Set review: Legendary Decks II

ldk2-deckenMany Yugioh players ask the question “Is the Legendary Decks II set worth it?” It depends on who you are. If you’re a casual player or a collector, yes. It’s always worth your money if you’re not playing competitively or just want to collect all of the cards. Let’s get into what’s in the box.

The box is really nice. I don’t know that it’s the best for storing mass amounts of cards. For that, I like the BCW boxes that hold hundreds of cards, available in a bunch of other sizes. Maybe keep a box if you want them. Other people are probably throwing them away, so ask people at your locals if you’re not buying any. The plastic insert and shrink wrap aren’t worth anything, can’t be reused, so put them where they belong. In the trash. I’m not going to go over the cards that won’t see competitive play.

The Legendary Exodia Incarnate

the-legendary-exodia-incarnateMore Exodia cards are cool. Not good, but cool.

Ties of the Brethren

tiesofthebrethren-ldk2-en-ur-1eAnything that lets you summon monsters from your deck needs to be watched. Anything that lets you summon more than one monster at a time needs to be watched. Ties of the Brethren summons multiple monsters from your deck. There isn’t currently a strategy it fits cleanly into because it locks you out of Special Summoning for the rest of the turn. This does immediately summon Cir and Graff if you’re okay with ending your turn. Maybe Fire Lake and Traveler will make a return? By the way, Majespecters are mostly Level 4 WIND Spellcasters. All are the same level, type and attribute with different names. You have Fox, Toad and Crow. You have to play poopy crow but it’s still more advantage.

Competitive rating: Just wait. It’ll be good one day.
Casual rating: If you have a deck with monsters with different names, cool. If not, why not pick up a playset?


obliterate-ldk2-en-ur-1eI really hate the anime. Especially the first series. So many terrible phrases and jokes that are repeated far too many times. “EXODIA, OBLITERATE!!!” is one of them. Part of me is glad this exists so then people can shout “OBLITERATE!!!” but the other part of me is angry this exists because people will shout “OBLITERATE!!!”

Dark Burning Attack

darkburningattack-ldk2-en-scr-ledarkburningattack-ldk2-en-scr-leWorse Raigeki. Sweet art, though. I’m glad we have this to go with Dark Magic Attack.

Dark Burning Magic

darkburningmagic-ldk2-en-scr-leThis card is sweet. Unfortunately, this isn’t competitive.

Eternal Soul

eternalsoul-ldk2-en-scr-leIf Dark Magicians are going to be a deck, it’s on the back of Eternal Soul. Eternal Soul gives Dark Magician the resiliency it needs to fight against anything. Dark Magician is still weak. At only 2500 ATK, it dies to Dante, Blue-Eyes, all the Metalfoes Fusions and pretty much every other Synchro that is played. The deck is neat and can do cool things, but isn’t quite top tier. I’d play it at a locals.

Competitive rating: Only for locals.
Casual rating: Make sure you have three.

There are some rarity shifted reprints and, oh my, are there a lot of decent to good reprints. The only other new cards are the new tokens. These are the tokens. I’m not sorry they’re in Japanese because the card text doesn’t matter and they’re not real cards. They are real cards but they’re not actual cards that go in your deck. You use them as tokens or show them off to your friends.


Notable competitively viable reprints:

Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
Dragon Spirit of White
Foolish Burial
Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon
Red-Eyes Fusion
Secret Village of the Spellcasters
The Black Stone of Legend
The Melody of Awakening Dragon
The White Stone of Ancients
The White Stone of Legend
Torrential Tribute

Notable decent reprints:

Buster Blader
Dark Factory of Mass Production
Dark Magician
Enemy Controller
Exodia Pieces
Gold Sarcophagus
King of the Swamp
Messenger of Peace
Mirror Force
Monster Reincarnation
Obelisk the Tormentor
Pot of Duality

The set includes no less than three different arts of Blue-Eyes and has even more fine collector’s reprints. A lot of the cards are common, which means no foiling process at all, which also means your cards won’t curl with time. Most people would rather play with the shiny versions of the cards, but keeping and storing commons prevents the curl because that doesn’t happen to commons.

If you’re a collector and want a playset of everything, buy three of the set. If you want to build Dark Magicians, I’d pass and buy the Eternal Soul singles. Same goes for Ties of the Brethren. If you’re a casual player, you’ll probably get a lot out of this.

Final verdict: Pass if you only want one or two cards. Pick up one if you’re a casual. Get three if you’re a collector.

Until Friday, click an ad and let me know what you think about nostalgia milking sets that aren’t full of good cards, nor introduce new players into the game competitively. As decks, they’re pretty fun to play against each other.

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