Set review: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Part I

MVP1-BoosterENThe Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack is out, MVP1. With it comes 53 new cards, so let’s take a look at them. This is going to be a three-part set review with the Kaiba cards in part 1, Yugi for part 2 and the other dude for part 3. I haven’t seen the movie so some cards are probably in the wrong spots, but they’re divided to be roughly equal. Every card in the set is Ultra Rare. There are five cards per pack. Let’s get into it.

Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

NeoBlueEyesUltimateDragon-MVP1-EN-UR-1EKicking off the review is Neo Ultimate Dragon. If you’ve been out of the loop since 2006, this is a retrain of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. And yes, the first printing of the original Blue-Eyes was January 2006. Japan got it way back in 1999 as a promo, then in 2000 in their Premium Pack 3. Neo Ultimate is better than the original in every way except in extremely rare cases when your opponent plays Fiendish Chain or needs to discard Effect Veiler to summon a chaos monster. The extra attack effect is very costly but has no stipulations on attacking monsters or reducing battle damage. If it’s the only face-up card you control and it was Fusion Summoned and attacked, you can dump a Blue-Eyes Fusion for an extra attack. This can be done twice for 13500 damage, but it has to be the only face-up card you control. No Field Spells. No other monsters. You can have set cards, though. And, while in the yard, it banishes itself to negate and destroy any card or effect that targets a Blue-Eyes monster(s) you control. It doesn’t say when a card/effect is activated that targets only a Blue-Eyes. Something like Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss can target one Blue-Eyes and two non-Blue-Eyes cards and Neo Ultimate can still negate it.

Competitive rating: You’re not playing this competitively unless Future Fusion comes back. Even then, Five-Headed dumps any five dragons. But why not one and one?
Casual rating: Better than regular Blue-Eyes Ultimate, so if you had a reason to play that, play this.

Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon

BlueEyesChaosMAXDragon-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis is more of a combination between Black Luster Soldier and Blue-Eyes white Dragon than anything else I can think of. Outside of Ritual Summoning, there isn’t a way to summon it. Return of the Dragon Lords won’t work, nor will Soul Charge. Ancient White Stone is able to return it to your hand. There are ways to deal with it without targeting or destroying. The most common being Ignister, F0 and the Kaijus. It can deal double piercing, which can deal a lot. Dead through Tincan, 3000 through Dante, 2400 through Beatrice. And 4000 ATK isn’t a joke, but unless Pre-Prep can search it (it can’t) the best option would be Advanced Ritual Art. Even then, you basically have to build around summoning Chaos MAX. It’s a good card once on the field, but it’s just another monster with costs too high to summon in competitive play.

Competitive rating: Why are you building an inconsistent deck to summon a monster that doesn’t guarantee a win?
Casual rating: Make sure to play triple Manju and some Sonic Bird for Advanced Ritual Art along with three Melody of Awakening Dragon to search any Chaos MAX/Blue-Eyes/Alt Dragons.

Chaos Form

ChaosForm-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis is the Ritual Spell for Chaos MAX. It can also be used for Black Luster Soldier monsters because they’re called Chaos Soldier or something in Japanese. But it does not name specifically any Ritual Monsters in the text, so Pre-Prep can’t search this. Dark Magic Circle can get it, though. And the levels have to be exact when you tribute. No paying 10 for Chaos MAX.

Competitive rating: Why doesn’t it specifically name Chaos MAX and new Super Soldier?
Casual rating: It’s just your average Ritual Spell. Play it if you want.

Deep-Eyes White Dragon

DeepEyesWhiteDragon-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis card is weird. It can’t be searched by Melody or used with Trade-In. But it’s kind of similar to Malefic Truth Dragon, but maybe playable. It can be Tribute Summoned, or Normal Summoned by paying 2000 LP with Mausoleum of the Emperor. On summon it’ll become normally 3000 ATK. Sometimes more if you have something like a Galaxy-Eyes Xyz in your Graveyard, but normally 3000. And if you summon it using its own effect, which can activate during the damage step, it’ll inflict at least 600 points of damage to your opponent. It’s not awful, just super weird. I don’t know if you’d even want it. Testing needed. And just remember, if you’re playing by the rules and your Blue-Eyes is destroyed at Chain Link 2 or higher, it won’t be able to activate because it didn’t meet the activation requirements.

Competitive rating: I don’t really know how good this is, but it seems unimpressive because it isn’t Level 8.
Casual rating: WHAT. A. BLOWOUT. I’d play 1-2 in a casual Blue-Eyes deck.

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon

BlueEyesAlternativeWhiteDragon-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis is the Blue-Eyes everyone was waiting for and what makes the deck playable. It’s 3000 ATK, can destroy monsters for free, becomes Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the field, and can Special Summon itself. What more do you want? You want it to be able to attack AND destroy monsters for free in the same turn? You gotta do some work for that. Pop, overlay, detach, revive, attack.

Competitive rating: Play 3 if you’re playing Blue-Eyes. Too bad the Dragon Rulers aren’t back to accompany it to administer the beats. Let’s hope after worlds we get them back.
Casual rating: It’s powerful, but less so in casual games, because you’re probably not going to go out of your way to build a consistent Blue-Eyes deck with all of the cool stuff you’re jamming in it.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

BlueEyesWhiteDragon-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis isn’t new, but it’s a new art in the TCG. Neat. I still like the one with the Earth behind Blue-Eyes the best.

Pandemic Dragon

PandemicDragon-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis is not a card I had read until MVP1 was actually out because I didn’t know it was in the set. It’s also a weird card. It makes everything smaller, except itself. A payment of 1600 LP allows it to attack over an Obelisk, which is neat. The ATK loss isn’t until end of turn, either. It does pop pretty much any monster, but how are you summoning it? Why are you putting Pandemic Dragon in your deck over good cards?

Competitive rating: Please don’t play this.
Casual rating: I guess if you like spreading viruses it’s okay.

Assault Wyvern

AssaultWyvern-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis would be a fine effect on a fine card if it didn’t have to destroy a monster by battle. At least it doesn’t have to send it to the Graveyard. It doesn’t do anything else. If it did something else and if it destroyed something by battle, or could just tribute itself off for a dragon, it’d be good. But Assault Wyvern isn’t either of those.

Competitive rating: Do you like losing?
Casual rating: 1800 is the standard for a good effect on a Level 4 monster, so it’s not the worst.

Kaiser Vorse Raider

KaiserVorseRaider-MVP1-EN-UR-1EWell, this isn’t going to be better than Vorse Raider was in 2013. In 2013, you could Rescue Rabbit into Vorse Raider, attack for 3800, overlay into Fire Fist Tiger King, set Tenki, search Bear and ride the +1 train all the way to value town. Then, if you drew the third Vorse Raider, it was probably 2000+ ATK and could be tributed off for Deck Devastation Virus if you had it. I can see this seeing some play in decks that want a free Level 5 monster if its type/attribute matter more than something like Red Layer, Primitive Butterfly or Cyber Dragon.

Competitive rating: Usually worse than Red Layer
Casual rating: It’s Vorse Raider, but made of Lightning with an effect! If you want Level 5s, Kaiser Vorse Raider is your guy.

Dragon’s Fighting Spirit

DragonsFightingSpirit-MVP1-EN-UR-1EI can’t think of a useful scenario for this card. It’s sometimes useful against Burning Abyss or Kozmo. But this card is not worth putting into your deck because some of the time you’re going to draw it. And every time you draw it, it will do probably nothing.

Competitive rating: Look elsewhere for good cards.
Casual rating: If your friend has a deck that Special Summons during your turn?..

Induced Explosion

InducedExplosion-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis isn’t a bad effect, but it isn’t really worth a card. It’s just a trade of one card for one card of your opponent’s, even if you get to choose. Then later, maybe you can get another card. Twin Twisters, Raigeki and Dark Hole are the most likely cards to trigger this. This can destroy after Dragonpit/pulse and MST too, though. Not worth the deck space.

Competitive rating: Starlight Road is probably better. Not even kidding.
Casual rating: Does your friend run annoying destruction spells?

Krystal Avatar

KrystalAvatar-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis is another super weird card that is clearly an anime plot device and not meant to be played competitively. Oh, weird, it’s in the movie pack. Unsurprising.

Competitive rating: Magic Cylinder is better.
Casual rating: It’s cool in a trap monster deck? I’m really trying here.

Counter Gate

CounterGate-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThe first time I read this card, I read it wrong and I thought I was Normal Summoning my opponent’s monster. It’s not. It just negates an attack and draws a card. It’s not the worst. If you draw a monster that requires tributes for a Normal Summon, you still need to Normal Summon. This is another card obviously for plot.

Competitive rating: Mirror Force usually offers better value.
Casual rating: It’s pretty sweet.

Dig of Destiny

DigofDestiny-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis isn’t good.


Metamorphortress-MVP1-EN-UR-1EI don’t really know what is going on with this card. It doesn’t have flavor, it doesn’t seem like it would advance the story, it’s not good. The best thing I can think to do with this is to raise the level of my Inzektor Hornet, then summon Metamorphortress, equip the Hornet, pop something and overlay with another Level 4 to make a better Xyz.

Competitive rating: No.
Casual rating: Please come up with a cool combo for me to look at.

Dimension Reflector

DimensionReflector-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis feels similar to Metamorphortress, but somehow worse. Cards that banish your own monsters are almost never good. It can be activated whenever, though.

Competitive rating: Magic Cylinder is better.
Casual rating: Try to use Leviair?

Dimension Sphinx

DimensionSphinx-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis will get in for maybe 1500 points of burn once. It doesn’t even stop the monster from being destroyed by battle, AND your opponent has to attack it. You’re not going to get anyone more than once with this.

Competitive rating: Magic Cylinder is better.
Casual rating: Why?

Dimension Guardian

DimensionGuardian-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis may actually turn out to be decent. It reminds me of Safe Zone. The difference is that Dimension Guardian protects it from battle and card effect destruction from both players. Safe Zone prevents it from being targeted or destroyed only by your opponent. Safe Zone also blows up the monster if it leaves. But you can get your opponent’s monsters with that part. Dimension Guardian is just different from Safe Zone. Neither will stop an Ignister, though.

Competitive rating: Probably better than Safe Zone for helmet/protect the castle decks.
Casual rating: Broken.

Dimension Mirage

DimensionMirage-MVP1-EN-UR-1EI cannot see a use for this unless you’re using some kind of All-Out Attacks deck or something.

Competitive rating: Mirror force is probably better most of the time.
Casual rating: I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but okay.



If I missed some of the cards that Kaiba used, oh well. If there are cards here that he didn’t use, oh well. Until Wednesday, click an ad and make sure to pick up those Alt Dragons because they’re probably the only good card in the whole set. We’ll see when we get to the Cubics, but I haven’t heard anyone be excited about them.

2 thoughts on “Set review: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Part I”

    1. Kozmos play Dark Destroyer because it’s easy to summon, has 3000 ATK, summons something else when it dies, can’t be targeted, is easy to summon and has no restrictions on how it’s summoned.

      I’m not sure what you’re trying to say with Dark Destroyer and Blue-Eyes Chaos Max. Chaos Max is significantly harder to summon than Dark Destroyer and doesn’t offer anything other than a big beater, which while very nice, either is impossible to summon or makes the rest of your deck worse.

      Are you saying that Dark Destroyer just destroys the Chaos Max, it won’t because Chaos Max can’t be targeted or destroyed by Dark Destroyer. If you’re saying Chaos Max walls Kozmo, it doesn’t, and makes the Blue-Eyes deck worse overall because it requires you to play bad cards along with Chaos Max (like a ritual spell that does nothing outside of summon chaos max)

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