Set Review: Duelist Pack Rivals of the Pharaoh

dprp-boosterenMany Yugioh players will ask if Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh is worth purchasing. Here’s a spoiler – packs are almost always a bad idea. Konami has done it again. They’ve released another small set, this time with only 11 new cards. I’m unexcited about this set. I won’t be buying any. But let’s take a look at what cards are in the set anyway.

Silent Swordsman

silentswordsman-dprp-en-ur-1eYou can only summon it by tributing a warrior. This effect doesn’t start a chain. It gets bigger during both Standby Phases. He negates spells for free. Then, if it’s destroyed, you can summon any Silent Swordsman for free. It can’t summon itself. It would be a good card if it didn’t start at 1000 ATK. On your opponent’s first turn after you summon Silent Swordsman, it’ll have 1500 ATK. Everything runs it over. Frankly, the card isn’t very good. Even if you do something like tribute off a Spell Striker.

Competitive rating: This is for casual play.
Casual rating: The card is obviously a three-of in a Silent Swordsman deck. Otherwise, no.

Silent Magician

silentmagician-dprp-en-ur-1eSilent Magician is basically the same card as Silent Swordsman, but with a few key differences. It’s a spellcaster and requires a spellcaster tribute, which makes it worse, usually. It has a continuous effect that gains 500 ATK for each card in your hand. Three cards make it 2500, four, 3000. That’s actually respectable. The last difference is that she summons a Silent Magician rather than a Silent Swordsman. LV 8 is simply unaffected by spells. At least it has 3500 ATK.

Competitive rating: This is for casual play.
Casual rating: Play three in a deck that wants to summon Silent Magician LV 8. Not sure why you would want to do that, though.

Silent Paladin

silentpaladin-dprp-en-ur-1eI have no words for how bad this card is. It’s fine in a Silent Magician/Swordsman deck, which Konami obviously wants people to play. The power just isn’t there for any type of competitive play. I’m a Spike and my writing reflects that. I can’t say anything nice about this card so I’m going to say nothing at all.

Competitive rating: This is for casual play.
Casual rating: Again, for your Silent Magician/Swordsman deck.

Silent Sword Slash

silentswordslash-dprp-en-sr-1eIf I’m playing a Silent Swordsman deck, this card is amazing. It does everything Forbidden Lance does but better in every way and then even more. First, it gives your monster 1500 ATK and DEF. This can be activated during the damage step, like Forbidden Lance, and can also be used as a combat trick. Next, it makes your monster unaffected by everything your opponent does. Lance only protects your monster from other spells and traps. Thirdly, this can’t be negated by Spell Canceller, Herald, Imperial Order, Horus LV 8 or anything else that you may be afraid of. That includes Silent Swordsman LV 7. The downside is that you can only target Silent Swordsman monsters.

Competitive rating: Are you really playing Silent Swordsmans?
Casual rating: Play three.

Silent Burning

silentburning-dprp-en-sr-1eYour opponent will always draw more cards than you. At least it searches Silent Magicians. Due to more warrior support and Silent Sword Slash, I’m inclined to say that the Silent Swordsman cards are just better than the Magicians. Sorry, spellcasters.

Competitive: Again, no.
Casual rating: At least you can fill up your hand.

Magnet Reverse

magnetreverse-dprp-en-sr-1eIf anything would see competitive play, it would be this. It might just be the best card in the whole set. You can target Synchros, Fusions, and Xyz that are in the Graveyard. You can’t summon back things that were not properly summoned. I can’t think of something right now that this would be good in but the first things that come to mind are Suberrors and Geargia. Neither are super competitive.

Competitive rating: This is an unlimited quick-play Monster Reborn but better for machines and rocks. Just waiting for a machine or rock deck.
Casual rating: Play three if you have a machine and/or rock deck.

Magnet Force

magnetforce-dprp-en-sr-1eThis only makes your machines/rocks unaffected by monster effects. This is not a very good card. It’s not easily searchable and doesn’t actually do anything if you’re winning.

Competitive rating: I wouldn’t.
Casual rating: Maybe play one or two in your machine/rock deck.

Neutron Blast

neutronblast-dprp-en-ur-1eAgain, as a competitive player, I have no words for this card other than it belongs in the trash. If I’m trying to Timmy or Johnny it up and attack with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon three times, this card is awesome.

Competitive rating: It’s buns.
Casual rating: Not good, but super fun. Remember, you’re playing Yugioh for fun.

Lullaby of Obedience

lullabyofobedience-dprp-en-ur-1eI don’t see this making huge waves competitively. The best use I can think of is in a mirror match with a limited card. Naming Dark Destroyer in the Kozmo Mirror might win the game, but it’s unlikely that you’ll play the Kozmo mirror. I don’t want to pay 2000 LP to search a monster that I probably also run.

Competitive rating: Unlikely.
Casual rating: Super cool. Still wouldn’t main deck it.

Tribute Burial

tributeburial-dprp-en-sr-1eFor anyone familiar with Magic, this reminds me of delve. It’s strictly worse, though. You’re not allowed to Special Summon after you activate this and you can only use this for a two-tribute monster. I guess it’s not awful if you do your Special Summons first. I think in casual games this is really strong. In competitive games, it’s good but feels almost like a waste of a turn. You cannot use this for three-tribute monsters either, like Obelisk or Beast King Barbaros.

Competitive rating: I doubt it, but it might just get there.
Casual rating: Play some number in your high-level tribute deck.

Dark Sanctuary

darksanctuary-dprp-en-ur-1eThis card is really weird. All it does is put Spirit Messages in your Monster Zones, instead of your Spell & Trap Zones, so you can continue to use spells and traps as normal. Is it possible a Card of Demise Destiny Board deck will become meta? Hahahahahaha, no. It’s cool, though. It also sometimes does half of a Magic Cylinder.

Competitive rating: Was Destiny Board ever good to begin with?
Casual rating: If you play Destiny Board for whatever reason, this makes it slightly less bad.

Those are all of the new cards. That’s it. The new cards are all ultra rare or super rare within the set. Are there any really good reprints or cards that will be worth money? If you want, there are plenty of things like Dark Magician of Chaos and common reprints of the Silent Swordsmans and Magicians. Blue-Eyes Ultimate and Shining Dragon reprints at low rarity might be cool. I’d be excited about Dragon’s Mirror, Dragon Shrine, Silver’s Cry and Castle of Dragon Souls. They’re all good cards that might see competitive play. Silver’s Cry is super, too.

Two notable cards have new text. Thousand-Eyes Restrict now has PSCT and clearly states that it targets. No debate now. Not like it ever mattered. The other notable text change is Sangan. Just take a look.


I really hate errata that change what the cards do. Clearing up phrasing from before PSCT to PSCT is fine. Even changes like with Effect Veiler from End Phase to end of turn or vice versa are okay. But I’m not okay with nerfing cards just to make them legal again. I would just rather Konami make a new card with this effect, rather than change the old one. Outside of updating phrasing, the cards should do what they say.

Konami could even do away with this type of thing by creating two playable formats. The first can still be called advanced and nothing about it would change. New cards are released and are legal. The F&L List is updated every so often. However, it doesn’t restrict older archetype to sell new stuff. Nekroz, Dragon Rulers, Shaddolls, Geargia, Burning Abyss, Kozmo, Gladiator Beasts, Tele-DAD, Dino Rabbit, Gravekeeper’s and Fire Fist would all be equally viable. This ‘new’ advanced would not be the format most YCS formats and whatnot are held under. The main competitive format would be rotating. The last year and a half to two years of sets would be legal. And, the newest set would push out the oldest set. No need to ever ban anything because Konami can control the power level of the cards within this format. Magic does this and has plenty of people playing both standard (rotating) and modern (advanced), but standard is the premier format. Locals can be either format, or both. People who just want to keep playing the same deck forever can do that in Advanced, but it won’t be the pinnacle of competition.

So out of this set, I’d look to pick up Magnet Reverse and the dragon support cards if you don’t have them already. The rest is not very good, but if you like opening packs, this pack has a ton of old and fun cards. Maybe this is even better for casual players than a new set. You can buy some here or you can just straight up buy only Magnet Reverse. If you’re going to buy packs, make sure to check out the full spoiler.

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