Farewell Dueling Network

rip dn

Well. Dueling Network is down. Does this mean Yugioh has lost a lot of players? Is Yugioh dead? Are people going to play Hearthstone?

Yugioh is not dead. I’ll just say this now. DevPro, YGOPro and all of the other automatic systems are not DN. Dueling Network, once at a high rating, you were only facing other players with high rankings. Dueling Network was not the place to learn a new deck or have friendly interactions. High rated DN was the best place to play high level Yugioh. Now that’s gone.

Rest in peace high rated DN. You won’t be missed, low rated duels.

For all the haters of DN, let me just say this. The Pro clients use OCG rulings. The Pro clients have timers. There are no shortcuts. Misclicking can cost games. Dueling Network was a better place to play high level Yugioh once you got out of the low rated duels.

You will be missed, Dueling Network.

Another reason for unification – TCG players don’t play with OCG rules. PRO clients use OCG rules.

Here you go.┬áDN is dead. Maybe someone will create something similar? Absolutely no promises on any level, but I’m going to look into costs of creating and running a similar site. Until tomorrow, get those Felgrand decks. They’re legal for the NAWCQ. Number S0 is not.

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