Late D/D/D structure deck look

I know I’m hyper late on the D/D/D Structure deck, anything on it. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the deck and what a build would look like now that the structure deck is out. Let’s jump right in, no filler. Let’s go.

D/D/D Dragonbane King Beowulf

This guy is really good. His effect is just Heavy Storm during your Standby Phase except it doesn’t affect cards in the Pendulum Zones or Field Spells. Usually, this won’t matter but if it does, it’ll be a downside. Since all the Dark Contracts start their own chain, you can activate Beowulf first. Do not forget that Beowulf gives all of your D/D monsters piercing.

Play one. Necro Slime can summon it out of nowhere.

D/D/D Cursed King Siegfried

You can use whatever Tuner you want, I like Glow-Up Bulb. As for non-Tuners, it’s usually Genghis+Kepler/Necro Slime or just D’Arc. You’re not going to be playing more than one Siegfried because the space is pretty tight but he’s easier to summon than Kali Yuga or Hope Harbinger and negates Spells/Traps, even your own. I do really like that Kali Yuga, Beowulf, Siegfried and D’Arc allow you to somewhat mostly bypass the damage from your Dark Contracts.

Play one. You don’t have space for more.

D/D/D Chaos King Apocalypse

There are some good D/D cards and some sweet D/D cards. This guy is sweet and only amounts to summoning a Level 7 D/D/D that doesn’t do anything. Yes, it’s a D/D/D and that matters sometimes and sometimes it being Level 7 will matter but between D’Arc and Alexander, you have more than enough Level 7s.

Play zero in a competitive build. More if you like the card and are okay with not having the best D/D/D deck possible.

D/D Savant Newton

Newton is a cool card. It’s not particularly good. You can play some amount if you want to get back stuff but there’s nothing you particularly want in your hand. I suppose Ragnarock if you have Swirl Slime in your grave.

D/D Savant Copernicus

Quick, who is Copernicus? Everyone was named after some historical dude. Who’s Copernicus? Wikipedia tells me that he’s the guy that proposed that we live in a heliocentric universe. Not quite right, but our galaxy is heliocentric. The art is even a little star inside of some thing. Copernicus is actually quite good and is just Armageddon Knight for D/Ds. You use the 0/0 Copernicus over Amageddon Knight with 1400 ATK because you want to be able to discard it to Lamia and trigger Genghis and Alexander.

Play at least two, likely three.

D/D Orthros

This is not a card a lot of people are high on but I really like Orthros. First, it’s a D/D you can pitch to Lamia or use to trigger Genghis/Alexander or banish with Allure of Darkness, which is always just fine. Orthros is not a combo piece, so you don’t really mind if you banish it. While the monster effect might come up once every hundred game when you take damage, summon it, then trigger Genghis, the real reason you play Orthros is to destroy Vanity’s Emptiness. You can’t do anything about Anti-Spell Fragrance but outside of the Gate you don’t care about Anti-Spell. Okay, you do, you have a bunch of Spell Cards that get you moving and whatnot but Orthros is an answer to Emptiness.

D/D Lamia

This is the card we’ve needed for some time. It’s a Level 1 Tuner that revives itself when you want. We all know how those go, right? Glow-Up Bulb, Spore, Fishborg Blaster, and somewhat Mind Master. Those were all actually good, generic cards. Lamia is not generic but is quite good. You kind of need to play with the card to understand exactly how good it is.

Play three, no exceptions.

D/D/D Doom King Armageddon

I wouldn’t. He’s Level 8 for Trade-In if you run it, a DARK for Allure, a D/D for typical synergies and a D/D/D for those fusions but he doesn’t do much. A 3000 ATK body that’s semi-indestructible is cool, though.

Play zero. One if you’re into that sort of thing.

D/D Cerberus

I didn’t think that this was new but that’s what happens when there’s a split in the TCG/OCG and this card was spoiled, like, 27 years ago.

D/D Lilith

Same thing about this being new goes for this one.

D/D Nighthowl

This is fine. Most lists aren’t playing any because it’s only on Normal Summon and you’ll typically use that for Kepler or Copernicus.

Probably play zero. I could be wrong.

D/D/D Supreme King Kaiser

I thought this another not new card. It is. He’s cool but I wouldn’t bother with it.

D/D Proud Ogre

Another card that is new and I thought it wasn’t. I would not be proud to be playing this ogre.

D/D Proud Chevalier

No thank you. Pass.

D/D Reroll

Cool, not seeing any play. Play it if you like.

D/D Recruits

See above. It’s neat that these are the D.D. monsters being recruited by the Different Dimension Demons.

Those are all of the new cards. Here’s a list.

I’m not a fan of the D.D. Crow. Copernicus could go to three, but it’s fine at two. I prefer Veiler over Ghost Ogre. Soul Charge is sweet but I’ve found it’s often dead or unnecessary. Playing Soul Charge is still respectable.

In the Extra Deck, I’d still include Wave Oblivion King, which comes up a small amount of the time and you have just enough space for it.

Here are my suggested changes. I didn’t top 8 a regional with D/Ds but I’ve played the deck and used my own brain to come up with these changes.

-1 D.D. Crow
-1 Ghost Ogre
-1 Soul Charge
+2 Effect Veiler
+1 Glow-Up Bulb

-1 Coral Dragon
-1 Tzolkin
+Ally of Justice Catastor
+Wave Oblivion King

-2 Anti-Spell Fragrance
+1 Ghost Ogre
+1 Book of Eclipse

I don’t like the one-of Crow in the main and would prefer both it and Ghost Ogre just be Veiler. Veiler is worse against ABC but I like it better against D/Ds, flavors of Metalfoes and then Zoodiacs. Soul Charge is often unnecessary or you don’t see it. I don’t have a problem with the one copy. Bulb is just a sweet card that you can Normal Summon after turn one to do things with, pitch or summon with One for One or dump straight with Foolish Burial. It’s kind of a second Lamia that doesn’t trigger Genghis/Alexander and can’t make Alexander.

I actively dislike going through the effort to summon Tzolkin, which requires Coral Dragon and Genghis. Possible, yes but probably not the best play. All you get out of it is Crystal Wing, which is an amazing card, though. Ally of Justice Catastor is just a generic Level 5 that I can make with Copernicus and Lamia in turns where that comes up, which is fairly often. Coral Dragon doesn’t come up much for me but Level 5 does.

Thanks for reading. Good luck against Zoodiacs because Drancia is a pain in the butt to deal with. Click an ad, pick up a couple copies of the structure deck*, most of the cards are in there. If you have any comments or questions, you can leave them below or talk to me on…Reddit

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2 thoughts on “Late D/D/D structure deck look”

  1. Thanks for the post. I would also point out that the Deck comes with Armageddon Knight, Dark Grepher, Allure of Darkness, and Dark Armed Dragon, all at least decent if not good cards, so if you haven’t already got like three playsets of Allure trying to pull Ixchel or Celestial like me, buying three of the Deck is pretty decent even if you don’t plan on playing D/D – just trade the D/D stuff to someone who’s interested in it and keep the others, you’ll have a playset of the first three cards I mentioned and three Decks worth of Dark Armed Dragon, who is currently Limited unless I read the list wrong.

    1. You’re right about the staple dark stuff. Dark Armed Dragon is one of those cards that you should always consider it in your DARK decks. I even considered it in D/D/D but the deck doesn’t have a ton of graveyard manipulation. DAD has been reprinted so many times, at common, that there’s basically no reason not to own three in case it ever goes back to two or three.

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