Leaked April 18th Forbidden & Limited List (It’s probably fake, I know)

So we got another presumably fake list. Before everyone says it’s fake before saying anything else, let me reason with you. This list is likely not real, but let’s talk about it pretending it is. Then we can talk about what we think of the changes if it were the real list.

So anyone could fake this list with MS Paint and a camera, but playing Devil’s Advocate, if the intern that supposedly works for Jonathan Edwards would just take a picture on their phone because if they screen capped then sent it somewhere using that presumably Konami computer, there would be a record of it. Taking a picture on a smartphone would be faster and less likely to be caught. Remember Kozmoll Wickedwitch? That was a crappy camera pic of the card poorly cut out. Lightsword too.

I’ll post the “source” images at the bottom. It says updated 4/9/2016, which is April 9th for those living outside of the U.S. And the list is put into effect April 18th. So we have over a week of waiting. Less if you’re reading this in the future. You may have seen the real list already. I’m surprised Solemn Strike is still at three, but if this is the list, I can’t do anything about it. just gotta let them Strike my Beatrice and get Pilgrim Dante.


Performage Plushfire and Performage Damage Juggler.
Not really a surprise. These were hits on the Adjusted List. Most players have gotten used to those changes by now. We can’t see the Xyz portion of the forbidden section, but we can assume Tellarknight Ptolemaeus is also forbidden. Nothing too exciting here. Moving on.


Don't worry, Big Eye, the errata army is coming for the TCG

Dark Magician of Chaos
The official TCG text already has an errata, so DMoC is bad now. Can go to three. No problem, moving on.

Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer; Performapal Monkeyboard and Performapal Skullcrobat Joker were also Adjusted List changes. Nothing surprising if they’re official. Moving on.

Monster Reborn
I am kind of surprised. This is a change like Snatch Steal, but not so bad. Surprising, to me at least. Monster Reborn is a powerful spell, but you need to have a monster in the Graveyard that you want to bring back. I know that isn’t hard and it helps push combos through removal like Torrential Tribute and extend other combos. I think one Monster Reborn is fine. It was forbidden along with the Dragon Ruler babies and didn’t see much play then because it wasn’t needed. Maybe it will see play now. Bringing back an Ignister or Dark Destroyer is a lot more powerful than summoning a Dracossack back. Crimson Blader could outright win you the game, though. Monster Reborn isn’t Snatch Steal, though. Drawing it when your opponent only has one monster doesn’t mean you win the game.

The Monarchs Stormforth
Not surprising. I don’t like this card because no one likes their monsters tributed by their opponent. It’s a quickplay. You still get your battle phase. One copy per deck is ok with me. And it feels incredibly unfair when I Tribute Summon Ehther by tributing your dude on your turn. Limited is fine.

Emergency Teleport
I think E-Teleport is fine unlimited. Super Hippo Carnival or whatever is coming out soon and that is better unless you’re running other psychics/Quantums to go with your Blue Layer. I understand why Konami wouldn’t want this at three and even though I disagree, there isn’t anything I could do if it is limited. I guess it’s a hit to Kozmo. I forgot about them. Even though they’re still doing well at tournaments Kozmo aren’t talked about.

Semi limited:

Tour Guide From the Underworld
With Graff limited, Cir semi’d and now Dante semi’d, Tour Guide loses some power. The other Burning Abyss hits make Tour Guide less relevant even though you will see it more often now.

Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss
This hit hurts PK Fire and Burning Abyss. Two Dante can still cycle Dante’s forever. After DUEA came out I knew many people were rocking Burning Abyss with only two Dante because everyone at everyone’s locals wouldn’t trade their Dantes. I know people didn’t get their third Dante until after Virgil came out in NECH. Two Dante hurts, but not a lot. This also indirectly hurts Cherry Blossom and Drifting Ghost or whatever it’s called.

Book of Moon
I’ve been waiting for this card to go to two. A lot of other people have, too. Book of Moon is probably the best strict minus one in the game. And the fact that it isn’t seeing high level play right now means a minus one on any level isn’t worth playing. Plus it targets. It’s still a good card, don’t get me wrong. Book of Moon will likely go to three the format after.

Draco Face-Off
This is basically the heart and soul of the new DracoPal deck. With Rector coming out it only gets stronger. For now, two seems fair. You won’t see it all the time but it is still worth playing because it means two more cards that get you to Luster. And everyone knows Luster gets you to Ignister and Ignister is what wins games.


Card Trooper
Toop, dupe, scoop isn’t a thing anymore. Milling 9 and attacking for 5700 with 3 floaters is still a good play. Card Trooper just isn’t as good anymore. Dante 1.0 is a good card, but not something so unfair it needs to really be on the list.

Allure of Darkness
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If you think Monster Reborn will come back, they’re not that much right now. Then after you buy your Monster Reborn, share this with your friends.

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I’m kind of sorry for the rushed quality but I wanted to post this as soon as I saw it.

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