March 31st 2017 Forbidden & Limited List Update (TCG ban list)

It’s been over six months since we had our last updated F&L list. They banned Monkeyboard back then. Do you remember when Performapals were a problem for six months? Well, there are some interesting moves this time. Let’s go.

Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin

I’ve talked briefly about Kirin before and I stand by what I said.

Rightfully so. Kirin is not the type of card that should exist and is secretly not so secretly one of the best cards in the game. Constellar Pleiades that I don’t need to invest two Level 5 LIGHT monsters into? Yes please.“ – Me in response to the forbidding of Kirin in the OCG

Unfair and shouldn’t have been printed” – Me in response to the limiting of Kirin in the TCG

The Tyrant Neptune

I saw this was forbidden and was extremely confused. I checked to make sure it was the lizard dude that was a JUMP promo years ago that I thought it was and did basically nothing. I’m not really sure why it’s gone now. The internet suggests that it’s got to do with Lyrical Luscinias or something. Independent Nightingale makes Tyrant Neptune a 5000 ATK dude that’s unaffected by other card effects and can burn for 5000 each turn. I guess that’s not fun. Nobody used The Tyrant Neptune, it wasn’t worth anything and if getting rid of it keeps the game more fun, I’m okay with it.

If I’m being completely honest, Instant Fusion should go. It often enables degenerate stuff and the 1000 LP you pay are more than made up for in the Fusion you get.

Vanity’s Emptiness

I’m not surprised. I was surprised it didn’t get forbidden when it was limited years ago. R.I.P. You won’t be missed by many people. I just hope Skill Drain stays limited for now.





Maxx “C”

Why? Why was this limited? Is it because if your opponent plays Maxx “C” you can deck them out? Maxx “C”, Effect Veiler, Ghost Ogre, Ghost Reaper, the rest of the “C”s and basically every other hand trap is largely very very fair. Nobody is getting blown out by Gorz anymore because Gorz isn’t very good anymore. I was against Maxx “C” going down to two and even more against it going to one.

Rescue Cat

Please check here to see if Cat has received errata. At the time of writing, it hasn’t and I think it’s probably fine. Cat can get Airbellum, Hootcake, Wind-Up Rat, Darksoul, Valerifawn, Yokutuner, Key Mouse and Elephun. You can make most Level 6 or lower Synchros with just Rescue Cat. I’d play one in something like Madolche where you can get a Hootcake and another Level 3 to make an Xyz with but I wouldn’t play something like Synchro Cat. You can still go Monk into Monk into Cat into double tuners and make nearly any synchro from there.

I’m fine with one Cat. Two cats is dicey and could enable some cool decks. I’m a little scared of three cats but they could be harmless.

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

YES! I really love Brionac and Coral Dragon basically said to me that we’re never getting original Brio back. Both Brionacs have won me countless games and the Synchro enables really degenerate things. Unfortunately, it looks like Brionac is getting an errata so that you can only use the effect of Brionac once per turn. It doesn’t even become a once per turn ignition effect that can be reset by having it leave and return to the field. I can’t find anything from Konami or official about TCG but I don’t think they’d give us something as powerful as Brionac without errata-ing it.

Brionac will still be powerful but not degenerate. And with it being once per turn, Coral Dragon actually competes because Coral Dragon has more ATK, destroys and draws a card but Brionac bounces any number of things.

Brain Control

I can’t imagine that this is more than another Snatch Steal family fun times. The OCG has a Brain Control that can only take face-up monsters that can be normal summoned/set. The TCG has no such errata at the time of writing. Please check the database before you start playing with the card. This makes Brain Control pretty bad to be honest. You can’t take any Extra Deck monster, nor can you take irrelevant boss monsters like BLS or Judgment Dragon. This is fine if it has the errata. This should be forbidden next list if there isn’t an errata. I’m okay with giving us something powerful for a single format.

Future Fusion

Now that the Dragon Rulers aren’t legal, Future Fusion is pretty safe to come off. It may be dangerous because there are Invoked and HERO fusions that require one monster of an attribute. For now, I think it’s fine because you can’t go FuFu, dump Zephyros, return FuFu, dump Plague, make Brio, bounce FuFu, dump 3 Eclipse Wyvern and two Dragon Rulers, summon a Ruler, search with another Ruler + Wyvern, bounce FuFu again, dump more Rulers and dragons, do more crazy things including bounce FuFu again. R.I.P. Dragon Rulers.

All in all, Future Fusion probably shouldn’t come back but I don’t think it’ll do much damage right now in the next couple months.

Imperial Order

I haven’t seen anything about an errata, so this has to be another Snatch Steal bout. Thankfully this only negates Spell Card EFFECTS and Pendulum Scales are part of the card. Skill Drain doesn’t make Summoned Skull’s ATK 0. I’m excited to play with old secret rare Imperial Orders. If you don’t know what to cut for it, let me remind you that Vanity’s Emptiness, previously limited, is now forbidden and your deck has one slot open for a continuous trap that ruins your opponent’s day.

Wisdom-Eye Magician

This is fine. Maybe I’ll try to play some Magician thing again, even with Pendulum Call limited. Magicians will always be a fun locals deck.

Zoodiac Ratpier

So it’s less easy to make additional Xyz next to Drident, which is a good thing in general. Zoo isn’t dead, Drident is still unlimited and Drident is the best card in the deck. Whiptail is also annoying and still unlimited. Semi-Limited Ratpier is where it belongs. In a few months something else will have to go if Konami wants to sell new cards but until then, everything else being unlimited is fine. They also want to sell packs with new Zoodiac cards coming out.

Interrupted Kaiju Slumber

I’m unsure this was a problem but I suppose that it’s fine to go down to two copies before it becomes a problem. I like the ability to fine tune the list and have cards limited or semi-limited rather than unlimited or flat out forbidden but semi-limited is the strangest spot. It’s too powerful to have three copies, but one copy is too limiting?

Strange but not necessarily unwarranted.


Sangan is buns now. I’m sorry, folks. Okay, maybe it’s not buns but it’s not insane anymore. It’s still a fine card and maybe decks will play it but it won’t reach the height of play it used to see. The problem with Sangan, the reason why it’s not good anymore, is because it’s too slow. You have to summon it somehow, likely using your Normal Summon for the turn, and either crashing it into your opponent’s monster or hoping they run it over. At that point, you go search up Ratpier or whatever you need to get rolling. You can still use Sangan like they did in the finals of worlds 2012 to search Effect Veiler, Call of the Haunted Sangan back, search Effect Veiler again and again so your opponent can’t go off with Inzektor Dragonfly but we’re past that. Yugioh is too fast now.

Sangan, especially with the errata, is too slow.

Overall, I like this list a lot. I don’t like the errata but how likely was it that I was going to be able to play with Brionac in a tournament without one? Ideally, TCG and OCG become one and a rotating and non-rotating format are introduced but that’s also unlikely to happen because Konami is a video game company and as long as Yugioh is making money, they’re not going to change.

Pick up your Brios now and let me know what you think of the list in the comments or on…


4 thoughts on “March 31st 2017 Forbidden & Limited List Update (TCG ban list)”

  1. Imperial Order, as long as it reads (Negate all Spell effects on the field), and isn’t likely to kill you immediately after you activate it. Is liable to be an Overpowered card. There is enough strength in spell cards that most decks can’t run them, and being able to negate 1 for free, and cause all others to be blank is pretty powerful. Heck, it completely spoils blind Twin Twisters something fierce.

  2. RIP Neptune – I heard it was Lyrical Luscinias too, but my league players told me it burns for 5000 but can hit 8800 ATK somehow, nobody told me the exact details(Kuriboh decks still hold it off for a turn or two, though, which is hilarious). Mostly just sad because I wanted to play a really bad Nine-Planets+Supremacy Sun Deck and can’t now because Neptune is gone. At least I can play him for a few more days. Also yes, kill Instant Fusion, I’m sick of watching people with more money than I do(not to mention who can find Fusion Enforcers wherever it’s hiding from me) throw Norden plays out every game. Me? I’d use it for an old Elemental HERO like Mariner just because.
    Yay, Future Fusion is coming back! I can get Mariner without having to wait to draw stupid Avian! Do we know if it’s getting errata’d here or not?
    Ratpier. Wish they’d just straight up killed the card, and half the Extra Deck too. And gave us Stratos(Disc Commander) back. Yeah, yeah, they won’t for multiple various reasons, but I can dream.
    Vanity’s Emptiness is the only other card I’ve ever dealt with on here, but I hate it. Granted, if I can get Dark Law out early enough my opponent using it completely shuts down most decks, but who’s going to go Emptiness when their opponent has Dark Law out?

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