Set review: Invasion: Vengeance part 2

inov-boosterenWelcome back to part two of the INOV set review. Part one covered all of the secret, ultra and super rares, while part two is the rares and commons. Anything without a competitive rating, I don’t expect to be competitive. If I miss or overlook anything, let me know, I can’t know everything. Cards that weren’t in Japan’s INOV will be marked with WP for World Premier, meaning they’re TCG Exclusives or OCG imports. Let’s go.

Space Dragster (WP)

spacedragsterThis is pretty cool. I love trap monsters even though they’re typically bad and this isn’t an exception. Any deck that wants Tuners is trying to combo off and make big plays, not grind out with Tuners that can’t be destroyed. I thought about this in ABC, Metalfoes and pretty much everything and it’s going to be relegated to bulk rares.

Casual rating: Glow-Up Bulb was forbidden for being a free Level 1 Tuner.

Dragon Core Hexer

dragoncorehexer-inov-en-r-1eWhen I was looking over the set for the final release I was super excited to see a Normal Tuner, this meant another Level 4 Normal Tuner! It didn’t. It was a card spoiler months ago from Japan. It’s Level 8 and a Dragon-Type. The only real uses I can think of are Allure of Darkness, Trade-In and Hieratics but unless you need a DARK, Blue-Eyes White Dragon is better for Hieratics simply because it has 3000 ATK. Neat, like Metaphys Armed Dragon but not going to make any waves any time soon.

Casual rating: I can’t even think of a casual use for this.

Performapal Whim Which

performapalwhimwitch-inov-en-r-1eUhm, Performapals really don’t care about Tribute Summoning or Level 3s. This does both of those things and is Scale 4, which is largely the worst scale in the game.

Casual rating: I wouldn’t.

Performapal Flip Hippo

performapalfliphippo-inov-en-c-1eHip Hippo has a chocolate cousin but it’s garbage instead of being useful with Super Hippo Carnival. It’s like Satellarknight Vega but worse and can change all your monsters to Defense Position. You’re better off using any of the Level 4 Performapals.

Performapal Seal Eel

performapalsealeel-inov-en-c-1eNegating any monster on the field for a turn is pretty good. Seal Eel doesn’t even need other things going on, like additional Performapals. It’s neat but sucks on pretty much every other axis of being a Pendulum. Level 1 makes it impossible to Pendulum Summon and hard to use for summons.

Casual rating: You can run one to search with Sorcerer or Joker as an out to something like Jowgen.

Performapal Changeraffe

performapalchangeraffe-inov-en-c-1eThis is pretty bad and Performapals are stocked on high scales. Dragonpit, Metalfoes, Lizardraw, Guitartle, Archfiend Eccentrick, Luster. No need for more high scales.

Casual rating: I still wouldn’t.

Predaplant Flytrap

predaplantflytrap-inov-en-r-1eA lot of people are super hype about Predaplants, I’m not. The people hyping the archetype up must be casuals because I haven’t heard a thing about them. Flytrap is just an on-theme worse Ally of Justice Catastor.

Casual rating: I see OCG lists with two?

Preaplant Moray Nepenthes

predaplantmoraynepenthes-inov-en-c-1eI suppose it’ll get big and gain LP? This card is pretty bad, like most of the Predaplants.

Casual rating: I guess you have to play this until more Predaplants come to TCG.

Predaplant Squid Drosera

predaplantsquiddrosera-inov-en-c-1eSquiddy makes something into a fake Asura Priest and sometimes puts Predator Counters on things. I guess it’s neat.

Casual rating: OCG lists still have two.

Superheavy Samurai Soulpeacemaker

superheavysamuraisoulpeacemaker-inov-en-r-1eIs this four extra arms for your Samurai? Why must it only give the equip effect when it was equipped by its own effect? I suppose it turns anything into whatever Samurai you need from your deck, which actually is pretty good.

Casual rating: If I were to use Superheavy Samurai, I’d use three Soulpeacemaker.

Cipher Twin Raptor

ciphertwinraptor-inov-en-c-1eCiphers as their own deck don’t really exist but if you want to build a casual Cipher deck, Twin Raptor is the card to do it with. You trade any card in hand for any Cipher from your deck, then make Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon. If only there were some way to make this Level 8.

Casual rating: Make sure you’re running the full set.

Cipher Mirror Knight

ciphermirrorknight-inov-en-c-1eThis just revives any Cipher that dies in battle. These effects always suck. It also has a slow search but only for bad cards.

Casual rating: Don’t bother.

Flower Cardian Clover with Boar

flowercardiancloverwithboar-inov-en-c-1eflowercardiancloverwithboar-inov-en-c-1eCardians suck. All of them. I’m not kidding. Konami is pushing so many archetypes that are nowhere near powerful enough to consider rogue that it makes my brain hurt.

Casual rating: Play Cardians if you like them.

Flower Cardian Maple with Deer

flowercardianmaplewithdeer-inov-en-c-1eHey, that’s Valerifawn.

Casual rating: This one is neat looking.

Flower Cardian Peony with Butterfly

flowercardianpeonywithbutterfly-inov-en-c-1eIs that Blazewing Butterfly? That’s cool.

Casual rating: I like Blazewing Butterfly better than Valerifawn.

Crystron Prasiortle

crystronprasiortle-inov-en-c-1eLook, I’m tired of reading and re-reading cards that will never make the competitive circuit. Crystron is just one archetype that will never see the light of day. If you want to build a casual Crystron deck, go for it. I encourage you to do as you like but I just can’t look at more bad cards.

Casual rating: Crystrons make some cool Synchros?

Crystron Smiger

crystronsmiger-inov-en-c-1eIs this a Zoid?

Casual rating: Ugh, I hate bad cards.

Crystron Thystvern

crystronthystvern-inov-en-c-1ePerhaps for my next set review I’m going to skip all the bad cards unless I think they’re worth noting.

Casual rating: This was a waste of my time.

Crystron Rosenix

crystronrosenix-inov-en-c-1eSo it’s a phoenix made out of roses? Or is it a rose that turned into a phoenix? Nobody knows.

Casual rating: I’m not even making money by writing about bad cards.

Raremetalfoes Bismugear

raremetalfoesbismugear-inov-en-c-1eThis is actually a good card and I expected it to be ultra rare. It’s not. The best lines of play are to summon Bismugear off of Counter, then destroy it with another Metalfoes or use it for a Fusion Summon. Bismugear puts you even heavier on high scales in a deck that was already high on high scales. In general, you want to search low scales more often just because the deck has more high scales. Keep track, though, if you have three high scales left in your deck, but six low scales, get a high scale because it’s more likely that you’re going to draw the low scale.

Competitive rating: Two-of staple in Metalfoes.
Casual rating: Still don’t run three because you can’t Pendulum Summon it

Chemicritter Hydron Hawk

chemicritterhydronhawk-inov-en-c-1eOh god, another awful archetype. Here we go. They’re all Geminis, which suck and Hawk summons any Gemini from your grave by discarding a card, pretty good.

Casual rating: Big part of your plays, play two to three.

Chemicritter Carbo Crab

chemicrittercarbocrab-inov-en-c-1eDon’t ya love Konami’s localization team? I actually like these names. Carbo Crab is just your searcher for Chemicritters.

Casual rating: Gotta play all three.

Chemicritter Oxy Ox

chemicritteroxyox-inov-en-c-1eOxy Ox is what actually makes your little Chemicritters Level 8. Other than that, it’s pretty buns. Konami, why are they all Geminis? Why couldn’t they be less bad?

Casual rating: Obviously play three.

Poly-Chemicritter Dioxogre

polychemicritterdioxogre-inov-en-r-1eSo it protects your other Geminis a little bit and has a Master Hyperion type effect? That’s pretty cool. Oxy Oc can summon this from your hand, then just make a Rank 8, which is pretty cool.

Casual rating: Play three with Trade-In and Darkstorm Dragon.

Poly-Chemicritter Hydragon

polychemicritterhydragon-inov-en-c-1eGet it? Hydrogen? Hydra-dragon? Hydragon? No? I bet you probably like Yuki Yusagi as a name better, too. This is pretty bad and is just used for Rank 8s.

Casual rating: Probably play two for Trade-In.

Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact

meteordragonredeyesimpact-inov-en-r-1eThis is just for the new Red-Eyes Fusion I already covered. It’s cool. I missed that the new fusion allows you to play the Gemini Red-Eyes retrain and this and skip all actual Normal Monsters but still keep Return of Red-Eyes, which is not awful. I wish it was Level 7, though.

Casual rating: If you’re planning to drop some meteors, you need all three.

PSY-Frame Multi-Threader

psyframemultithreader-inov-en-c-1eYou can’t completely forego Driver because you’ll still need to summon it from the deck. Multi-Threader becomes Driver in your hand/grave, allowing you to summon it with the Tuners from those places. Multi-Threader just protects your PSY-Frames from an untimely destruction. It also summons itself, which Driver never did.

Competitive rating: I wouldn’t play PSY-Frames but if I were to, I’d include some amount of this.
Casual rating: Why not go for the full set? You want to draw or dump it somehow.

Graydle Slime Jr.

graydleslimejr-inov-en-c-1eWhy does this exist? Graydles were cool with Kaijus for like one weekend. Then they disappeared and they should have stayed that way. Slime Jr. isn’t going to put them back on the map.

Casual rating: Why do Graydles still exist?

Armoaseraphy Angelica

aromaseraphyangelica-inov-en-c-1eSo gain up to 2400 for the cost of a card. Then it can come back for free if you have higher LP than your opponent. This card could actually be good if the rest of Aromas were good. It’s a shame because I actually liked Aromas. Plants are cool. They’re all different attributes, which I like. They fight on a LP gain axis, which is not something usually fought over as a resource. Yes, cards like Soul Charge and Solemn Trap Cards use your LP as part of a cost but they don’t make it worth fighting over.

Competitive rating: Probably pretty bad. I like Aromas.
Casual rating: Really good for the deck and pretty much what they needed. A Synchro, too…

Doki Doki

dokidoki-inov-en-c-1ePANIC! This card probably enables dumb things but nothing I’m willing to try competitively.

Casual rating: Please break this card and show me what you’ve done.

Pandora’s Jewlery Box

pandorasjewelrybox-inov-en-sp-1eI mean, I guess this exists. You have to have no cards in your Extra Deck for it to work but this is a Pendulum. If it’s on the field, you’re going to have to Pendulum Summon it or get it back somehow. I suppose you can give a poopy Scale 4 to your opponent but that’s not great. I’d rather use something like Anti-Spell or Twin Twisters.

Competitive rating: Clearly no, otherwise this would be a secret rare.
Casual rating: It kind of wrecks Pendulums (not really)

Fairy Tail – Sleeper

fairytailsleeper-inov-en-sp-1eI really don’t know how to abuse this card but it can summon anything from your hand that can be Special Summoned. No Rituals or monsters that must first be Special Summoned, like Chaos Sorcerer but World of Prophecy comes to mind.

Competitive rating: I don’t know what will break it but something will.
Casual rating: Pretty good way to get out your big monsters like Subterrors.

Superheavy Samurai Ninja Sarutobi

superheavysamuraininjasarutobi-inov-en-r-1eLevel 8 is pretty easy to make in Superheavy Samurai. This Ninja just destroys a S/T every turn, during both player’s turns. Pretty good. Not enough to make Superheavy Samurai good but it does give the deck a little boost.

Casual rating: Don’t skip this, it’s only a rare.

Flower Cardian Boardefly

flowercardianboardefly-inov-en-r-1eMore Cardians? I guess it’s good that this is a rare if you want to play Cardians. Boardefly has a pretty good Abyss Dweller type effect, except it’s an ignition effect and requires you to banish a Flower Cardian from your grave.

Casual rating: I guess it’s okay?

Aromaseraphy Rosemary
Found my new bae
Found my new bae

Remember when I said that Aroma’s need a Synchro to go with their Tuner? They got it. Rosemary boosts your team by 500 ATK and DEF as long as your LP is higher than your opponent’s, which is great but that’s the main Aroma problem, there’s no way to consistently stay ahead because your opponent can just start attacking. At least she’s 2500, which is pretty decent. She’s 3000 under the Field Spell if you’re not losing. I don’t think you’ll ever need more than one or two in a game, especially because the second is a little redundant. Two 3500 Rosemarys would be good but Magical Android is a good card for Aromas that Angelica gives us access to.

Casual rating: Play two or three, she’s really good.

Amazing Pendulum

amazingpendulum-inov-en-c-1eIt’s pretty amazing. I don’t know how many to include because if you have any scales, this is useless. But if you have none, get basically any scales you want. Pendulum Call requires you to discard a card, Amazing Pendulum just asks for clear scales. Super fair and really good. This is the type of card fair Pendulum decks need, something that recurs the loss of needing to activate scales.

Competitive rating: Two? I have no idea how many to put in Odd-Eyes Magicians.
Casual rating: Definitely play two because you’re going to be out of scales eventually.

Flower Stacking

flowerstacking-inov-en-c-1eStacking your deck is cheating, unless you’re using bad cards to put bad cards on top. That’s fine. I suppose this is fine for Cardians, but Cardians are bad. Do they even do anything?

Casual rating: Super Koi Koi/10

Super Koi Koi

superkoikoi-inov-en-r-1eThis is pretty good with Flower Stacking, obviously meant to be used together. It also lets you Special Summon any Cardian from your hand by Tributing a monster later.

Casual rating: Play three and hope to draw it with Flower Stacking.

Crystolic Potential

crystolicpotential-inov-en-c-1eThis is cool if you’re playing Crystron Synchro combo but that simply isn’t a good deck because it’s too fragile.

Casual rating: Doesn’t add anything to combos.

Red-Eyes Insight

redeyesinsight-inov-en-r-1eI’m glad Red-Eyes have something to search Red-Eyes Fusion, which is great. It also dumps a Red-Eyes, which removes a card you don’t want to draw from your deck. Pretty good.

Competitive rating: The rest of the Red-Eyes support isn’t good, sorry.
Casual rating: Play three to search Red-Eyes Fusion and summon the new Meteor Fusion.

Igknights Unite

igknightsunite-inov-en-c-1eKonami, what are you doing? You replaced Igknights with Igknights on ATVs and renamed them Metalfoes. This is definitely a Johnny card and most Yugioh players are Johnnies, not competitive players, so Konami is doing something right. If you’re playing Igknights, this could make OTKs happen and is another Spell Card for Royal Magical Library if that’s a thing you’re doing.

Combo rating: 10/10
Casual rating: Play two to three.

“A” Cell Recombination Device

acellrecombinationdevice-inov-en-c-1eWhen was the last Alien support? This puts counters on things, dumps an Alien to summon back with Ammonite and even searches it. It’s just a shame it’s except the turn it was sent to the Graveyard.

Casual rating: You basically need three of this if you want any hope of Aliens being not trash.

Sprite’s Blessing

spritesblessing-inov-en-c-1eYou either need to use this or Advanced Ritual Art for Sauravis but you can also use this for Saffira and Herald, which is some really neat redundancy. Plus you can use it in any Ritual Sanctuary deck, so it’s pretty good. I don’t know if it’s strong enough to be competitive but it is rather generic.

Competitive rating: Just wait for the all LIGHT Ritual deck.
Casual rating: Well, are you using LIGHT Ritual Monsters?


quarantine-inov-en-sp-1eIt thought this was another Alien support card. Nope. It’s some trash that lets you look at one set card each turn. It’s pretty buns and I don’t know why you would ever use this.

Casual rating: Supply Squad is infinitely better than this.

Double Cipher

doublecipher-inov-en-c-1eUhm, most Galaxy-Eyes Xyz have 3000-4000 ATK. I don’t see this being useful. Are you using Shrink on your own Galaxy-Eyes/Cipher Xyz?

Casual rating: No thank you

Cipher Bit

cipherbit-inov-en-c-1eI suppose this would be cool for extra Xyz Materials on your Galaxy-Eyes/Cipher Xyz Monsters but that is just not a good effect. Sure, saving it for a turn is cool but you have better cards, like Phantom Knight’s Wing and Forbidden Lance.

Casual rating: Why are you using this? Use Overlay Regen or Forbidden Lance.

Fraud Freeze

fraudfreeze-inov-en-c-1eUhm, this just reverses a Pendulum Summon, which is cool except you NEED a Flower Cardian otherwise it will send itself to the Graveyard. This effect doesn’t start a chain and will immediately send itself as soon as it’s flipped face-up and won’t resolve without a Flower Cardian.

Casual rating: Are Cardians so bad that they need a Pendulum hoser?

Crystron Entry

crystronentry-inov-en-c-1eThis does, things. Crystrons when working combo off with Scrap Recycler and don’t use Trap Cards. Would not play, even casually.

Casual rating: I mean, I can’t stop you from playing bad cards if you enjoy them.

Crystron Impact

crystronimpact-inov-en-c-1eThis would be cool for a really janky Crystron deck but like most things, I’m not interested. This will make no competitive splash.

Casual rating: I wouldn’t even play two copies.


burnout-inov-en-r-1eChemicritters are pretty bad and this isn’t an exception. Sometimes we get really good rares, like Xyz Universe. This is not one of those rares.

Casual rating: This is actually decent for making Rank 8s.

PSY-Frame Accelerator

psyframeaccelerator-inov-en-c-1eI suppose this lets you summon those Drivers in your hand? I still wouldn’t play it.

Casual rating: It’s okay.

Graydle Combat

graydlecombat-inov-en-c-1eNobody asked for Graydle stuff and after one week people were sick of Graydle Kaijus. They’re bad, please go away. At least Aliens are cool.

Casual rating: I guess you can if you want to.

Qlife’s End

qlifesend-inov-en-r-1eWhy couldn’t this also be used as two Tributes for any Qli? What’s pretty neat is that you can chain this to any S/T destruction, Qlife’s End gets summoned, then applies its effect to protect your Qlis and protects Scout from being bopped when you pay 800. It’s just too bad that Towers is Forbidden and that this can’t by itself be used as two Tributes.

Competitive rating: Not without Towers.
Casual rating: Skybase is really cool.

Nine Pillars of the Yang Zing

ninepillarsofyangzing-inov-en-r-1eIf you’re playing a fair Yang Zing deck with Zefras, you can have six of this effect with three of this and three Divine Strike, not to mention three Solemn Strike and Solemn Warning. That’s your Trap lineup, done. I haven’t really heard anything of Metalfoes Yang Zing since Metalfoes first dropped, then Yang Zing disappeared. Now we have Denglong and enough Counter Traps to make Ariadne Jealous. Someone get back to me on how that is.

Competitive rating: Themed Infernity Barriers are never too bad. It’s just the archetype it depends on, and Jiaotu is broken.
Casual rating: Play some amount in your Yang Zing deck depending on Zefras and Metalfoes.

Summon Gate

summongate-inov-en-c-1eWell, OCG isn’t ever getting Shock Master, Norden, Goyo or Plushfire back anytime soon. At least we have Goyo Guardian back. This might actually become really good one day and can fight Zodiacs when they come out if you’re playing a deck that doesn’t summon more than three monsters from your Extra Deck each turn. This is the type of card that will either be good in three weeks, three months, or three years. It’ll be good one day and hopefully you have yours from 2016 in 2019, unlike Emptiness.

Competitive rating: One day, this will be good. It’s a common, get your playset now.

Present Card

presentcard-inov-en-c-1eThis seems like a worse Heavy Slump but without an activation restriction. I guess you can use it to brick their hands? I don’t think using this is actually any good, even if they play Maxx “C”, Heavy Slump is better.

Competitive rating: Heavy Slump is, in general, better.
Casual rating: I don’t see this being good, ever.

Subterror Behemoth Burrowing (WP)

subterrorbehemothburrowing-inov-en-r-1eI hate when cool archetypes get bad cards. I guess you kind of need to play three because Stygokraken will destroy your own set cards if your opponent doesn’t have enough. At least it searches.

Competitive rating: I honestly can’t tell because Subterrors have a pretty slow and bad engine.
Casual rating: Play three because your opponent will almost always End Phase MST you.

Caninetaur (WP)

caninetaur-inov-en-c-1eI hate when OCG gets cards like this years ago, then TCG never gets them, and by the time we do, the game has gone past where they could be good, like the trains.

Casual rating: It’s really bad. Fire Fist or Zodiac Beasts are just better Beast-Warrior Archetypes.

Dino-Sewing (WP)

dinosewing-inov-en-c-1eI really hate super Johnny cards because they’re intentionally made either lazily or bad on purpose to intrigue players and somebody falls for it every time.

Casual rating: There are so many bad archetypes you could play instead of playing this. Pick any archetype you like, and just play that.

Mare Mare

maremare-inov-en-c-1eYES! YES! Parent Seahorse? C’mon fanslations, it’s like you’re not even trying to be Toadally Awesome. Mare Mare is broken and makes so many broken things happen. It’s WATER, summons WATER monsters, makes Dewloren, which is broken, can be summoned off of Yazi, which is Generic. Baxia can destroy your own Yazi to summon anything from your Graveyard and Yazi can summon Mare Mare. Mare Mare is not a value Synchro play, it’s for combos and is actually good.

Competitive rating: Just wait for someone else to find a broken combo, or look to the OCG.
Casual rating: You can jam this in Yang Zing as is or put it in a Synchro combo deck. They’re common, pick them up.

Paleozoic Eldonia (WP)

paleozoiceldonia-inov-en-c-1eThis is not great. Would not include.

Casual rating: It’s the worst one.

Paleozoic Dinomischus (WP)

paleozoicdinomischus-inov-en-c-1eKarma Cut is a good card, this is a good card. This isn’t Karma Cut because it can hit any face-up card and doesn’t banish from grave but it’s still very good. It’s an answer to anything that can be targeted.

Competitive rating: One of the better Paleozoics. It also makes Toadally Awesome.
Casual rating: Perhaps the best, play three. It’s even splashable.

Paleozoic Marrella (WP)

paleozoicmarrella-inov-en-c-1eRead the card again. It doesn’t say send 1 Paleozoic Trap Card, it says 1 Trap Card. Any Trap Card. Most of the time that will be a Paleozoic but you can dump things like Blaze Accelerator Reload and Breakthrough Skill.

Competitive rating: Pretty niche but still good. All the ‘zoics make Toadally Awesome.
Casual rating: Probably just play two to kick start your froggo engine.

Paleozoic Leanchoilia

paleozoicleanchoilia-inov-en-c-1eI suppose this gives you some longevity with your Paleozoics by putting them back in the Graveyard. Most of the time I ‘got my opponent’ by putting back a Kozmo that they wanted to get back with Kozmotown. Now Kozmos have all but disappeared and this is less useful. Still not awful.

Competitive rating: They’re all at least decent.
Casual rating: This may be one of the worse ones but it isn’t awful. Good job, Konami.

That’s the set. Most of the commons and rares are filler, as expected. Without any kind of sealed/limited format, they’re just bulk cards that aren’t worth anything and for the most part are pretty bad. What’s your favorite common or rare from INOV? I really like Aromaseraphy Rosemary and Nine Pillars of Yang Zing. Yang Zing Metalfoes are a decent deck for locals if you want to try them out.

Until Monday, click an ad, buy Summon Gate while it’s new and let me know what your favorite cards from the set are on…


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3 thoughts on “Set review: Invasion: Vengeance part 2”

  1. As a HERO player, I also noticed you can Hero Mask your Mare Mare and just keep doing the effect all turn if you can somehow get a big bunch of Tuners out, maybe like Assault Blackwings? Not a competitive use at all really, but you can do some sick jank stuff with that combo casually. Glad to know I made the right choice in not trading my Summon Gate when I pulled it, especially as a casual Absolute Zero based HERO deck like mine isn’t going to be summoning more than three from the extra deck a turn. Still really mad at the Alien card. Seriously, Konami, get on the Charmer cards already! If you’ve started going back to ALIENS of all archetypes you clearly need help with this. Granted Charmers will never be good no matter what they do, but I’d buy those cards just like I’m gonna probably blow cash on Destiny Soldiers next Friday.

    1. I forgot to mention that Dragon Core Hexer’s only Casual use as far as I can see is Phantasmal Lord Ultimitl Bishbaalkin…so yeah, not even usable for Casual play. I was looking at the last time Aliens got support as well, and it was surprisingly recent comparatively. Wonder if someone at Konami has a bet going where every time he wins some such bet requirement or other the other guys have to come up with new cards for the archetype of his choice and he likes Aliens or something. My favorite is Igknights Unite because I think Bad Aim’s art is hilarious and this just makes it better.

    2. Even if you Hero Mask Mare Mare, you can’t keep activating it more than thrice. The game still knows it’s the effect of Mare Mare.

      Summon Gate is a common and easy to get. I expect lots to be floating around, so get your playset then don’t worry about the value of the rest. They’re worth next to nothing.

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