Question Friday: Feb 12, 2016

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Q: Will Stratos ever come back?

A: It’s possible. The OCG has Stratos limited. I don’t think the TCG will get Stratos anytime soon as it seems like one of those cards that Konami made forbidden and then forgot about. But it’s also a business decision. If people want to play HEROs, they won’t sell new products to those players.


Q: If I Dinoster and my Pendulum Sorcerer activates its effect and my opponent chains Solemn Strike, will the effect be negated? Will Sorcerer be destroyed?

A: Dinoster protects pendulum monsters from being destroyed by card effects, including counter traps. Dinoster does not prevent the negation of your pendulum monsters effects. Solemn Strike will negate the activation of that effect, and will attempt to destroy the Sorcerer, but Dinoster prevents your pendulum monsters from being destroyed.


Q: Is pepe dead?

A: I assume you mean Performages and Pals. Yes. There is no reason to play Performages anymore, but the Pals are still very good. You can either run pure Pals or replace the mages with other engines, such as the DARK engine, Pendulum Magicians or the Dracoslayers.

Q: Is dark pendulum the way to go?

A: The DARK Engine with Armageddon Knight, Shaddoll Dragon and Zephyros is very strong and allows you to make cards like Key Beetle and Evilswarm Nightmare, which give you an edge in the mirror match if your opponent can’t get over them.


Q: Are foreign cards allowed?

A: Yes, but only if your cards are TCG, meaning they are English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. If a card is Korean, Japanese or Chinese, it is not legal in TCG tournament play. In tournaments you must provide a copy of the local language card or an accurate translation. This must be kept outside of your deck/deck box.


Q: My friend altered a card art to make X card look like this other cool thing, can I still use it?

A: The answer from the Konami tournament policy documents:

“Cards that have been altered from their original appearance with surface decoration may be used for play only if the alterations do not obscure any portion of the card text, make the illustration difficult to recognize, or make the card distinguishable from other cards in the Deck while it is face-down.“  So use your best judgment, but always ask the Head Judge if you can use it because s/he has the final say. If you’re at a locals without any judges, ask the TO (Tournament Organizer), usually the store owner or whoever is running the tournament.


Q: If I tribute a DARK monster for Mega Caius and banish two cards, will Mega Caius deal 2000 damage?

A:  Mega Caius can be a little confusing, but the effect is like this “Target 1 card on the field; banish it, and if you do, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent”. And if you Tribute a DARK monster you target 2 cards instead, so the effect becomes “Target 2 cards on the field; banish them, and if you do, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent”


Q: Can I perform an Xyz Summon with trap monsters?

A: Provided there are no restrictions on Special Summoning (such as Vanity’s Emptiness) yes, you can overlay with trap monsters like the Prime Monarch. You don’t even have to use all trap monsters for the Xyz Summon.


Q: Can I activate Dark Hole when there are no monsters on the field?

A: No. You cannot activate a card or effect that cannot resolve.


Q: Why doesn’t Erebus target?

A: Erebus doesn’t target because it doesn’t say “target” in the card text. The effect that happens when it resolves is send 2 Monarch S/T to the grave, then shuffle 1 card from hand/field/grave into the deck. Because it doesn’t say “Target” in the card text, Erebus cannot be stopped by cards like Dark Illusion or Forbidden Dress.


Q: Can I use my opponent’s face-up cyber dragon infinity and random machine monster on my side of the field to summon chimeratech fortress dragon?

A: No because Cyber Dragon Infinity is not “Cyber Dragon”. It IS a “Cyber Dragon” monster, but not the “Cyber Dragon”.


Q: Will you answer questions about cards not in the TCG yet?

A: Yes, but I would likely give an answer that notes since the card text is not official, we can’t know how it interacts with other cards yet.


Q: What do you think of Wing Raiders?

A: Other than Break Sword, I think the set is trash. Ignoring reprints, because Crab King is cool. Now I can use it at locals. Super Quantums are neat too, but the set is mostly garbage.


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