Set review: Invasion: Vengeance part 1

inov-boosterenIt’s finally time for the INOV set review. For those new here, the usual structure is fairly simple, I go over 40 cards, then the next 40, then the 20 WP cards at the end but this time I’m going to do it a little differently. I’m going to go over the eight secrets, 10 ultras and 14 supers in part one, and then in part two, the 18 rares and 46 commons. It leads to longer articles but I think that fewer parts are better. The World Premier cards (WP) are going to be marked, meaning they’re OCG imports or TCG exclusives (for now.) Cards without a competitive rating aren’t viable. Let’s go.


Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended

sauravistheancientandascended-inov-en-scr-1eSo Sauravis can’t be searched with Pre-Prep because no Ritual Spell specifically names it. Regular Preparation of Rites can search it because it’s Level 7. You don’t have to use Sprite’s Blessing, though, you can use anything like Advanced Ritual Art if you’d like. Rituals are typically pretty jank because you need so many cards to make them work and they’re busted when you cheat that. (Nekroz and GishkHieratic) So where would Sauravis slot in? Obviously in a Herald of Perfection build. It works like Nekroz of Trishula in the hand, but also like Stardust Warrior on the field, except it goes back to your hand instead. Both help out your Herald when it can’t help itself – mostly the summon part. The only downside is that you’ll have to summon Sauravis again properly because it goes back to your hand and ‘resets’ the proper Special Summon. The summon stopping effect does hit multiple monsters and banishes all of them, which is a nice bonus against Pendulums, but I’m not sure Herald is good enough, even with Sauravis. Maybe we cut Pre-Prep and run only Sprites Blessing to summon Sauravis, Herald and Saffira. In a Herald build, I’d still want to run Pre-Prep to search Herald and Saffira, but if I replace their Ritual Spells with Sprite’s Blessing, drawing their specific Ritual Spell and Pre-Prep sucks. I’ll look into it.

Competitive rating: Slots decently into Herald but not good enough because there’s no Pre-Prep or Fairy support.
Casual rating: Broken, like most things.

Starving Venom Fusion Dragon

starvingvenomfusiondragon-inov-en-scr-1eWithout Super Polymerization, I don’t expect this to see play competitively. People just aren’t running Polymerization and other generic fusion stuff. It’s all specific to Shaddolls, Metalfoes, Frightfurs, HEROs or whatever the archetype is. Maybe this could fit into a Lunalight deck? It’s actually really good if you could summon it with even just a regular Quick-Play Polymerization. Get on that Konami, but make the downside that you can only fuse with cards on the field, like Fusion Substitute.

Competitive rating: Only if Super Poly is legal.
Casual rating: Broken in any DARK deck.

Fullmetalfoes Alkahest

fullmetalfoesalkahest-inov-en-scr-1eI know this is secret rare but you only need one. Mithrilium can put it back in case you need the second one. I know a lot of people are going to play this incorrectly, so listen up for one minute if you’re going to play Metalfoes. Alkahest’s ‘stealing’ effect can only be used during your opponent’s turn, not your own. You cannot revive Alkahest with anything because it says so. It only gains DEF, so don’t put it in Attack Position. You can only steal face-up Effect Monsters. You can equip your own monsters if you need/want to. The best way to use Alkahest is to either back up something like Crystal Wing/Stardust Spark/Jowgen or to set two Counters and Fullmetalfoes Fusion and summon Alkahest in case your Jowgen is destroyed and steal their biggest threat. Alkahest really isn’t a boss type monster. It’s an answer to things. And, you only need one.

Competitive rating: Really good, make sure you’ve got one. Don’t forget that you can use Gofu tokens.
Casual rating: Probably good. I don’t really play casually.

Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon

darkrequiemxyzdragon-inov-en-scr-1eIs this actually Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon’s final form? Probably not, it’s Yugioh after all. There are enough different Rank-Up Magics to rank up the original into this guy but the way Konami expects us to is probably the Phantom Knights’ one. It’s pretty good and this may or may not put Phantom Knights back on the map since they can go Break Sword, destroy itself, Dark Rebellion, make it big, attack, then either during M2, PK RUM or wait until your opponent’s turn. No Battle Phase tricks with it, though. PKs can also make Ophion with PK RUM. Dark Requiem and Ophion may make Phantom Knights good enough again.

Competitive rating: Not quite as good as Crystal Wing but probably easier to summon in PK than Crystal Wing is in most decks.
Casual rating: Obviously broken if you use Rebellion.

Toadally Awesome

toadallyawesome-inov-en-scr-1eThis card never received a name change, the English name is just different from any Japanese fan translated names. Toadally Awesome is toadally awesome and makes Bahamut Shark better in decks that can make it, mostly Mermail and HERO. Dark Law plus Toadally Awsome is annoying. Abyssgaios plus Toadally Awesome is annoying. Don’t forget literally every trap ever is now a deck, meaning all the Paleozoics, some Frogs and Toadally Awesome. Check here for deck lists.

Competitive rating: I strongly believe that Ancient Frogs isn’t the best deck, but it is strong.
Casual rating: Negation is honestly less good in casual games.

Dimensional Barrier

dimensionalbarrier-inov-en-scr-1eSuper good. I’m unsure if main decking it is optimal because some large amount of people insist on playing Blue-Eyes, Dark Magicians and Kozmos, all of which can function without Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz or Pendulum. Three between your main and side is staple, though.

Competitive rating: Three-of.
Casual rating: Meh. It’s surprising that the best competitive cards are only okay casually.

Vermillion Dragon Mech (WP)

vermilliondragonmech-inov-en-scr-1eThis is not a super powerhouse, but instead, the right tool for the job. Vermillion is going to sit in your Extra Deck until the right time comes up and it’s going to act a lot like Master Hyperion, which is pretty good. A worthy addition to Blue-Eyes and any other deck that can make Level 9s.

Competitive rating: Pretty good.
Casual rating: Amazing.

Subterror Nemesis Archer (WP)

subterrornemesisarcher-inov-en-scr-1eShe’s a Level 3 EARTH Fairy, so I don’t really see any synergies going on there. She doesn’t do anything amazing except have an effect like Lightsworn Ehren. She was secret rare, too. At least Archer floats when you don’t have better things to do and Warrior plus Archer add up to Umastryx.

Competitive rating: Probably play three even though she isn’t a crucial piece.
Casual rating: Very good because casuals set monsters a lot.

Those are the secret rares. You’re hoping to pull Toadally Awesome or Dimensional Barrier. Archer and Starving Venom are kind of stinkers. Moving on.


Crystron Citree

crystroncitree-inov-en-ur-1eThis is one of the stinky ultras. Crystrons never made a splash in the OCG and I don’t expect them to in the West, either. I suppose it’s good in a Crystron deck…

Casual rating: Three-of in Crystron decks.

True King Bahrastos, the Fathomer

truekingbahrastosthefathomer-inov-en-ur-1eI’ve heard this and its counterpart compared to the Dragon Rulers. These are fair and balanced, the Dragon Rulers were not. Yes, this and Agnimazud’s stats both add up to 4800 and all the Rulers were 4600, but the True Kings aren’t as splashable. They can’t be summoned from the Graveyard (by their own effect) and don’t have four effects. I could see Bahrastos in Mermail if its ATK wasn’t so abysmal.

Competitive rating: I doubt it.
Casual rating: I’m sure it makes some cool combos.

Metalfoes Mithrilium

metalfoesmithrilium-inov-en-ur-1eMithrilium is super good and is usually the answer to your problems. Against the occasional Kozmo match-up, you use her plus Book of Eclipse to answer Dark Plant/Destroyer etc. She can even bounce your own stuff to either use it again or to clear space for a Pendulum Summon. You can even set Fullmetalfoes Fusion from your deck, bounce it and use it that turn. Mithrilium is generally better than Orichalc and has replaced it as the go-to Fusion Monster.

Competitive rating: 2 Mithrilium, one of each other Metalfoes Fusion Monster.
Casual rating: Pretty good, I guess.

Meteor Black Comet Dragon

meteorblackcometdragon-inov-en-ur-1eOne Level 7 “Red-Eyes” monster and one Level 6 Dragon-Type monster is oddly specific. Burning for 2400 on summon isn’t nothing and you can even send something like REDMD and burn for 2800. Read the card carefully. It’s not the full ATK, it’s half. So 1200 or 1400. It’s just 3500 and floats into a Normal Monster. Neat I guess.

Casual rating: I’m going to try to make a Red-Eyes deck again and be disappointed because I’m a Spike.

Crystron Quandax

crystronquandax-inov-en-ur-1eThis will see some play because it’s a Level 4 Synchro Tuner that can Synchro Summon during your opponent’s turn. That is all. Crystrons are honestly some poop.

Competitive rating: In Synchro decks, yes.
Casual rating: I guess it’s good for making the big Synchro.

Crystron Phoenix

crystronphoenix-inov-en-ur-1eThere’s the big Synchro. I literally wouldn’t bother ever making this guy. I suppose he’s got a better build in Harpie’s Feather Duster and floats into anything and it’s fairly generic. I still wouldn’t include it over Vermillion because that will be generally more useful in more scenarios because he’s more generic.

Competitive: Unlikely, but it’s got potential.
Casual: Like most things, broken if you pull it off.

Denlong, First of the Yang Zing

denglongfirstoftheyangzing-inov-en-ur-1eDenlong is crazy. Denlong makes crazy plays in Metalfoes Yang Zing. I still don’t think that that build is better than pure Metalfoes, but it’s the best Yang Zing build and is certainly the route you want to take if you’re going to play Yang Zing. Go ahead and make those crazy combos and show me what you can do. We shouldn’t have had to wait since June, though. I suppose the downside is that it’s a 0/2800.

Competitive rating: It’s a great card but the combos are vulnerable to pretty much all hand traps.
Casual rating: Less strong without crazy insane combos.

Darktellarknight Batlamyus

darktellarknightbatlamyus-inov-en-ur-1eThis is neat and I’m glad we have a 2600 ATK two-material Rank 4 Tellarknight, which is great but it won’t really push Tellars to the top.

Competitive rating: Meh.
Casual rating: Pretty good for Tellars.

Catalyst Field

catalystfield-inov-en-ur-1eThis is obviously for the Chemicritters but gives a significant boost to Red-Eyes because there are three Gemini Red-Eyes monsters that we can now Normal Summon without tributing. Not to mention, there are plenty of other Geminis to benefit from this.

Casual rating: This enables a Gemini deck, if you’re into that.

Subterror Behemoth Ultramafus (WP)

subterrorbehemothultramafus-inov-en-ur-1eUltramafus is pretty good for a Subterror. I don’t think they’ll be top tier, but you might be able to rock a locals with a Subterror deck. Ultramafus is the strongest at 3000 ATK and the highest level at 12. Its Flip effect puts all other monsters face-down for Archer to bop. Pretty decent. And one thing I didn’t realize until recently is that if you have a hand full of Subterrors, you can flip one you control face-down, summon a second, flip that face-down and summon a third and so on.

Competitive rating: If Subterrors are good, it’s because of this card.
Casual rating: Who doesn’t want a 3000 ATK beater that flips everything down every turn?


We’re going to blaze through these because most are not great.

Crystron Quan

crystronquan-inov-en-sr-1eAnother Crystron Tuner. You need it if you’re going to play Crystrons, but Crystrons are buns. Sorry.

Casual rating: Play three.

Torque Tune Gear

torquetunegear-inov-en-sr-1eI was surprised this was a super rare. It makes whatever it’s equipped to a Tuner, meaning you play Union Hangar, search whatever, Equip Torque Tune Gear and make a Synchro, probably Omega. Crimson Blader is something that has come up a lot for me playing Metalfoes, I’d like to see more of that. At your opponent’s End Phase, tag out ABC into A, B and C, equip Tune Gear, and either summon it on your turn and make Trishula or make your Level 8 Synchro Monster. Not broken but very solid.

Competitive rating: One-of in ABC.
Casual rating: It’s really good in ABC.

Cyber Angel Vrash

cyberangelvrash-inov-en-sr-1eNeat. I don’t really have anything to say because Cyber Angels aren’t competitive.

Casual rating: Really cool and potentially game-winning.

Crystron Ametrix

crystronametrix-inov-en-sr-1eThis is your Crystron non-Tuner for your Phoenix. I suppose it’s neat.

Casual rating: Probably play two.

Volca-Chemicritter Methydraco

volachemicrittermethydraco-inov-en-sr-1eThis card is pretty buns. I’d rather not have to play Geminis and just make Hope Harbinger or Heliopolis.

Casual rating: It’s a decent boss monster.

The Phantom Knights’ Rank-Up-Magic Launch

thephantomknightsrankupmagiclaunch-inov-en-sr-1eIf Phantom Knight variants are to be good again, it’s because of this card. I don’t think they’ll ever rise back to tier 1, but at least Dark Requiem and Ophion are real threats.

Competitive rating: Someone’s gotta try it.
Casual rating: Clearly broken, play three in PK.

Fullmetalfoes Fusion

fullmetalfoesfusion-inov-en-sr-1eI like super simple cards like this. It’s searchable and Quick-Play. There are some really cool tricks you can do like dodging targeted removal and making Alkahest during your opponent’s turn. Let’s not forget the wombo combo of attack with a Metalfoes, attack with another monster, then fuse them and attack with the Fusion.

Competitive rating: You only need one. Mithrilium puts it back.
Casual rating: Maybe you play two?

Tellarknight Genesis

tellarknightgenesis-inov-en-sr-1eThis is quite the card and I would have loved to have it during DUEA time. It looks like El Shaddoll Construct is being combined with a Qli core piece or something, that results in the Darktellarknight. Yugioh, nobody really plays you for the story on the cards. Go all in or don’t bother.

Competitive rating: Tellars still aren’t good enough. Neat, though.
Casual rating: Play three and still some number of Twin Twister/MST.

Pot of Acquisitiveness

potofacquisitiveness-inov-en-sr-1eThis Pot is both good and not a secret rare? What happened? I think it’d look really nice secret. Oh well. Acquisitiveness is low key broken. It’ll be popping up in side decks all the time and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some archetype try to abuse it. If only the Rulers were still legal.

Competitive rating: At least pick yours up soon.
Casual rating: Not very good.

King’s Synchro

kingssynchro-inov-en-sr-1eUhm. This exists, I guess. Konami really needs to get better at templating their cards. #yugiohsucks

Casual rating: Your ‘materials’ don’t have to be the proper materials (i.e. Trishlula).

Subterror Behemoth Stygokraken (WP)

subterrorbehemothstygokraken-inov-en-sr-1eWhat the heck is that? Someone, please tell me. What is that? Stegosaurus + Kraken? Please, God, no. I hope this thing is underwater and it’s a Sea Serpent but I know it isn’t because it’s a Subterror, meaning underground. Stygokraken is a thing of nightmares and tonight I won’t be able to sleep. Look at the little guy in the corner. The Subterror Behemoths really are Behemoths. Seriously though, you have to blow up exactly the same amount of Behemoths as you control, but you can flip them face-down before activating. I’m glad we also have a one-tribute Behemoth so I can Tribute Summon Stygokraken, set it, Special Summon Ultramafus from my hand, flip that face down, then use the Field Spell to turn Ultramafus to Attack Position and attack with it.

Competitive rating: If Subterrors are actually decent, Stygokraken is a team player. Don’t leave home without it.
Casual rating: 2600 DEF IS HUGE. Who cares about 1400 ATK when you can Ultramafus monsters face-down, then destroy monsters!

SPYRAL Master Plan (WP)

spyralmasterplan-inov-en-sr-1eSPYRALs are cool, just way too durdle-y. The deck doesn’t do anything, and I’ve tried. Using Drone is the only way to win.

Casual rating: Can’t wait for more SPYRAL MISSION cards!

SPYRAL Resort (WP)

spyralresort-inov-en-sr-1eIt searches Super Agent every turn?

Casual rating: Obviously play three and three Terraforming. I miss Chicken Game.

Paleozoic Opabinia (WP)

paleozoicopabinia-inov-en-sr-1eI thought the fact that this was based on a real thing was terrifying. It’s the green one in this image. Not very scary. Paleozoics aren’t scary after all. The card is, though. It’s unaffected by things and you never know what they’ve got in their hand. AND, it searches. Toadally Awesome and Opabinia compete for best Rank 2 in Ancient Frogs. Just kidding, it’s Toadally Awesome.

Competitive rating: You can’t play Ancient Frogs without this. Probably three.
Casual rating: Still play three. It’s only super.

My favorite card in the set is Subterror Behemoth Ultramafus. Dimensional Barrier and the new pot are the best cards in the set, in my opinion.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it. Even if you just skimmed it, that’s fine. Set reviews are long. Click an ad and let me know what your favorite card is and where you think I’m wrong on…


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  1. hi, do you test deck on ygopro or another program?

    because i looking for someone for testing and talk about this format.


        1. I don’t want everyone to just have my discord. I use that for my friends. I’m not cutting myself off from anyone. You can send me an email, message me on facebook or twitter or leave a comment here. All of that is free and so is all of my writing. I spend a lot of time writing. I have a daughter and a wife. I have other things to do. Nobody else is writing serious articles on Yugioh by themselves because readers want more and more from the content creators for free. You haven’t asked a single question, so what do you want? Do you need help tuning a deck? Send me an email with the list.

          1. I dont want help for doing a deck, i just want to talk with people who know what they say about yugioh.
            i play since 10 years at this game, casual or big tournaments. i have a family too, but i dont need money for my passion, if you dont want write all that, do like everyone and make a youtube video with comments…
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        2. What makes you entitled to 24/7 access to me? I have friends to play and test with. I’m not writing to make friends. I appreciate that you’re looking to chat with me but there’s a chat function on my Facebook page that I’m not restricting anyone from.

          1. i never say i want an acces to you 24/7, only talk when youre online or have time to talk with me… im not here to make friends too…
            i dont have FB or Twitter.

            so if you make your star and dont want talk with other player of another country, and be a savage, im ok with that and dont go here anymore for your pleasure…

  2. I’d say the Meteor Black Dragon Remake card is so oddly specific for the same reason B. Skull Dragon’s Remake says “Level 6 Fiend Normal Monster plus Red-Eyes Normal Monster” – it’s literally just Meteor Black Dragon but they’re trying to make it better. Granted, it is pretty much better than Meteor Black Dragon…but not by much. Torque Tune Gear means Ancient Gears now have yet another way to pretend they’re halfway decent, yay! (*sobs inside because new AG stuff doesn’t come out until February and I’m still waiting for literally any new Charmer Support*) I agree on Stygokraken being Nightmare Fuel too. Also, literally everyone at my League minus the Leader/Judge guy is going nuts over Crystron. I don’t get it – I’ve pulled a couple and they look like they suck. Is it just because OCG Hype? What is the deck even trying to do? Anyways, looking forward to the other half!

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