January 1 OCG Forbidden & Limited List update

OCG has a new list with some erratas. You all know that I’m not fond of erratas. Let’s go.

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Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin (1->0)

Rightfully so. Kirin is not the type of card that should exist and is secretly not so secretly one of the best cards in the game. Constellar Pleiades that I don’t need to invest two Level 5 LIGHT monsters into? Yes please.

Speedroid Terrortop (3->1)

If Terrortop could only be used as an Xyz Material for WIND Xyz, it wouldn’t have been a problem. Totem Bird, Leviair and Muzurhythm are good cards but not worth limiting Top over. Top to one is a good thing. No more auto top in OCG.

Rescue Cat (0->1)

You can only use the effect of Rescue Cat once per turn and the monsters it summons have their effect(s) negated. You can still go Monk → Monk → Cat → 2 Airbellum into double Dark Strike Fighter but that’s not as good anymore because Dark Strike Fighter sucks now. You’re better off making Moonlight, Clear Wing, Yazi, Meteorburst or any of the other Level 7 Synchros. Cat is fine at one, for now, and isn’t broken now that you can only use it once per turn. Fair, maybe can go to two, even three.

Goyo Guardian (0->1)

Now it requires an EARTH Tuner in OCG, which makes it bad now. Goyo did nothing in the TCG without an errata, can go to three and didn’t need the errata. I’m glad Konami is cleaning up the Forbidden List but not at the expense of confusing any players who have the old cards. There’s also the TCG/OCG split, where people in Japan need an EARTH Tuner for Goyo Guardian, but the TCG doesn’t? I feel like the changes are going to come to TCG, too.

Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier (2->1)

Dewloren should never be at two or more. It’s a broken card.

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (0->1)

Brionac should never be at one or more, it’s a broken card. Oh wait, it got neutered, too. You can only use the effect of Brionac once per turn now, and you can only target cards your opponent controls. Originally, Brionac had no once per turn clause at all and you could bounce your own cards, too, which lead to some degeneracy. Now Brionac is basically a worse Coral Dragon. Sure, it can bounce multiple things but Coral Dragon draws a card later and actually destroys the thing.

Toadally Awesome (3->1)

Goodbye meme toad. I won’t miss you at one. Toadally Awesome is the type of card that you’re not going to play just one of. I hope this change comes to the TCG soon but it probably won’t.

Fire Formation – Tenki (3->1)

This is because of Zoodiacs. This list cut 4, effectively 5, marmorat from the deck. Two Tenki and two Tops but one Top isn’t worth running, so you may as well cut the last Top. Now there’s just 3 rat, 3 Triangle and 1 Tenki.

Union Hangar (3->1)
I was too lazy to find an English version.

This is the card that makes ABC good. ABC-Dragon Buster is a good card but it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t summon it with the greatest of ease. It’s also still limited, Terraforming is unlimited. This isn’t a hit like Dragon Ravine to 0. And to compare ABC-Dragon Buster to something else, Pilgrim Dante has a similar effect on the game but is too hard to summon how you normally summon Fusion Monsters, so it never saw play until Beatrice could cheat Dante into play.

Brain Control (0->1)

Still good but it can only take monsters that can be Normal Summon/Set, which means no Synchros, Xyz, Fusions or anything with summoning restrictions, Judgment Dragon for example. Probably worse than Mind Control now. Sure, it can attack and be tributed but Mind Control can take anything.

Future Fusion (0->1)

You don’t immediately get to dump things. Future Fusion has to stick around for a turn but you then get to dump whatever you want. It’s a shame Brionac and Future Fusion didn’t both come back unerrata’d because they’re pretty good cards together. I don’t believe Future Fusion should go to more than one because of what it’s done in the past and can still be abused, it’s just on a one turn delay.

Imperial Order (0->1)

The maintenance cost is no longer optional and must be paid during both players turns, which is obviously worse but it’s still a good card. Decks with very few spells can still play this, Mermail, for example, Zoodiacs, and I’m sure more archetypes will come out that can play Imperial Order, even with the updated cost.

Magician of Faith (1->2)

Nobody cares about Magician of Faith, seriously, this can go to 4 and nobody would blink.

Dandylion (1->2)

Still limited in the TCG, though, Dandylion is not the card it used to be. Lonefire is unlimited again, plants are weaker than they ever were even though they have triple Lonefire and Soul Charge now. Play plants if you want, I’m not going to stop you.

Inzektor Dragonfly (2->3)

Hornet targets and destroys, everything is immune to one of those now, Dragonfly can probably go back to three very safely, and in the TCG too.

Star Seraph Sovereignty (2->3)

Without Shock Master the Star Seraphs really aren’t scary.

Mathematician (2->3)

I don’t understand why this was even limited and still is in the TCG?…

Mezuki (2->3)

The TCG has had three for a while and nobody is winning events with Shiranui. Mezuki isn’t a problem.

El Shaddoll Fusion (2->3)

Please don’t move any Shaddoll cards ever. I don’t want to hear people complain about Construct being Forbidden, and even if you unlimit El Fusion, that’ll remind the Shaddoll players that Construct is still Forbidden.

I’m sorry this was short and that I haven’t been posting too often as of late. A lot of other things have been happening and I have something else that I’m working on. Plus, I’ve been a little bit lazy. Until next time, click an ad, leave a comment on the new OCG list and let me know what you think on…


2 thoughts on “January 1 OCG Forbidden & Limited List update”

  1. I think mathematician was hit as a hit to BA and Shaddolls.However,it seems silly for it to stay hit as both of those deck are a lot less relevant now.I find that both KoA and KoJ are really slow to move things that can come off without any problems sometimes.

  2. Ah, man, if these changes come to the TCG how am I supposed to play VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon on my goof-off days? It has literally no chance of coming out without Union Hangar…well, I guess it doesn’t have any chance with Union Hangar either. I’ll take Future Fusion’s errata, though, then I can pretend it’s still really good while also playing it. Also, huzzah for Treatoad being gone because I’m sick of hearing about it being “Toadally Awesome” to play.
    BTW, I think that if we had got Destiny HERO Deadlyguy back in Destiny Soldiers then Dystopia would have seen at least a little casual play. Added the link to the Wikia page for Deadlyguy below in case you don’t want to spend the effort looking him up. I would have put this part of the comment on the Darklords post but for some reason my comp isn’t loading that particular post, so it’s here instead. Also found out Skydive Scorcher exists today…I could have done some fun stuff with Mariner and that card…


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