Set review: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Part II

Welcome back to the Dark Side of Dimensions movie pack set review! On Monday, we looked at the Kaiba cards, or at least the cards I would guess Kaiba would play and a few miscellaneous other cards. Today, it’s Yugi’s turn. I don’t have much more to introduce, so let’s get into the first card.

Sentry Soldier of Stone

SentrySoldierofStone-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis is a pretty simple card. It’s an ignition effect that activates in your Graveyard. You can only use the effect once per turn, but it’s a free Level 3. When I saw Subterror Behemoth Stalagmo, I thought Sentry Soldier of Stone would fit perfectly in the deck. It would have been able to provide something to tribute if you need to tribute for the Behemoths. If Subterror got a Level 3, it could be used to make easy Rank 3s. But a Level 7 reptile and a Level 4 warrior pretty much squashed that plan. It’s still a good card for rock decks. So if rock decks become good, remember Sentry Soldier of Stone.

Competitive rating: Keep your eye on it.
Casual rating: Good in the block/rock stun deck with the rock-type Koa’Ki Meirus and Fossil Dyna.


Marshmacaron-MVP1-EN-UR-1EIt’s really a shame that this effect has two parts to it. The first part that lets you summon two more from your hand/Deck/Graveyard, and the second part that only lets you do that once per turn. If your opponent can only destroy two monsters each turn, it’s great at protecting your LP, but that’s not likely. Plus, if it leaves the field without being destroyed, it doesn’t trigger.

Competitive rating: Try a different food, Marshmallon.
Casual rating: Possibly really good?

Berry Magician Girl

BerryMagicianGirl-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis is the searcher for Magician Girls. Berry also has an effect similar to Maiden with Eyes of Blue but summons Magician Girls from your deck instead of a Blue-Eyes. It looks like it’ll be a staple if the deck pans out.

Competitive rating: The card is good. The rest of the Magician Girls are too underwhelming.
Casual rating: Play three in your Magician Girl deck.

Lemon Magician Girl

LemonMagicianGirl-MVP1-EN-UR-1EBerry, Apple and Kiwi girls are next to each other in the set, then Lemon and Chocolate are near the end of the set. Together they spell out B-L-A-C-K but they don’t spell it out in the set. I don’t know what Konami is doing. Regardless of where they are in the set, Lemon tributes any Magician Girl that isn’t Lemon Magician Girl to search a Magician Girl. Berry does this for free, but only when your Normal Summon her. Lemon can be used turn after turn if you have the tributes. The second effect is pretty wonky. If targeted for an attack, Lemon summons any spellcaster from your hand, negates its effects, changes the attack target to the spellcaster you summoned, then halves the attacking monster’s ATK. This effect doesn’t target the attacking monster, which is interesting. It works on the big Kozmo ships and Obelisk. Dark Magician Girl is a Magician Girl, and can eat pretty much any monster.

Competitive rating: Again, good card, but the deck doesn’t do enough to be competitive.
Casual rating: As long as you have one card in hand, your opponent can’t attack.

Apple Magician Girl

AppleMagicianGirl-MVP1-EN-UR-1EIf you haven’t noticed yet, when the Magician Girls spell out B-L-A-C-K, they also increase in level from 1 to 4. Apple Magician has a similar effect to Lemon when attacked, but summons a Level 5 or lower spellcaster. No restrictions to just Magician Girls. Some neat cards to summon with it: Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, Gravekeeper’s monsters, Kycoo, Defender, Lumina and Lyla, Majespecters, Exodia for funsies, Jowgen, the Magician’s Rod/Robe and Effect Veiler.

Competitive rating: Magician Girls aren’t good.
Casual rating: This allows you to play other spellcasters that aren’t Magician Girls.

Chocolate Magician Girl

ChocolateMagicianGirl-MVP1-EN-UR-1EChocolate is probably the best Magician Girl. Standing at 1600 ATK, she isn’t the worst, but can still be Normal Summoned. She cycles away spellcasters. That’s always nice, even if it is an ignition effect. Then, when she’s targeted for an attack, she can Special Summon any spellcaster in your Graveyard, except another copy. Dark Magician, Dark Magician of Chaos, Jowgen, Kycoo, High Priestess, even El Shaddoll Winda or Thousand-Eyes Restrict if they were summoned properly. Overall, probably the best, and it doesn’t care about other Magician Girls at all, which is the best thing about it.

Competitive rating: Waiting for Spellbook of Judgment to come back.
Casual rating: This allows you to splash other good spellcasters in your Magician Girl deck.

Kiwi Magician Girl

KiwiMagicianGirl-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThe last Magician Girl before regular Dark Magician Girl. Kiwi has a quick effect that activates in your hand. She discards herself to boost the ATK and DEF of all your Magician Girls by 300 for each different Magician Girl on your field and in your graveyard. That’s a total of 2400 if you have the new fruit Magician Girls, the Dragon Knight, OG Dark Magician Girl and Toon Dark Magician Girl. Being Level 5 kind of hurts her playability, but there are ways to Special Summon her from hand/grave and she can discard herself. Her other effect protects all your spellcasters from being destroyed by card effects and prevents targeting. If she was another Level 4, she’d be really good. But she’s not.

Competitive rating: Individually, the Magician Girls are good cards, but they just don’t come together.
Casual rating: You only don’t want Kiwi when you don’t have Magician Girls out.

Dark Magician Girl

DarkMagicianGirl-MVP1-EN-UR-1EIn Japanese her name is Black Magician Girl, which is why the fruits spell out B-L-A-C-K and not D-A-R-K. Plus we wouldn’t have levels 1-6, which is neat. Also, new art.

Silver Gadget and Gold Gadget

SilverGadget-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThese are basically the same card, but they have different names, which is important because they have the Dragon Ruler effect clause on them. I’ve heard people say they’re strictly better than Kagetokage and Tin Goldfish. They’re not strictly better, just usually. Tin Goldfish has more DEF, is WATER for Abyss Dweller and can be used multiple times per turn if you can Normal Summon multiple times per turn. It can also summon non-machines. Goblindbergh is an EARTH warrior, which can matter. And Kagetokage is a DARK reptile and summons itself when you Normal Summon. GoldGadget-MVP1-EN-UR-1EGold and Silver Gadget are almost always better than those three, and I would play the new gadgets over them in a Gadget deck. They are very good cards and I do not think they’re worse than Tin Goldfish, Kagetokage or Goblindbergh.

Competitive rating: Right now, any Ancient Gear/Gadget deck is pretty subpar. It could be good, though. I’d pick up a playset of both.
Casual rating: Broken in a Gadget deck.

Clear Kuriboh

ClearKuriboh-MVP1-EN-UR-1EBarbar is the only monster that’s played that burns, right? This is obviously for plot. I’m glad cards that aren’t strictly for competitive play exist, but as a competitive player I can’t do anything but see how lackluster they are in a tournament setting.

Competitive rating: No?
Casual rating: Make sure to stop the big Cubic guy for a flavor win?

Celtic Guard of Noble Arms

CelticGuardofNobleArms-MVP1-EN-UR-1ELevel 4 and lower monsters with more than 2000 ATK normally have some attacking restriction. Cannot attack while you have any cards in hand is a big drawback. It’s a Noble Arms card, which can be searched by Black Laundsallyn. The second effect summons any Celtic Guard monster from your hand. It doesn’t care about Level, ATK, type, attribute or anything. So if we get really good Celtic Guard monsters that can be Special Summoned, Celtic Guard of Noble Arms is our man. Then, if it attacks and deals battle damage, you draw some cards. Neat, but unlikely to happen. The payoff for having no cards is not making a large field with multiple Infernity Break and Barrier set.

Competitive rating: Waiting for broken Celtic Guard cards for this to be good.
Casual rating: With only three Celtic Guard monsters, you’ll have to put them in a generic warrior deck or a Yugi deck. Rescue Rabbit into Celtic Guardian is a thing, too.

Gandora-X the Dragon of Demolition

GandoraXtheDragonofDemolition-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThere aren’t many good ways to Special Summon a dragon from your hand. Red-Eyes Darkness Metal is the best way. But if you do, you can destroy all other monsters and burn for some amount. Then it gains that much ATK. Then, during your End Phase, it halves your LP. This card is straight garbage and only for the movie. I’m not surprised at all that the movie pack has a ton of garbage cards.

Competitive rating: Not gonna happen.
Casual rating: Dragon’s Rebirth works, too.

Lord Gaia the Fierce Knight

LordGaiatheFierceKnight-MVP1-EN-UR-1EI’ll always at least consider something with a Cyber Dragon-esque effect. It just depends on the rest of the card. And the rest of the card is a 2300 ATK monster that sometimes goes up to 3000. Unless Gaia the Fierce Knights get something beyond just summoning Black Luster Soldier monsters, maybe this will be playable.

Competitive rating: It’s the movie pack. What did you expect?
Casual rating: One of the better Gaias if you’re not tributing them off for stuff.

Palladium Oracle Mahad

PalladiumOracleMahad-MVP1-EN-UR-1EIf you draw this in your opening five, it won’t activate. At least you don’t have to have no other cards in your hand. Honest-ing itself and floating into Dark Magician are decent. The problem is that most of the new Dark Magician stuff care about DARK spellcasters, not LIGHT. Sucks to be Mahad.

Competitive rating: DarkMagician.dek won’t be new Spellbooks
Casual rating: It could be worse for a Dark Magician deck.

Dark Magician

DarkMagician-MVP1-EN-UR-1ENew art here. Nothing else new about this card. The new art is pretty sweet. The original LOB art is still my favorite, but this is a close second.

Dark Magic Veil

DarkMagicVeil-MVP1-EN-UR-1EAnother movie card. Maybe it’ll turn out to be good in the Dark Magician deck, but that deck isn’t very good. It gets back Dark Magician of Chaos if you want to just get Dark Magic Veil back. Too bad you have to wait until the End Phase.

Competitive rating: We’ll see.
Casual rating: Play three.

Magical Contract Door

MagicalContractDoor-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis searches Dark Armed Dragon. This searches Chaos Emperor Dragon. This searches Erebus and Mega Caius. This searches the Darklords. This searches Kozmo Dark Destroyer. This searches Malefics. It would search Number 11: Big Eye, but that’s an Xyz. It searches Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. ANY Level 7 or 8 DARK monster offers a lot of choices, but you’re giving a Spell Card to your opponent. That spell could be anywhere from absolutely useless to game-winning. You won’t want to give them most spells, but this is definitely a card to watch.

Competitive rating: Keep your eye on it. It might be broken one day.
Casual rating: Are you really playing spells that aren’t okay to give away?

Dark Horizon

DarkHorizon-MVP1-EN-UR-1EAnother movie card. -heavy sigh- I don’t know why you’re playing this. You need to take 2500+ from a single source.

Competitive rating: Nope.
Casual rating: Why not?

Magicians’ Defense

MagiciansDefense-MVP1-EN-UR-1EIt only halves damage, but you NEED to control a spellcaster. Then it maybe summons another spellcaster. Another stinker that’s not meant for competitive play.

Competitive rating: 0/10
Casual rating: Probably really good.

Final Geas

FinalGeas-MVP1-EN-UR-1EI’m tired of looking at cards that are for the movie and aren’t good.

Casual rating: It’s still bad.

Metalhold the Moving Blockade

MetalholdtheMovingBlockade-MVP1-EN-UR-1EPretty cool with the ABC monsters. Otherwise, not playable.

Competitive rating: I just said it was unplayable.
Casual rating: Make sure to run Lionhearted Locomotive.

Spiritual Swords of Revealing Light

SpiritualSwordsofRevealingLight-MVP1-EN-UR-1EThis actually isn’t the worst. It’s about on the same level as Scrap-Iron Scarecrow but costs LP. If you have some way to actually gain life, this is not bad. I’d still prefer the original Swords of Revealing Light.

Competitive play: Traps that cost LP to do the same thing as a spell are usually worse.
Casual play: This is fine.

Slifer the Sky Dragon

SlifertheSkyDragon-MVP1-EN-UR-1ENot a new card, but we got a new art, and it looks pretty sweet.

If you’re a competitive player, the only cards from this set that are worth picking up anytime soon would be Gold and Silver Gadget. Slifer is cool for collectors. On Friday, I’ll finish the set with all of the Cubic cards. Until then, click an ad and share this with your friends.

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1 thought on “Set review: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Part II”

  1. Regarding the Gaia monster, Cyber Dragon with 200 more attack and level 7 seems good, given that rank 7 has good xyzs monsters.

    Level 5 machines are a better line of xyz bait then level 7s most of the time due to cyber dragon infinity existing, but number 11 is still good.

    Also, dark horizon summons all dark spellcaster cards. It can summon Mutant Mindmaster as an okay wall, as long as you take 1 or more damage.

    I would agree that it is terrible if it could only summon “Dark Magician” monsters but that’s not it’s effect.

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