Big Eye’s Rants: May 31st

dumbMy friend sent me a screenshot from Zodiac. Everyone knows that Zodiac is full of garbage and nothing but garbage. Even my friend is garbage. Screenshots from mobile are some of the worst screenshots. But the question was “I have Rivalry up and my opponent Stormforths. This means that they have to tribtue mymonster for the same type if they want to use it correct? As in Qliphort is machine they have to have a machine. I’m fairly certain it has been ruled this way many times previously. Stormforth specificly states “as if you controlled the monster”.

There are so many things wrong here. The screenshot is bad. The question is worded bad and can be found by googling/searching through groups.

Let me explain how making rulings as a judge happens from all sides and what you can do to avoid bad rulings. Rulings exist to make sure the game is fair. If rulings were different at each event, people wouldn’t want to play and some decks would be better or worse for it.

Constellar Pollux and Evilswarm Castor are legal targets for Effect Veiler. Their effects apply as soon as the Normal Summon is successful without the effect being negated before the summon (like with Skill Drain).

I Normal Summon Evilswarm Castor, you’re playing Dragon Rulers and would probably lose if I can summon an Ophion. You respond to the summon with Effect Veiler, but first you ask me “Can I Veiler Castor?” Of course you can. It’s a legal target. As your opponent, I’m not going to tell you that I still get the extra Normal Summon. As a judge, I would only be able to tell you it’s a legal activation. As a judge, I have to be clear that it is a legal activation because I’m not allowed to assume your intent or make rulings based on that. As your opponent, it would be advantageous if you use your Effect Veiler now when it won’t do anything, than later in the game when it could stop something like Kerykeion.

Now let’s look at the first paragraph of the Head Judge section in the policy documents.

The Head Judge makes the final call for game play rulings or policy appeals. They require superior knowledge of rulings and tournament policy. No other individual, including the Tournament Organizer or a Konami employee, can overturn a game play ruling or tournament policy decision made by the Head Judge.”

For one local store I was asked to be the Head Judge. At the time Lose 1 Turn was new and I was ruling it that that monster’s effect was negated. Even if it left the field or changed to face-down Defense Position, because that’s what the card said. PSCT and other judges I respect taught me that in the TCG, we don’t have official rulings any more. We have PSCT, and judges have to make rulings based on those. The TO/Scorekeeper asked me to rule it the same as Skill Drain because “that’s what Konami wants.” This was before the errata and anything official was said. I obliged not because I agreed with that, but because I was dealing with humans, I liked the store and I wanted to be asked back to judge again. It was a tier 1 event, but at a tier 2 event I wouldn’t have budged.

Another friend recently asked me if Interrupted Kaiju Slumber could legally be activated while Rivalry of Warlords is face-up and already applying its effect. I told him I would rule that it is a legal activation and explained that the Kaijus are weird, no other cards are similar and they’re just weird. I then told him to ask the head judge of whatever tournament he’s at.

If a Duelist disagrees with a judge’s ruling, whether it is a Rulings or Policy issue, they have the right to appeal that ruling to the Head Judge of the tournament. The Head Judge’s ruling is final and cannot be appealed.

That quote is from Konami‘s Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Tournament Policy.

Yugioh is for everyone aged 6 years and older. I don’t agree with that age, but that’s Konami’s decision. Yugioh is played both casually and competitively. Casually, all rules basically go out the window and it’s up to you and whoever you’re playing with to settle an issue, gameplay or otherwise. If I’m playing in a tournament that I paid money for, if you don’t understand how a card works and play sub-optimally because you didn’t know how it worked, that isn’t my fault.

I have several real life examples. I control a Defense Position El Shaddoll Shekinaga. My opponent Xyz Summoned Number 101. He attempts to take my Sheknaga. I tell him that 101 can only take defense-position monsters. He attempts to take it back and summon Castel. If he summons Castel, I lose. I obviously can’t let him take it back. In another game, I targeted a Tribute-Summoned Qliphort Shell with Nekroz of Gungnir. Shell is unaffected by Gungnir and I lost because I forgot about that.

Where am I going with this? The better player should win the game. The player that understands the flow chart should win when the opponent doesn’t.

Yugioh is confusing. There are a lot of things that don’t seem to make sense. Always ask your head judge and appeal everything. Provided your head judge isn’t trying to mess up a tournament by ruling that monsters can’t be summoned or something like MST negates.

Asking questions is fair, but use the search function within Facebook groups and use google first. Or ask your locals judges. They probably have FB accounts. Or email your local TO and they’ll probably find out for you.

The Judges’ Lounge is pretty accurate. Don’t wildly ask questions. Use the search function and just search the names of the cards in question. It’s probably been answered before. And really, understanding mechanics is more important than individual interactions. Rescue Rabbit works under Skill Drain, but not Effect Veiler. Why? Learn the mechanics.

My final point to this grumbly bumbly rant is this: search for the answer first. You look like an idiot blindly asking questions when they’ve probably been answered. I’ve done this. Just take a few minutes to search r/Yugioh101 and the Yugioh Facebook groups you’re a part of. Also, learn PSCT and read the cards.

If you feel like helping out, you can click an ad, buy something that you would buy anyways on Amazon, like sleeves, share this with your friends and come back tomorrow.

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