Holiday Christmas Yugioh Gift Guide

spacegift-lodt-en-c-1eIt’s always hard to know what to get somebody for the holidays. If you’re not an enfranchised Yugioh player yourself but have someone in your life that does play, it’s nearly impossible to know what to get them and to know the difference between a starter deck, a booster pack, a booster box and, generally, what to gift your Yugioh player. Hopefully, this Christmas gift guide can help you purchase something within your price range and something that the Yugioh player in your life will actually enjoy.

While this is technically a Yugioh gift guide, it’s not strictly limited to Yugioh. Magic, Pokemon, Vanguard, Buddyfight, Force of Will, and all of the other trading card games (TCGs) I can’t think of now will generally apply. Just make sure that the product you’re buying is for the TCG your person actually plays and fits their cards.

For someone you want to introduce to Yugioh
For someone who plays now and then
For someone who loves playing at home
For someone who regularly goes to tournaments
For someone you aren’t sure of how they enjoy Yugioh


61sgdcegvmlTo play Yugioh, you and someone else each need a deck. The Seto Kaiba and Yugi Moto structure decks are pretty solid, albeit the Kaiba one is better. You can play with just one but three is recommended so then you have playsets (three-of) each good card in the decks and you can take out the worst cards from the deck.

One Kaiba / Yugi deck – $10ish
One of each – $20


61m8dcbeqilAgain, more Yugi and Kaiba stuff, but these are metal tins and do not contain decks. Each tin has three packs that each have a card of each rarity. All of the cards are reprints, meaning they’ve been printed before but the reprints are almost all commonly used cards.

Kaiba Tin – $20
Yugi Tin – $20


51nmo-rhlvlThis specifically means casual players, which is not a bad thing. Playing casually and playing what you enjoy are fine as long as you aren’t thinking you’re going to win tournaments. I want to encourage everyone who likes ‘bad decks’ to play those decks as long as they understand that they aren’t competitive. That being said, Legendary Decks II is a set of three 43-card decks based on Yugi, Joey and Kaiba from the anime and includes some pretty good new cards, like Eternal Soul and some ever-popular cards like Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Legendary Decks II – $30


These players, Spikes, often have all the cards they usually want and buying them cards typically isn’t the route to go. These players often attain their own cards upon release because they want to play with the newest and best at all times, which is fair, but what can you get someone who has all the cards? A few things, actually.


81qop2zo2ol-_sl1500_This goes for everyone. If you’ve seen your person playing without sleeves, any set is better than no sleeves at all. You need sleeves to keep your cards in good shape while shuffling and playing with them. Sleeves also maintain any monetary value the cards have. There are three main factors when it comes to sleeves.

1) Size
There are two standards for TCGs, Yugioh (small) and Magic/Pokemon (standard). Yugioh cards are physically smaller than other TCGs and need smaller sleeves. Yugioh size is about 62mm x 89mm. The sleeves you’re buying should say something like ‘small’, ‘Yugioh’ or specifically give the dimensions.
2) Brand
There are many, many, many brands available. Some people prefer certain brands, some people don’t care. My favorite is Dragon Shield but other popular sleeves are KMC, Ultra Pro and Ultimate Guard.
3) Color
This is all preference but make sure you don’t get sleeves your person won’t use. Ask your person what their favorite colors are or to see their deck. If their deck is in green sleeves, it’s likely that more green sleeves would be welcome.

If you’re all about that holiday magic, pretend to be curious, clueless and interested in seeing their deck and ask about the ‘cases’. They’re called sleeves, so calling them cases will ensure that they think you know nothing and nothing will be suspected. Since sleeves are fairly cheap, getting a bunch of the same color could be a really nice gift. I resleeve once, maybe twice, a month (They break. They get dirty. I have mild OCD.) and $50-60 of sleeves would probably last me a whole year, provided they’re the same color.

Dragon Shield – $8-10
Ultra Pro – $3-4
Ultimate Guard – $7
KMC – $7-8

Deck Boxes

41rw9d-zxflMost people already have a deck box but there are some products that I wouldn’t actually buy. This tower and this tower are really cool and something I’d like to have but aren’t quite the thing I’d actually purchase. Ultra Pro also offers cheap boxes but they don’t hold up well. I really like this deck box and this one. The Monster double box is my favorite and what I use most. A Monster box with two or three sets of Black Dragon Shields would have been the best and most relevant gift that my Grandma could get me. Sleeves and deck boxes have decent stocking stuffer potential, too.

Ultimate Guard Deck Case – $30
Ultra Pro Tower – $20
Satin Tower – $10-15
Monster Double – $8-12
Ultra Pro – $1-2


Almost all players have a playmat already, but if they don’t, they need one. Ultra Pro has some nice, cheap, simple mats. There are countless other mats from other companies and styles but Ultra Pro has really clean, simple mats and I really enjoy the elegance of not having cluttered art on my mat. Khalsa Brain Games also makes nice mats but they’re always in limited runs and are typically highly sought after.

Ultra Pro Mats – $10ish
Khalsa Brain Games (Spellground) – $40 or so

Booster Box

61dajfa2zmlWhen in doubt, get sleeves and a deck box, but a booster box of packs can be a really nice gift and are always exciting to open. They’re not the best investment and I typically suggest you don’t buy boxes but I wouldn’t ever turn one down if I got one as a gift. Check here to see what the latest set is and then you can buy it some place like Amazon.

Booster Box – $70-$100


giftcard-taev-en-c-1eAsk them. Ask your person if they had $-insert your budget here- to spend on Yugioh, what would they buy. Maybe they’ll name a specific card they’ve been pining for, say they’re going to use it on tournament entries or suggest some other thing I haven’t thought of because it’s specific to their needs. See if you can get a gift card to their local game store or if cash isn’t too impersonal, it could still be your best option. It’s the holidays, see if you can’t find something your loved one likes and spend some time with them.

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Christmas Yugioh Gift Guide”

  1. I found this really helpful. My 10 year old son has just gotten into playing and I didn’t know where to begin. Thanks for the simplicity here. I appreciate it.

    1. I’m glad you found it useful. I’ve seen plenty of articles written for other hobbies that kids around age 10 or so might have but not Yugioh. I also wrote this guide if your son is interested in going to a local shop and playing in tournaments.

      And just a bit of warning, Yugioh says ages 6+ but I really believe it should be closer to 12-14+. It’s a complicated game with a very steep learning curve. That’s not to discourage you, it’s so you’re prepared if/when your son has a hard time with the game.

      Email me if you have any questions, best of luck to both of you!

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