New July 1st OCG Forbidden & Limited List

Japan has a new Forbidden & Limited list. Literally, only four cards moved. I guess that means Konami of Japan is doing a better job of balancing the game as of late? I don’t know. I’m not sure how the decisions are made. I’m not part of Konami. Let’s take a quick look.


There are no new forbidden cards.


There are no new limited cards.


Konami seems to like to slowly move cards up from limited, to semi-limited, then to unlimited. I suspect Sangan will move back to unlimited status soon. It’s nowhere near as good as it used to be. R.I.P. Sangan. Remember though, for now, the TCG still has old Sangan text.



ThousandEyesRestrictRP02-EN-UR-UEThousand-Eyes Restrict

I forgot we got this card back. OCG moved it up because it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s no longer 2005, and we don’t have Metamorphosis. Maybe Metamorphosis + TER would be too good, but I don’t think so. We have so much monster removal now. I’m honestly not afraid of TER while playing any meta deck. Again, I’m less familiar with the OCG, but this is my first step to getting acquainted with the OCG format. But as far as I’m concerned, this card can go to three.

WallofRevealingLight-DT06-EN-DNPR-DTWall of Revealing Light

I have to assume this is another cautionary move. Self-Destruct Button is still unlimited. I honestly doubt this will do anything. OCG has three Twin Twisters, three Mystical Space Typhoon, three Typhoon, three Twister and Harpie’s Feather Duster.

SuperRejuvenation-LCJW-EN-SR-1ESuper Rejuvenation

I am exactly zero percent afraid of this card unlimited without Dragon Rulers and babies. Perhaps a new dragon archetype could use it. Amorphage? Another safe move.

Overall, good job, KOJ. I also made this because I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere. It’s both the OCG and TCG list next to each other. I’ll update it as the current lists change, so you can bookmark it to always have it. Until Monday, click an ad, tell your friends that the OCG list basically had no changes, and if you think we’re going to get Sangan back, buy your Secret Rare Sangans now.

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