Set Review: Dragons of Legend Unleashed

When I started writing this, I still didn’t have internet in my home so I had to load the database when I could, then write this set review from that. There are 40 new cards and 33 reprints, including Night Express Knight. I know about trains, please don’t tell me again. Dragons of Legend 3 packs each have five cards in them, four ultra rares and one secret rare. I don’t have anything else to say other than if you think something different than I do, let me know in the comments. Let’s get into it.

DRL3-EN001 Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon

OddEyesMirageDragon-DRL3-EN-ScR-1EI like Mirage Dragon a lot. Generic Scale 8 is always welcome. I’d like to see higher and higher scales be pushed but the Odd-Eyes/Magician deck plays Level 7s at the high end. Mirage’s pendulum effect works on itself and will probably put either the Xyz or regular Pendulum Dragon in your Pendulum Zone. The monster effect is just like Stardust Spark but can’t protect Vanity’s Emptiness. Mirage Dragon might see play in an Odd-Eyes deck. Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn outclasses it in the meta because that’s a Performapal and gives regular Odd-Eyes a bunch of ATK.

Competitive rating: Probably not.
Casual rating: Play some number in an Odd-Eyes/Magician deck.

DRL3-EN002 Performapal Uni

PerformapalUni-DRL3-EN-UR-1EThis is a bad card. It isn’t a Pendulum Monster. It can’t even Special Summon a Level 4. It has less than 1000 ATK. AND, it’s a bad Necro Gardna.

Competitive rating: Supplemental sets have lots of bad cards.
Casual rating: It’s neat and can summon Corn.

DRL3-EN003 Performapal Corn

PerformapalCorn-DRL3-EN-UR-1EOh look, does this work with Uni? Yes, it does. You summon Uni, summon Corn, turn both to Defense Position and search any Odd-Eyes monster. Neat, but neither is a tuner and you can’t overlay them. I can’t think of a real reason to put this in my deck.

Competitive rating: This card isn’t for Spike.
Casual rating: Searches any Odd-Eyes!

DRL3-EN004 Raidraptor – Napalm Dragonius

A Level 4 Raidraptor should be looked at. Raidraptors are just missing like one thing to be good. Oh, this is a battle recruiter and can burn for a measly 600. Satellarknight Alsahm burns for 1000 and has more ATK and has no restrictions other than once per turn. Napalm Dragonius really should have summoned itself from the Graveyard somehow and dealt 200 to 300 per Raidraptor you control on summon.

Competitive rating: No one plays a main deck card that only burns for 600.
Casual rating: It’s cool, but I’d rather go all the way to Ultimate Falcon.

DRL3-EN005 Raidraptor – Blade Burner Falcon

RaidraptorBladeBurnerFalcon-DRL3-EN-UR-1EA Rank 4 Raidraptor that only requires Winged Beasts? Is this card good? I hope so. So maybe it’ll be 4000 ATK, but a lot of the time it won’t. If it destroys monsters by battle you can destroy one or two monsters. Blade Burner had the right idea in being a big attacker that also destroys monsters, but did it wrong. It’d be good if it gained ATK for each of your Winged Beasts/Raidraptors and detached Xyz Materials from any Raidraptor Xyz to destroy monsters.

Competitive rating: Not what Raidraptors needed.
Casual rating: Exactly what Raidraptors needed.

DRL3-EN006 The Tripper Mercury

This is the first in the planet series. That’s not true. We already have Splendid Venus and Raging Earth? Is Raging Earth the Earth? If you Special Summon Mercury, it just attacks twice, which is great, but 2000 ATK isn’t. At least you can tribute 3 monsters to usually make everything 0.

Competitive rating: Nope.
Casual rating: The card is fine.

DRL3-EN007 The Blazing Mars

TheBlazingMars-DRL3-EN-ScR-1EPeople said this is a generic Dragon Ruler. The summoning is reminiscent of the Dragon Rulers but you can’t Special Summon other monsters for the rest of the turn. The Dragon Rulers were good because you could use them as material for Xyz and Synchro Summons. Not The Blazing Mars. I can’t think of a deck that has enough fuel to keep reusing The Blazing Mars but doesn’t want to summon more monsters. Maybe in Lightsworn as the last thing before you attack? Lightsworn aren’t competitive, though.

Competitive rating: In the future maybe.
Casual rating: It’s really good if you can get enough monsters in your Graveyard.

DRL3-EN008 The Grand Jupiter

TheGrandJupiter-DRL3-EN-ScR-1EThis effect is actually good. Discarding two cards is a hefty cost but taking anything as long as it’s face-up is great. Sure, you don’t get it until the End Phase, but you basically get to attack with it because Jupiter gains ATK equal to the equipped monsters’. The problem with Jupiter is that there isn’t a way to Special Summon itself. Maybe it’ll see play in the future.

Competitive rating: Doesn’t work with Dark Worlds.
Casual rating: It works with Fableds!

DRL3-EN009 The Despair Uranus

I’m glad this is in text and I don’t have to have people laugh when I say Uranus. I’d probably just pronounce it like your-uh-nos. Well, this is a Rock and the Ninjitsu Arts can’t transform into Rock-Types. No Hanzo into Super Transformation into Uranus plus Safe Zone. You can still set Safe Zone from your deck. Again, the problem with Uranus is that it can’t summon itself and doesn’t do anything even if it is Special Summoned. Well, it still protects your things and gets bigger.

Competitive rating: I don’t know why you’re using this at all.
Casual rating: I don’t know why you’re using this without Safe Zone.

DRL3-EN010 The Suppression Pluto

Get over yourself. Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. There are things in the Kuiper Belt bigger than Pluto. If Pluto is a planet, so are they and they need cards too. Like most of the others, Pluto has a good effect but can’t summon itself and can’t be summoned easily. If these were all Level 7, they might see play. But until we get a generic 9+ scale or easy way to summon the planets, not gonna happen.

Competitive rating: How are you summoning this?
Casual rating: If you’re not Pendulum Summoning or something to get tributes for this guy, why?

DRL3-EN011 Cyber Petit Angel

CyberPetitAngel-DRL3-EN-UR-1EPlease don’t tell me that Cyber Angels are good until they start putting up results. Regardless, Cyber Petit Angel is good within the archetype. It’s not better than Manju because it can’t search any other Rituals you throw in the deck, like Saffira. Being Level 2 does still allow for one of the Level 6s and this to be tributed for Dakini.

Competitive rating: If Cyber Angels get good, yes.
Casual rating: Play three Manju, then three of this.

DRL3-EN012 Cyber Angel Benten

Only 1800 ATK? I’m paying six levels to Ritual Summon this. Monsters need to be easy to summon and either have a high ATK or really good effect. Hopefully, your deck is set up to Ritual Summon, so this better have a good effect. Oh, it just burns for some small amount. Not very good. At least you can search any LIGHT Fairy. Any of them. Honest, Herald of Perfection, Kristya, Star Seraphs, Artifacts, Ehther, Hyperion, anything. Of course, you have the rest of the Cyber Angels and Manju/Senju.

Competitive rating: If Cyber Angels get good, yes.
Casual rating: Run three.

DRL3-EN013 Cyber Angel Idaten

If you Ritual Summon this guy, you can search any Ritual Spell. That’s nice but doesn’t pay for the whole Ritual Summon unless your tribute also gets a card back. This is where I start thinking about Gustkraken, Tefnuit and M7 loops. Oh, the good ol’ days. Well, sometimes this can help string combos of Rank 6s together.

Competitive rating: If Cyber Angels get good, yes.
Casual rating: Probably play two.

DRL3-EN014 Cyber Angel Dakini

Level 8 hurts this card a lot. You can’t search it with either Preparation of Rites. You can’t use just one Hieratic or Cyber Angel for it. Well, it comes in and kills their worst monster and gives all your Ritual Monsters piercing. And during your End Phases, it gets a card back. I can see this being good in a control type of build. It’s just unfortunate that the Cyber Angels don’t do anything in your hand like the Nekroz did.

Competitive rating: If Cyber Angels get good, yes.
Casual rating: Probably only two because she’s Level 8.

DRL3-EN015 Machine Angel Ritual

Machine Angel Ritual is a generic Ritual Spell for any Cyber Angel. It doesn’t do anything fancy. It’s fine, but can’t be searched with Pre-Preparation. The other effect protects your LIGHT monsters, but you don’t want to banish it when Dakini and Preparation can both get it back to do more Ritual Summons.

Competitive rating: If Cyber Angels get good, yes.
Casual rating: Any Cyber Angel deck needs three.

DRL3-EN016 Ritual Sanctuary

RitualSanctuary-DRL3-EN-ScR-1EThis searches any LIGHT Ritual Monster or any Ritual Spell. All of them. It searches the Gishki and Nekroz spells. It’s card disadvantage to do so because you don’t get an extra card from Ritual Sanctuary until later. But if you put back your Ritual Spells, or any spells, and get back a Fairy, that’s net 0. You need to get back two Fairies with this for it to be card advantage. But that doesn’t really matter when you can turn any card in your hand into the missing ritual piece. This feels a lot like Dragon Ravine with the Rulers. Yes, it’s disadvantage, but the selection is so good it doesn’t matter. Then you have the added benefit of sometimes getting back an extra Manju to make a Fairy Cheer Girl or Emeral with. And sometimes you can get back your properly summoned Ritual Monsters, which is great.

Competitive rating: LIGHT Fairy Ritual decks aren’t good right now, but it’ll see play eventually.
Casual rating: Play three in any LIGHT Fairy Ritual deck and consider it in all ritual decks.

DRL3-EN017 Red Nova

It summons itself if you have any Level 8 or higher Dragon-Type Synchro, which is great. It does what you want it to do and makes it clear what type of strategy it goes in. It’s even flexible and can be summoned if you control Quasar or Stardust Dragon for more generic synchro plays. Then it has the added benefit of sometimes being able to summon any FIRE Fiend from your deck. Defense Position just ensures it can’t attack that turn and mostly ensures you’re using it as Synchro/Xyz Material. If you summon Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend, you can summon Ultimate Obedient Fiend. Or something that’s more likely to be useful like Red Warg, Red Sprinter or Flare and Red Resonator.

Competitive rating: It could see play one day.
Casual rating: Probably play two in a Red Dragon Archfiend deck. Play some number in a synchro deck.

DRL3-EN018 Zushin the Sleeping Giant

This card is bad. It won’t ever see competitive play. This card is not meant for competitive play, which is fine, but I’m not going to entertain that thought.

DRL3-EN019 Hand-Holding Genie

HandHoldingGenie-DRL3-EN-UR-1EThis doesn’t gain DEF equal to all of your monsters’ combined DEF. Just the Defense Position ones. I suppose it stops your opponent from attacking if you have two, which is annoying but nothing spectacular. It doesn’t do anything else.

Competitive rating: Marshmallon doesn’t see play and this is worse.
Casual rating: If you play this, make sure to get two out.

DRL3-EN020 Scrum Force

ScrumForce-DRL3-EN-UR-1EIt’s unavoidable, but I don’t like looking at cards before they’re officially announced. I’ve said how I feel about leaks and spoilers before. Scrum Force is one of those cards that is either really bad or really good. Unfortunately, Scrum Force doesn’t stop attacks but it does stop pretty much everything else. Dark Mirror Force is the only card I can think of that easily deals with the monsters. Scrum Force doesn’t protect your Attack Position monsters and that’s how you win. I don’t think it’ll be very good, but it could be.

Competitive rating: Unlikely but possible.
Casual rating: Probably play some number if you have some combo with it.

DRL3-EN021 Number 100: Numeron Dragon

I only care about Number monsters when it matters. I don’t collect Numbers. It matters when I want to make Number 100 or F0. The first effect gains ATK and requires you to detach. And the ATK gain isn’t forever like the Cyber Angel. At minimum, it’ll be 1000. Sometimes 13000 if your opponent has double Beatrice. The effect when it dies can fail to activate.

Competitive rating: Not the type of card I want to be playing.
Casual rating: I’m sure this card is fun, but I don’t think fun things are good.

DRL3-EN022 Number 24: Dragulas the Vampiric Dragon

Number24DragulastheVampiricDragon-DRL3-EN-ScR-1EMore generic Rank 6s are great. The quick effect to set anything from the Extra Deck is nice, but it’s only for Extra Deck monsters. It has to die to an opponent’s card effect to come back. Just think when you put this in your deck, is it better than Beatrice or Constellar M7?

Competitive rating: Neat, but often going to be slot 16.
Casual rating: It’s really cool. Play some way to keep it from dying in battle.

DRL3-EN023 Number 45: Crumble Logos the Prophet of Demolition

Number45CrumbleLogostheProphetofDemolition-DRL3-EN-ScR-1EI really like this card. I like it in any deck that fields a lot of Level 2s. You can use any amount of materials to make Crumble Logos. It’s like Giant Hand, but better. Okay, it’s not a quick effect, but whatever. You can stop Necrovalley and other floodgates. It basically only doesn’t stop Kozmo Ships and Obelisk. It’s also weak to anything that can attack over it, but so was Giant Hand.

Competitive rating: Play it if you play Level 2s.
Casual rating: Play it if you play Level 2s

DRL3-EN024 Number 51: Finisher the Strong Arm

Number51FinishertheStrongArm-DRL3-EN-ScR-1EThis card is good but slow. Too slow. Too slow for competitive play. The fact that Farfa exists makes this card not good. Pendulums bounce it with Unicorn, Monarchs shuffle it away with Erebus or bounce it with Pleiades, BA Farfas it and Kozmo pops it with Dark Destroyer. If Finisher couldn’t be targeted as well, then it’d be worth playing. But you need to invest three monsters into it, which I’ll admit isn’t difficult, then you need to attack three times before it can destroy things. It still might see play in Burning Abyss because it attacks over Dante. Probably not because it doesn’t attack over Beatrice or Pilgrim Dante.

Competitive rating: I’d like to think so, but no.
Casual rating: Put Safe Zone on it.

DRL3-EN025 Number 59: Crooked Cook

This isn’t very good. Maybe it is. I can’t see this being good. It’s generic and has 2300 ATK, which is neat. But it only destroys your cards and is sometimes unaffected by things. Sometimes it gets big, but only twice.

Competitive rating: Not worth a slot in the Extra Deck.
Casual rating: I still don’t think I’d play it.

DRL3-EN026 Number 78: Number Archive

So you can pack your Extra Deck with Numbers and always get something, but you probably don’t want to pack your Extra Deck with Numbers.

Competitive rating: No, thank you.
Casual rating: Make sure your Extra Deck is all Numbers.

DRL3-EN027 Number 98: Antitopian

Number98Antitopian-DRL3-EN-ScR-1EI can’t tell if this is supposed to be playable or not. It doesn’t negate any attacks but changes monsters to Defense Position, which is sometimes better. It also steals opposing Lightnings, but don’t make the Lightning if your opponent has Antitopian in the Graveyard. It’s that simple. I don’t think you’re going to surprise anyone with this. It’s not good and you can’t put the Lightning on top of it. If you could, it’d be playable.

Competitive rating: Not going to surprise anyone.
Casual rating: I suppose it’s okay against a Utopia deck?

DRL3-EN028 Cipher Wing

CipherWing-DRL3-EN-UR-1ENeat. Can’t comment on it until we see more Ciphers, but this seems like it could be decent.

DRL3-EN029 Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon

This card is a good card. Take Dante, put Dark Matter on top. Take anything and attack another monster for 3000. Force Infinity activation, steal it and put Dark Matter on top. Take The Prime Monarch and attack over Erebus.

Competitive rating: If you have the Extra Deck space, yes, please.
Casual rating: If you can, probably run 2 and 2 Dark Matters Dragons.

DRL3-EN030 Galaxy Stealth Dragon

GalaxyStealthDragon-DRL3-EN-ScR-1ENo one plays Level 4 dragons. Only Collapserpent and Wyverbuster. How do you make this? Don’t even try to say Rescue Rabbit into Alexandrite. It’s good in a Galaxy deck if you can get the dragons for it.

Competitive rating: Nope.
Casual rating: It’s fine in Galaxy decks.

DRL3-EN031 Flower Cardian Pine
DRL3-EN032 Flower Cardian Zebra Grass
DRL3-EN033 Flower Cardian Willow
DRL3-EN034 Flower Cardian Paulownia
DRL3-EN035 Flower Cardian Pine with Crane
DRL3-EN036 Flower Cardian Zebra Grass with Moon
DRL3-EN037 Flower Cardian Willow with Calligrapher
DRL3-EN038 Flower Cardian Paulownia with Phoenix
DRL3-EN039 Flower Cardian Lightshower
DRL3-EN040 Flower Gathering

I just did a google search for ‘Yugioh Cardian Deck’ and a lot of the things are from the first half of May. Three months is too long to wait for cards to be legal. The cards aren’t good. Maybe I’ll do a casual corner or something, probably not. The deck isn’t good and won’t be competitive. I’m not a brewer so don’t expect me to come up with a deck for you. I haven’t seen a single Cardian deck from any OCG tournaments. I expect it to make no impact on the meta but you can still play with them. They’re neat looking I guess.

Plenty of other reprints. If you’re casual, lots and lots of reprints. If you’re competitive, not very many.

Competitive reprints:

Soul Charge
Night Express Knight

Now, I have internet in my home again (!!) so I can finally put pictures of TDIL in. Actually, when I get the uploading problem fixed, I’ll upload those images. Until Friday, click an ad, check out Patreon, buy boxes of Dragons of Legend 3 and talk to me on Twitter and Facebook.

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