Set Review: Raging Tempest Part 1

Raging Tempest is out. Zoodiacs are out. The world is over. The rat is named Ratpier. Yugioh has gone to the dogs. Three secrets are Zoodiac cards that you need at least two copies of. Welcome to the RATE set review. It’s been out since Friday and we’ve had a weekend to see the good decks but let’s take a look at the set even though you probably know all the good cards, anyways. In this part I’m going to go over the notable super, ultra and secret rares. The next part will be the notable commons and rares. Let’s-a-go.


Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

This is useful in that it’s another Utopia Beyond but it’s worse because other things can’t attack. Maybe some super fringe play as Magicians are already fringe. Cool, but casual.

Zoodiac Broadbull

Translations called this Bullhorn or something. You need two if you’re playing Zoodiac, which is probably the best deck. I need to do more testing between Zoodiacs and Metalfoes still. Play two, I’m sorry that you need 7 secret rares from this set to play Zoodiacs.

Zoodiac Drident

This was called Drancia by fans. Drident is the reason Zoodiacs are good. All of their shenanigans could probably be abused in some other way but Drident offers a way to actually stop your opponent from doing things that’s super easy to summon. Play two.

Zoodiac Barrage

Fan translations called this Elemental Triangle and various names having to do with triangle. The way it’s worded allows you to destroy itself to Special Summon a Zoodiac from your Deck, and that’s its main use. Summon Ratpier from your Deck, go off with that one card wombo-combo. You need all three.

Foolish Burial Goods

In general, this is worse than Foolish Burial because it’s not often you want to dump a Spell/Trap. I’m sure there are combos with it. There was one time I was playing Volcanics, used Lavalval Chain to dump Blaze Accelerator Reload to dump three Scattershots and attack for game. I wouldn’t have played Foolish Burial Goods in that deck but I’m glad it exists for future combo potential. It’s a secret rare, so clearly Konami has plans for it.

That Grass Looks Greener

As many of my readers know, I’m an advocate of 39 card decks. That Grass Looks Greener is really the only reason I would register a deck with more than 40 cards in the Main Deck. Even then, I’m unsure of how much better That Grass Looks Greener combo decks are than something like no-frills Zoodiac or Metalfoes. When Bismugear was new in the TCG I kept running up against Greener Infernoid and I never really had a problem with them. Devyaty was annoying but nothing that couldn’t easily be dispatched.

Full Force Virus

Do you remember Crush Card Virus before the errata? This isn’t that. When was the last time you saw Deck Devastation Virus? In 2013 I sided it in Spellbooks and lost to it a handful of times when I played Wind-Ups in 2012 but that’s about it. This is Deck Devi for DEF. It’s good but I’m unsure of exactly how easy it will be to activate. Set Scarm, set Full Force Virus, pass. During Draw Phase flip Full Force and hopefully rip their hand apart because so many things have low DEF. The main problem I see with this plan is that Scarm isn’t great anymore and Zoodiacs have Tenki and Barrage to search for their thing. In 2013, when someone would Eradicator me, I’d draw into Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, which is not a Spell Card, search up Secrets into Tower and grind out the game from there. Full Force is likely much the same. Final verdict: fine.

Sea Monster of Theseus

It’s been pointed out by everyone and their mother that you can Instant Fusion for this Sea Serpen-errr Zombie. Metalfoes can mostly replace Gofu with Instant Fusion and play some amount of Sea Monsters. Also, Mezuki.


Wind Witch – Ice Bell, Snow Bell and Glass Bell

Drawing Ice Bell with no other cards allows you to summon Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon without using your Normal Summon. There’s a drawback. You can’t control any monsters before you go for it, you can’t control any non-WIND monsters during the combo and you can’t Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck except Level 5 or higher WIND monsters during the turn you go for it.

Ice Bell can summon itself if you control no monsters, then it summons Glass Bell from your deck, which is a Level 4 Tuner, which searches Snow Bell on summon. Ice Bell also burns for 500 on summon. Snow Bell can Special Summon itself because you control 2 or more WIND monsters and no non-WIND monsters. Synchro Glass and Ice Bell for Winter Bell, their Level 7 Synchro or Clear Wing, and use that and Snow Bell to make Crystal Wing. E-Z-P-Z.

You can do Speedroid stuff with Wind Witches if you want. I’m not sure how good that is, I haven’t tested it but I do know Speedroids like to do WIND Synchro stuff when they’re not making Invoker or Dante.

A Crystal Wing that can’t be destroyed by your opponent’s card effects is pretty good but they can still Special Summon Utopia the Lightning and attack over it. What prevents that is Dragon’s Bind but there are a few snags with Dragon’s Bind. The first is that it doesn’t work with Crystal Wing because both its ATK and DEF are not 2500 or less. The best option would be Stardust Spark Dragon but that’s not a WIND so you can’t summon it using Ice Bell. Regular Stardust is cool and can tribute itself to protect Dragon’s Bind but Dragon’s Bind goes away anyways if you Tribute Stardust Dragon. Clear Wing may be a better choice and is still just a fine card, though, in general, worse than Crystal Wing.

Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon

I’m sure you can come up with scenarios where Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon is better than Raging Dragon but actually summoning Raging Dragon is probably better. First, it’s Scale 1, which is better than Scale 4 simply because it has a larger range. Their pendulum effects are the same, that’s a wash. Both have the same stats, Xyz requirements and can be Pendulum Summoned if you can Pendulum Summon Level 7 dudes, wash there. Rebellion needs to destroy at least one if you want to place it in your Pendulum Zone, Raging just goes there, but there has to be an open spot. And if you do Xyz Summon it using an Xyz Monster, something that’s not likely for either one, Rebellion destroys as many Level 7 or lower monsters and burns for 1000 each, then can attack three times that turn. Raging can always attack twice and has an ignition effect to destroy all cards your opponent controls and it gains 200 ATK for each. Crystal Wing and ABC-Dragon Buster force your opponent to crash their Rebellion into it. Raging Dragon can at least destroy them, ignoring the fact that both Crystal Wing and Dragon Buster can take care of Raging Dragon. Play both Rebellion and Raging if you want to, otherwise just replace Rebellion with Raging.


The synergy with Super Agent is there. Activate her effect to look at the top card of your opponent’s deck, maybe draw a card, maybe not, and call the top card 100% with Super Agent and destroy something. Then you get to Kirin Super Agent and an opponent’s monster each turn and re-summon Super Agent every turn. Misty’s really good but we’re going to have to see how detrimental not being a SPYRAL is. That’s a G, not an R, making her not a SPYRAL. I guess making her untargetable and searchable with SPYRAL Resort was too strong? I still think Metalfoes, Zoodiac and even D/D/D would be better than SPYRALs if Misty was part of the archetype.


Dragoncaller Magician

This card is surprisingly decent. Who knew that a Level 7 Scale 2 ‘Magician’ Pendulum monster that turns stuff into dragons would actually be relevant? Oafdragon has a better effect and is the same scale but Dragoncaller’s synergies are real. It’s Level 7 for Sacred Sword, if you want to play that, a DARK for Allure of Darkness, a “Magician” Pendulum Monster and sometimes a Dragon-Type. I’m not a good enough brewer from scratch to see where this fits in but Dragoncaller Magician has potential and is a good casual card.

Zoodiac Ratpier

I don’t think I need to say much about Ratpier, just thought I’d mention that it’s here and it’s a super.\

Zoodiac Whiptail

Another card that doesn’t need an introduction. If you’re going to play Zoodiac and you haven’t Normal Summoned yet, summon Whiptail, attack with Whiptail and then attach it to a Zoodiac Xyz for an extra 1200 points of damage. That’s something I see a lot of players miss. Either they attach it before they attack with Whiptail or they don’t attach it at all.

True King Lithosagym, the Disaster

Lithosagym is worse than the FIRE or WATER True Kings in a True King deck but we’re still a ways away from having a True King deck. Until then, you can play one if you want in Zoodiacs and destroy Ramram from your hand and Special Summon a Zoodiac from your grave, which is cool.

Tierra, Source of Destruction

As cool as this is, I feel like it’s just another Sophia/Nekroz of Sophia. It’s the same level as Sophia but has inverted ATK and DEF. Also, Sophia is a DARK Fairy, Tierra is a LIGHT Fairy. Tierra is sweet but I don’t think it’s playable. Look at the art though, it’s Infernoid Tierra and both Apoqliphorts in one disgusting amalgamation.

Chaos Ancient Gear Giant

Super cool, I’m just disappointed that this isn’t a Golem, it’s a Giant. It easily could have been Chaos Ancient Gear Golem or Giant Ancient Gear Golem. Giant basically wins the game if your opponent doesn’t have some monster effect to deal with it, it’s just a shame that Drident, Alkahest, Mithrilium and ABC-Dragon Buster easily take care of this Giant.

Heavy Armored Train Ironwolf

My first thought when I saw this was some kind of Diamond Dire Wolf variant. Nope, it’s kind of like Heartlandraco for Machines, which is cool. Unless you control a Machine with more ATK than your opponent’s LP, summoning Gear Gigant X is just going to be better 99% of the time. Still play one if you can make it.

Subterror Behemoth Dragossuary

It’s got a FLIP effect and the effect that we’ve come to know that lets Behemoths Special Summon themselves. Level 6 means it’s a one-tribute monster and its FLIP effect protects all of our Subterror cards. If only face-down cards had names. Neat, something to watch out for if Subterror somehow become good.

SPYRAL GEAR – Utlity Wire

This is Phoenix Wing Wind Blast with significant downside and significant upside. The downside is that you need to control SPYRAL Super Agent, can only target face-up cards and can only activate one Wire per turn. The upside is that you don’t have to discard a card, it’s searchable and you get to know the top card of your opponent’s deck. SPYRALs probably aren’t good enough but Wire is exactly the type of card that someone at your locals is going to play and it’s going to be just good enough to be frustrating but you’re still going to 2-0 them.

Those are all of the secret, ultra and super rares that I think are worth mentioning. Thanks for reading, click an ad, buy some packs and if I skipped a card that you think is competitive enough to see play, leave a comment or let me know on…


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