good commons and rares.


Fusion Recycling Plant

This is super cool and I’m glad it exists. Provided your deck’s engine can generate a fusion material each turn you can turn the card you draw for each turn into Polymerization and you get back a fusion material each turn. There might be something there with Elemental HERO Shadow Mist because it gets a HERO every turn. Blazeman can dump it directly or search Polymerization. It’s at least interesting.

Fusion Parasite

Another super cool card. This works against how I wanted to play with Fusion Recycling Plant. Parasite is kind of like a Quickdraw Synchron but for Fusion Summons. You can use it to substitute Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon for Dragon Master Knight. Cards like this are surprisingly weak because so few fusions require specific materials now, which is why Elemental HERO Prisma has mostly fallen off of the map.

Envoy of Chaos

This card is buns and the BLS/Gaia deck is buns but Envoy of Chaos is super cool if you play casually. It’s just a shame that I have a hard time enjoying casual decks because some are super sweet.

Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda

See this post. Now look to see that Cannahawk is limited and see this post about Link Summons. Enjoy your Spiritual Beast Tamer while you still can.

Shinobaroness Peacock

There’s a lot to parse with both Shinobarons but thankfully they’re mostly the same. Baroness is 2500 over 3000 and can only be Ritual Summoned, but when it is you can shuffle up to 3 Spell/Traps your opponent controls into the deck and Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Spirit from your Deck. Then, during the End Phase it bounces back to your hand and summons two 1500/1500 Level 4 tokens. The Baroness has much more built in card advantage because she shuffles away three Spell/Traps and gives you a Spirit for free but costs at least the Ritual Spell and a tribute, meaning she costs three cards, minimum, but you get the monster, a Spirit and three Spell/Traps from your opponent, going plus two in total if you get to shuffle away three cards, which is not often the case. Plus she’s only 2500 ATK and doesn’t easily punch through things and returns back to your hand. Yes, both Shinobarons give you two tokens to use as tribute later but they’re not going to live.

She’s super cool, so is Shinobaron Peacock but they’re not competitive. If you enjoy them and don’t care about winning, they’re really fun.

Shinobaron Peacock

The effect is worse than Baroness in terms of raw card advantage but Baron lets you bounce monsters. Just getting monsters off of the field is hyper important and surely in a few months when we get Link Monsters, summoning Baron and bouncing the Link Monster in their Extra Monster Zone along with two other dudes has got to be hyper obnoxious. Plus, Ritual Summons don’t take up the Extra Monster Zone.

Lost Wind

Breakthrough Skill was largely only used on Special Summoned monsters. Okay, not true. I’ve negated many Bears, Spellbook Magicians and Evilswarm Kerykeion with Breakthrough Skill. That was nearly four years ago now. Lost Wind negates something’s effects and halves its ATK. And then later, if your opponent Special Summons from their Extra Deck you can get Lost Wind back. It can’t be used that turn because you just set it but you can use Lost Wind to deal with something else later. It’s largely worse than both Dimensional Barrier and Solemn Strike but is also a rare from the latest set and is going to be fairly easy to pick up if you’re a budget player. Seriously consider this if you’re not shelling out $50 for a single copy of a generic trap.

Ancient Gear Reborn

This is only better than Call of the Haunted when you can search it with Ancient Gear Wyvern. Until then, Ancient Gear Reborn is going to be worse than Call of the Haunted because you can only target Ancient Gears and you can only control one.

I can’t read. Ignore everything above. This card is great in Ancient Gears. You get a free dude every turn, even if it’s just a derpy do nothing dude, it’ll protect your LP a tiny bit. I love this card, it’s great. Probably play two. Learn to RTFC.

Subterror Nemesis Defender

Being able to protect your set dudes is rather important and you can force your opponent to attack the one you want them to attack, like the new 3000 DEF guy. Being indestructible some of the time is cool.

Subterror Behemoth Voltelluric

Oh hey, here’s that new 3000 DEF guy. It’s Level 9, which is relevant for Nemesis Warrior and has 3000 DEF, which is often going to be relevant. It steals things sometimes, which is also neat because you can then flip it up and attack with it. There are no restrictions on using that monster as material for anything either.


I knew when the first wave of support named Super Agent specifically that something like this was going to have to come along. Harpie’s all pretend to be Harpie Lady on the field and in the grave. Tough gives you additional copies of Super Agent, is 1900 and can often destroy cards for free. The cost being that you need to be playing SPYRAL Tough in your deck.



It’s a shame that there aren’t generic and good Dinosaur decks because Miscellaneousaurus is pretty good. It acts as a sort of super Effect Veiler for anything that’s trying to mess up your dinos, which will usually trade at least one for one and then later you can get a free dino from your deck, even if it’s going to die you can use it as Xyz or Synchro material.

Apprentice Piper

Summoning anything from your hand unconditionally could be dangerous if Konami didn’t restrict every monster to its own summoning procedure like Judgment Dragon, Ritual Monsters, Black Luster Soldier and the like. You can summon Archlord Kristya, though. And on the way out Piper gives you another free summon.


I’m not very good at coming up with crazy combos but I’m sure there are ways to Synchro Summon Red Dragon Archfiend without using your Normal Summon and get a Level 3 Tuner in your yard, then Normal Summon Yokutuner, get back your Level 3 and make Red Nova. That’s just the first place my brain goes when one Tuner gets another Tuner. You can use Yokutuner to help make Crystal Wing if you’d like.

Eater of Millions

This is neat and probably not good. There are plenty of ways to deal with it but it’s a cool casual card.


This is pretty great and another way to dump Wightprince to dump more Skull Servants. A+. Probably not competitive but still awesome.

Ancient Gear Howitzer

While both Howitzer and the Golem that it will summon can be dealt with relatively easily, that doesn’t make Howitzer less cool. It provides a win condition other than attacking, which it can still do even if you do decide to burn. And then when it dies, you get a free Golem for your trouble. I wouldn’t bring Ancient Gears to a tournament but I can see myself throwing away a locals to play with them.

Super Quantal Alphan Strike

This sets you up perfectly to summon Magnus and bop over whatever they summon. Of course this requires you to assemble the three effect monsters, then gets Carrier to get the Xyz and combine them into Magnus. This card could actually be good but the rest of Quantals are not.

Ritual Beast Return

I believe I mentioned this here and it’s quite cool. Unfortunately, like most commons, it’s one of those bottom of the barrel type cards that you’re scraping for when building your favorite deck. 🙁

Zoodiac Combo

This isn’t a garbage common because you play one of it in Zoodiacs. Save these when you’re opening packs.

Symphonic Warrior Guitaar

It’s been a long time since Guitaar has been relevant in Japan. It does things and is Scale 7, which is usually high enough to do what you want with the Symphonic stuff.

Lightsworn Judgment

Often this has been quite bad because the Lightsworns are just used to facilitate another engine. The only times where Lightsworns have been the focus was when they were new and then right before DUEA came out and the Dragon Rulers were used to consistently search up triple Judgment Dragon and some number of Diabolos. Use Lightsworn Judgment if you want, I think it’s not good enough.

Symphonic Warrior Miccs

Usually this is the card you want to summon with Guitaar to make plays with.

That’s it for the commons and rares. Like always, they’re mostly trash. If I missed something, leave a comment or let me know on…


7 thoughts on “Set Review: Raging Tempest Part 2”

  1. Miccs is such an awesome card, given that Symphonic Warrior Guitaar exists.

    Only having to run two distinct cards cards in your deck to get both a discard outlet, and an extra normal summon.

    Also, helps make CD infinity.

  2. You missed the condition on Howitzer – it has to be destroyed by battle, making it less useful as any card effect can pop it for no backlash. I didn’t read that part either, I ended up only finding out in the middle of a game against the TO for our Locals when I was trying to stall for a turn and it sucked. Still, any two AGs that might be clogging your hand up being used for Howitzer is generally worth it from what I’ve seen, but I am a poor man so I might not be looking at it from the most optimal perspective – I ended up building an Igknight/AG deck because it was the closest thing to decent I could make on my limited funds. Perhaps you could do an AG Post after their new Deck comes out? Also, the link to whatever post you were referencing for Ritual Beast’s Return(assuming the RB Post) isn’t there – you just have an asterisk after it says “here”.

    1. I’ve been playing with Howitzer a bunch with the new structure deck cards and while it’s not competitive, it’s really fun. I guess I didn’t realize that it can be destroyed by card effects because it’s unaffected by other card effects. That sounds condescending but it’s not meant to be. Howitzer is immune to Drident, Dark Hole and Evacuation Device.

      The asterisks are to remind me to put links in, oops. Pretend you didn’t see that.

    2. I just thought that you can negate Howitzer’s effect with something like Lost Wind, Breakthrough Skill or whatever but it’s also unaffected by those. I think the only way to negate its effects is to have Skill Drain active before Howitzer is summoned.

      1. Hah! That shows how much attention I was paying to it, I didn’t notice that clause. Really, the new Deck means so much for AGs, at least casually. They’ll still be not-great, but they are a fun deck when they work, like going Gold/Silver Gadget into Ancient Gear Gadget into Reactor Dragon to trigger both of Reactor’s tribute effects, plus if you wanted to be really weird you can use Engineer to go into Infinity.

        1. Also, just went and read Super Quant’s new card. It looks great right up until your opponent goes “Hey, look, I can free Summon Dark Law and prevent you from using this in Grave!”

        2. Oh that’s sweet. I dismissed Chimera, Beast and Engineer in my new builds because they’re pretty bad. Dinomist and Cyber Dragons are better for makingInfinity but it’s cool that Engineer can too.

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