Improve your game: Rants and things

infernityrandomizer-tshd-en-c-1eToday I don’t have a particular topic. Just a bunch of updates on a bunch of things that probably could be expanded into their own articles but I’m not going to. I don’t have an intro so let’s get into my smorgasbord of IYG topics.


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Joe Frankino wrote a little thing about public knowledge. Countless times I’ve searched something that I knew would matter in a few turns, like Nekroz of Valkyrus, or Veiler with Sangan and later my opponent would ask me what I searched. I tell them that the cards in my hand aren’t public knowledge and that they should remember it if they want to know. They then proceed to act like a five-year-old and I’m pretty sure Yugioh is ages 6+.


judgeman-dpkb-en-c-1eWhen you need a judge, politely tell your opponent that you’re going to call a judge, then raise your hand and say “JUDGE” in a loud and clear voice and keep your hand up until a judge comes to you. At this point, the judge should say something like “Yes?” or “How can I help?”, to whoever called the judge should explain the situation and what needs to be rectified.

If you’re ever in doubt of anything, call a judge. The judges are there to ensure games are played properly and according to the rules. At most events I’ve been to, if we’re lucky, we have two judges for about 50 matches going on. It’s impossible to watch every match, so if something you aren’t sure about comes up, call a judge.

Appeal every ruling that isn’t in your favor if you truly want to win. If you’re serious about winning, you can’t care about things other than winning. If you make winning a priority, it needs to actually be a priority. If your Pot of Desires activation is negated and your opponent tells you that you can’t use a second, call a judge and appeal if they say otherwise.

If you think your opponent is slow playing or doing other things that aren’t ok, call a judge over and tell them you need to discreetly ask/tell them something. If they think that’s not okay, appeal that. Written warnings are given to track how often a player is doing something like slow playing to ensure that if it is intentional, that player is appropriately penalized, which is not your jurisdiction.


Copying deck lists to test them is 100% okay and anyone that says otherwise doesn’t have winning as one of their priorities. You should, however, test other cards in the deck and different builds. If it turns out you end up where you started, with the deck you got from the net, so be it, that was a tuned list. And everybody who shows up to a YCS with one of the meta decks is trying to win, not to be original. You can be original and have fun that way, but Johnnies with original decks aren’t the people winning tournaments.


Talking about tiers is fine if you have actual data to back it up. I made a statement saying that Metalfoes is one of the tier 1 decks. Someone replied to me telling me that Kozmo was definitely better than Metalfoes and that Metalfoes is tier 2, whereas Kozmo is tier 1. I laughed and looked at the previous day’s YCS breakdown that we have. Two out of the Top 32 were Kozmo. Four were Metalfoes AND it was a Metalfoes mirror in the finals. None of the Kozmo decks made it to Top 16 even. The metagame and current tiers are based on results that can inform you about trends for current and upcoming tournaments and events. is a site devoted to a single format of Magic, but please look at this page full of data and tell me that using actual numbers and actual data from actual events where actual people played actual games isn’t better than theory-oh about Kozmo being better than Metalfoes. You don’t have to know the difference between Jund and Abzan or what the decks actually are and/or do, just look at the data.

Here’s my little disclaimer. I’m not saying Metalfoes is better than Kozmo (it is), that’s open for discussion. What isn’t is Kozmo being tier 1 and Yugioh players not understanding that tiers aren’t a power level ranking. And please, for the sake of my family before I go crazy, stop saying tier 1.5, 2.5 and so on.


PotofDesires-TDIL-EN-ScR-1EYou want to draw Pot of Desires so you can activate it, no? Outside of janky options like Dark Sage, Ancient Gear Drill and cheating with Spell Power Grasp, there really isn’t a way to search cards like Desires. You want to give yourself the best chance of drawing Desires so that you can draw two cards. Your deck should still be 40 cards.

Avid reader concerned about the ‘downside’ of Desires: “But Big Eye, what if I deck out?”

Then you should be playing a deck that can actually win before it decks out. I’ve activated two Desires and won before deck out so many times. You’re most likely going to see one less than the amount you run in a 40 card deck. I’ve never had triple Desires games.

Nekroz was consistent enough to run 45 cards at the first YCS they were legal at. The deck was super consistent and could afford the consistency loss and still, the winning lists trended towards 40 cards. Please, use math to build your deck. Have as few cards in your deck as possible.


Look here for proof. I’m sorry if you can’t buy all the cards you want. I can’t either. You just have to prioritize the cards you need and sell what you don’t. You’re really not going to turn a profit and certainly not be at a net zero loss without being super vigilant. The game being expensive is a valid complaint but please stop repeating it. Everybody already knows.


toadallyawesome-inov-en-scr-1ePlease stop hyping up OCG stuff. Seeing Toadally Awesome for the first time a week ago would have been very exciting for everyone. There isn’t much to do about this because people will always translate what Japan gets first but the least you can do is not make a big deal about OCG stuff that won’t be out for months. Plus, nobody is excited for the current sets. We may not get Darklords for years. Shut up about OCG stuff.

INOV set review is coming. Tomorrow I’m going to talk about Dredge, a magic deck. Until then, click an ad, get those Dimensional Barriers and discuss on…


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  1. I think part of the reason OCG cards are hyped so much is because online simulators include them before tcg release.

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