Question Friday: February 19, 2016

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From Jeff:
Q: Can I Pendulum Summon Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon? What about other Ritual Monsters?
A: You must first Special Summon Ritual, Synchro, Fusion and Xyz monsters properly before you can Special Summon them in another way. They are all Special Summon Only monsters, sometimes referred to as Semi-Nomi. You must FIRST Special Summon them through the way they specify on the card text, then you can Special Summon them in other ways. Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon only needs to first be summoned properly, then later you can use something like Soul Charge to revive it. However, there are some Ritual Spells that allow you to Ritual Summon a monster in your Graveyard, such as Odd-Eyes Advent. In this case, Odd-Eyes Advent Ritual Summons a Dragon-Type Ritual Monster from your hand or Graveyard whether or not it was properly summoned first, because this is that first proper summon.

Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon, Yugioh

From Jonathan:
Q: Can you activate Abyssmegalo’s effect during the first turn of a duel?
A: If an effect would do nothing, or cannot resolve (from what gamestate is upon activation) that is an illegal activation. Such as activating Abyssmegalo’s effect to attack twice, or Inzektor Hopper’s effect to attack directly.


From Alvin:
Q: I attack my opponent’s F0 with my F0 and they both change control. Then I attack my F0 with my opponent’s F0 and they both change control again, can I attack with my F0 again?
A: From the Synchron Extreme rulebook: “For example, a monster can only attack once per turn, but with a card effect, it is possible to attack twice.” This means that unless a card effect is allowing your F0 to attack multiple times, it can only attack once, even if it changed control.


From Chris:
Q: If a player destroys a set Artifact Ignition and tries to enter Battle Phase that turn, is s/he able to enter Main Phase 2 or does it also skip Main Phase 2 and go to the End Phase? Additionally, in the same situation of a destroyed Artifact Ignition, if a player doesn’t attempt to enter the Battle Phase that turn, will the Battle Phase of the next turn be skipped?
A: In the first situation, Main Phase 2 cannot be entered unless you enter battle phase, so the turn goes straight to the End Phase. In the second situation, the player has to attempt to enter the Battle Phase in order for it to be skipped. Unlike the Draw Phase, which is mandatory, the Battle Phase is not, so you have to choose to enter it because the next one is skipped. If you choose not to have a chocolate bar, that doesn’t mean you were denied the chocolate bar that you will be denied.


From Cecil:
Q: If I there is nothing stopping me other than game mechanics and I have the Tributes and Monarch S/T in grave, can I Tribute Summon multiple Ehthers on my opponent’s turn?
A: You can activate an effect as many times as you can pay all costs and as long as that effect doesn’t have a restriction on how many times you can activate it per turn. When LaDD was played in Dragon Rulers, Priestess was able to be activated over and over in hand, reducing LaDD’s attack to a point where it couldn’t negate any more effects.


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