Deck of the day: Metalfoes Yang Zing

baxiabrightnessoftheyangzing-duea-en-scr-1eEverybody likes dragons, right? I don’t know what it is about dragons but everybody thinks they’re cool. Even my two-year-old that doesn’t know the difference between dragons and dinosaurs likes them. Unfortunately, today is not about dragons. Duelist Alliance brought us Shaddolls and Tellars, that use Fusion Summoning and Xyz Summoning, respectively. The TCG also got Burning Abyss, a second Xyz archetype but this was Rank 3 focused. Later we would get Qliphorts, a Pendulum archetype and Nekroz, a Ritual archetype. All of these decks were at least competitive. Where is the Synchro archetype? Konami messed up with Yang Zing. They’re Wyrm-Type and are the DUEA Synchro archetype. Now that they have Denglong and Metalfoes, is it time for them to compete? Let’s learn how the deck works.


3 Metalfoes Silverd
3 Metalfoes Goldriver
3 Metalfoes Steelen
1 Metalfoes Volflame
3 Zefraniu, Secret of the Yang Zing
1 Zefraxi, Treasure of the Yang Zing (I’d like to find room for the second)
3 Chiwen, Light of the Yang Zing
3 Jiaotu, Darkness of the Yang Zing
1 Pulao, Wind of the Yang Zing
2 Bixi, Water of the Yang Zing
3 Bi’an, Earth of the Yang Zing
3 Suanni, Fire of the Yang Zing


3 Yang Zing Path
1 Metalfoes Fusion
1 Soul Charge


2 Metalfoes Combination
3 Nine Pillars of the Yang Zing
1 Zefra Divine Strike
0 Vanity’s Emptiness


1 Herald of the Arc Light
2 Denglong, First of the Yang Zing
1 Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing
3 Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing
1 Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer
1 Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
1 Void Ogre Dragon
1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1 Ultimaya Tzolkin
1 Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy
1 Metalfoes Adamante
1 Metalfoes Mithrilium

I'm playing with better quality images.
I’m playing with better quality images.

All of the Yang Zing monsters summon another from your Deck when they’re destroyed and sent to the Graveyard except for the two Zefras. The ones with 0 ATK summon the monster in Attack Position, while the 0 DEF Yang Zing summon the monster they float into in Defense Position. Chiwen, with 0/0, can summon a Yang Zing in either position.

Each non-Tuner non-Pendulum Yang Zing gives any Synchro Monster they’re used for a bonus, too. Suanni gives 500 ATK and DEF. Bi’an prevents the mosnter from being destroyed by battle. Bixi makes it unaffected by Trap Cards and Pulao, Spell Cards. They’re Levels 4 to 1, in order.

Yang Zing is a Syncrho archetype and to actually Synchro Summon, we need Tuners. Chiwen and Jiaotu are our Tuners. Chiwen is Level 1 and can summon itself from the Graveyard whenever a Yang Zing is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. Jiaotu is Level 2 and can summon two Yang Zings from your deck by discarding two Yang Zing cards if you control no other monsters. There’s some list somewhere that lists all 200+ possible Synchro Monsters that Jiaotu can summon. Most of the time we’re just making Baxia, the Yang Zing Synchro.

3 Chiwen
3 Jiaotu
1 Pulao
2 Bixi
3 Bi’an
3 Suanni

This is largely considered the most optimal engine, now we need some Pendulums to combo off. Zefraniu and Zefraxi are the Yang Zing Pendulum Monsters. Zefraniu is Level 6, Scale 7 and if it’s Pendulum Summoned or destroyed in your Monster Zone, you can search for one Zefra or Yang Zing Spell/Trap Card. Zefraxi is Level 3, Scale 1 and when it’s Pendulum Summoned, or Special Summoned from the deck, you can make a Yang Zing a Tuner until the end of the turn but Zefraxi goes to the bottom of your Deck if it leaves the field. You usually don’t use them as scales but you can. Normally, you summon them from the Deck, Synchro Summon with them, then Pendulum Summon them back.

So Yang Zings need some way to consistently get Jiaotu out, two Yang Zing cards in hand and scales to Pendulum Summon back Zefraxi and Zefraniu after we’ve used them as material. In come the Metalfoes. They’re Scale 1 to 8 and can destroy any face-up card to set a Metalfoes Spell/Trap directly from the Deck. This means if you open with any Metalfoes, any non-Pendulum Yang Zing and any two Yang Zing cards with at just one of each Zefra in your deck, you can make some crazy fields. I’ll go over the main combo later but that’s what enables Yang Zing to make plays.

3 Zefraniu
1 Zefraxi
3 Silverd
3 Goldriver
3 Steelen
1 Volflame

This is the Pendulum Engine that most builds use and I’ve found to be most optimal. 6-4 low-high scales with Metalfoes because we have three Scale 7s in Zefraniu and don’t need all three to do combos. Magical Abductor has been removed because it isn’t searchable and doesn’t do anything we want anymore.

ninepillarsofyangzing-inov-en-r-1eThere are two Infernity Barrier style Trap Cards we can use as well as Solemn Strike, Warning, Soul Charge, Twin Twisters and the rest of the on-theme Metalfoes, Yang Zing and Zefra support. There’s not room for all of it because that takes a lot of space. I use the following.

1 Soul Charge
1 Metalfoes Fusion
3 Yang Zing Path
2 Metalfoes Combination
3 Nine Pillars of Yang Zing
1 Zefra Divine Strike

I don’t have any Twin Twisters in the Main Deck because there isn’t space. The flex slots are Volfame, Pulao, Bixi, Bi’an, the third Path and Divine Strike. I like all of the YZ cards to ensure I always open a YZ to destroy and two more YZ cards to discard. You always want to go first to set up big boards. Twin Twister doesn’t help you establish a board when you’re going first. I suppose you could cut Volflame, the third path or Divine Strike for two or three Twin Twisters if you want. Storm is much the same. Painful Decision used to be in the slot that Volflame is but I kept finding myself unable to search if the game drags on. It’s still a good card because it can be either scale but during your combo, it doesn’t matter which one you have to start. The deck rarely Fusion Summons and Fullmetalfoes Fusion isn’t worth a spot. If anything, I’d start adding Counters or the third Combination if I wanted more Metalfoes cards to set. Yang Zing Creation wants to play a different type of game than you want to. This deck wants to summon a bunch of hard to kill monsters and Creation is too slow. Maybe a one-of would be okay. We have three Nine Pillars already plus Divine Strike. We really don’t need Solemn Strike or Warning. I’d like to fit Emptiness in but the only cuts I could make would be Path or Divine Strike. I’d also like to add a second Zefraxi but again, would have to cut Volflame, Path or Divine Strike.

Let’s talk about the Synchros, this is a Synchro deck after all. Baxia is the best Synchro in the whole deck. You need three. On summon, Baxia potentially shuffles in a bunch of your opponent’s cards but isn’t limited to just your opponent’s cards. There was one game where I had a set Metalfoes Fusion that I couldn’t activate, summoned Baxia, shuffled it into my deck, destroyed my own other YZ, summoned a YZ from deck, Chiwen from grave, then blew up the YZ from deck, summoned Suanni from grave and got Zefraxi from my deck, made Denglong, searched Zefraniu. Made Ignister with Zefraxi and Denglong, summoned Jiaotu from deck, Pendulum Summoned Zefraniu and made another Baxia. This wouldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t able to shuffle my own cards into the deck.

denglongfirstoftheyangzing-inov-en-ur-1eAfter Baxia, we have Denglong, another combo enabler, Yazi, good for grinding, and the Tzolkin package of Tzolkin himself, Void Ogre, Crystal Wing and Ignister. And the most underrated card and disrespected card is Herald of the Arc Light. Arc Light made with Bi’and can’t be destroyed by battle and Baxia can continously bring Herald back every turn by destroying your other Yang Zings or your Pendulum Monsters. You also need at least one Metalfoes Fusion. Adamante plus Denglong also makes Tzolkin.

We have four slots left and I’ve filled them with a second Denglong, Trishula, Hope Harbinger and Metalfoes Mithrilium. Other options that I like are Chaofeng, Star Eater, Beelze, Scarlight, Omega, Stardust Spark, Odd-Eyes Meteorburst, Metaphys Horus and Coral Dragon. Pick what you think is the most useful here. Coral Dragon is the only monster I’ve wanted. The third Denglong is also respectable and a good choice. Nirvana High Paladin is a really cool card that you can make with Baxia + Jiaotu or Steelen if you’re into that.

Allow me to explain the most basic of combos.

Jiaotu + any two Yang Zing cards

Activate Jiaotu and summon Zefraniu and Suanni/Chiwen.
Make Baxia.
Destroy other Yang Zing, summon Jiaotu.
Other Yang Zing summons Bi’an.
Make Denglong and search Nine Pillars.
Denglong dump Chiwen.
You’re set up to make a Herald that can’t be destroyed by battle after Nine Pillars stops something.

Jiaotu + any two Yang Zing cards

Activate Jiaotu and summon Zefraniu and Suanni/Bi’an/Chiwen.
Make Baxia.
Destroy your other YZ and get back Jiaotu.
Float your other YZ into Bixi.
Make Arc Light.
Each turn negate something with Arc Light and get Arc Light back with Baxia.

Chiwen in your Graveyard + any YZ that can summon from the Deck, except Bi’an + Nine Pillars

Activate Nine Pillars, destroy your YZ and negate their thing.
Activate Chiwen and your Yang Zing.
Summon Bi’an and Chiwen.
Activate Bi’an and make Herald of the Arc Light.

Metalfoes + YZ non-Pendulum + two Yang Zing cards

Activate Metalfoes scale.
Normal Summon Yang Zing monster.
Destroy Yang Zing monster, set Metalfoes Combination from your Deck.
Special Summon Jiaotu.
Discard two Yang Zing cards, Special Summon Zefraniu and Zefraxi.
Synchro for Baxia. Optional: Shuffle away opponent’s cards.
Destroy Combination with Baxia, summon Jiaotu from grave.
Search the opposite scale with Combination.
Make Denglong, search Nine Pillars. Do NOT set it yet.
Activate the other scale and Pendulum Summon Zefraxi + Zefraniu.
Activate both of their effects, make Baxia a Tuner and search Divine Strike/Nine Pillars.
Make second Baxia with Zefraxi + Denglong.
Special Summon any YZ from your Deck that you haven’t activated. (like Pulao)
Destroy Pulao with Baxia to Special Summon Jiaotu, Special Summon any YZ from your Deck.
Make Void Ogre and Tzolkin.
Set Nine Pillars and second Nine Pillars or Divine Strike and summon Crystal Wing.

Variation: Instead of making Tzolkin, make Hope Harbinger with both Baxias and opt to not summon Crystal Wing.

If you’re going to actually play this deck, do yourself a favor and start doing test hands and see what you can do. The deck is very slow when you can’t do Jiaotu combos. Here are some quick ruling notes on your cards.

Nine Pillars negates the activation, so if there is anything to resolve after Nine Pillars, except the thing it negated, your Yang Zing (except Denglong) will not have met its activation requirements because they’re ‘When…You can’ effects.

Nine Pillars needs to shuffle ‘that card’ into the Deck in order for you to destroy your Yang Zing. If it’s not in the same place that that card activated, Nine Pillars won’t shuffle it into the Deck and won’t destroy another Yang Zing card.

Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon has to actually destroy the activated monster to gain ATK. If it’s something that activates in the Graveyard, or discards/tributes as cost, Crystal Wing won’t gain ATK.

Nine Pillars can destroy any Yang Zing card and Denglong doesn’t ‘miss timing’.

Thanks for reading. Click an ad, come back Wednesday, make sure you have Denglongs and let me know your favorite Yang Zing combo on…


Obviously include three Desires if you have them and just play 43 cards. After playing the deck more, I want a second Zefraxi but I don’t know what to cut. Perhaps Volflame.

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5 thoughts on “Deck of the day: Metalfoes Yang Zing”

  1. Thanks for the post, glad to know the playset of Silverds I picked up last week have a use besides being the low scale for my atrocious Buster Blader/Dark Magician Girl/Red-Eyes/other stuff that I forgot Deck. Also good to know that there’s a neat-looking Synchro archetype like Yang Zing out there because Synchros are fun.
    Also, your “When…you can” thing reminded me that I had another Gusto question. If I use Spiritual Wind Art – Miyabi to tribute Gulldo/Falco, would that trigger their effects, because they were tributes, or no, because it was a cost and so Miyabi returns the card to the bottom of the deck as the last thing that happened and I miss Gulldo/Falco’s timing?
    Finally, I was wondering if you could give me a quick appraisal of two cards I made up for a book I’m writing. Said cards are supposed to be not broken, but decent enough to be plausibly used. If I gave you the description of the cards, would you be willing to help me with that?

    1. I’m glad to see that you enjoy my articles. Metalfoes are a pretty good generic Pendulum engine that could go in pretty much whatever jank deck you want. I’ve even seen Mecha Phantom Beast Metalfoes.

      If you use Wind Art and Tribute a ‘When…You can’ monster, you can’t activate the monster’s effect because the last thing to happen has to be the monster meeting the trigger. Wind Art would resolve and be the last thing to happen. Even if it said “Destroy 1 Monster you control; do a thing”, the thing being done is the last thing to happen, not your monster being destroyed. Missing the timing is a terrible name for a terrible thing but it’s in the game and we have to deal with it, just like we have to deal with F&L lists that show up less often than the super moon and that one guy playing chain burn.

      Show me what you’ve got for the cards you’ve created.

      1. Mecha Phantom Beast Metalfoes? Sounds interesting. Thanks for the timing clarification, I don’t really like it but you’re right, it’s like Majespecters are for me – whether we like it or not, we have to go with it…having my Summon get trashed still ticks me off though.
        The first card is supposed to be a Gusto/Charmer Support. Before you say anything, yes, I know it will take a miracle from Konami for Charmers to be even semi-viable, this is just me trying to figure out what kind of miracle(s) they’ll need. The card name is “Wynn, the last Gusto” and it’s a Level 4 WIND Spellcaster with 1850/1500, allowing it to be searched with “Unpossessed” to make it fit into Charmers better, and its effect is “This card is also always treated as a Psychic-Type Monster. This effect cannot be negated. All “Charmer” and “Wynn” Monsters you control are treated as Tuner Monsters. During your turn, if you shuffle a card(s) from your Graveyard into your Deck, shuffle one card your opponent controls into the Deck. You can only use this effect of “Wynn, the last Gusto” up to twice per turn.” The idea is that in theory it makes Charmers have a bit more Extra Deck functionality by making all of them Tuners, and it also allows Gusto to clear the back row a little better while also adding a little synergy between the archetypes.
        The second card is for a completely new archetype I’m working on making, called Stormfront, with a focus on Banishing cards Face-Down and in theory doing things with that. The card in question is called “Kara, Princess of Stormfront” and is a Level 7 WIND Spellcaster with 2500/2300. Her effect kind of bends the rules a bit. It reads “You may Special Summon this card from your hand by Banishing Face-Down 3 WIND Monsters from your Graveyard. You may only control one “Kara, Princess of Stormfront”. Once per turn, you may attach one WIND Monster from your Extra Deck to this card as if it was Xyz Material. This card gains the effects of the attached monster. During the End Phase, Banish Face-Down all cards attached to this card, then Banish Face-Down the top card of your opponent’s Deck.” Most of the people I’ve asked for opinions on this one get mad about the attaching cards as if they were Xyz Material, and I already know I’m not supposed to be attaching Xyz Materials to non-Xyz Monsters, but I’m trying to get the card to be able to trigger Xyz Monsters’ effects by detaching the Xyz Monster and I can’t do that if I have it equip the Monster. If you have any suggestions for what to do with these cards, or suggestions for what the rest of the Stormfront archetype will need to do in order to be good, I’d really appreciate them.

        1. Wynn seems fine. I’m not really sure what your problem is with her. The trigger effect would have a colon, like this
          “During your turn, if you shuffle a card(s) from your Graveyard into your Deck: Shuffle one card your opponent controls into the Deck. You can only use this effect of “Wynn, the last Gusto” up to twice per turn.”
          It currently doesn’t target and is mandatory. Seems like a strong effect and perfectly fine for a trash archetype to have 😉

          The only mention I can find that Xyz Materials have to be attached to Xyz Monsters is this
          “Monsters that are used to Xyz Summon are called “Xyz Materials”,
          and are placed underneath the Xyz Monster, to show that they are
          attached to it.”
          There’s also the ruling that you can’t target a set monster with Xyz Materials with Temtempo because face-down monsters have no type but it has Xyz Materials. Currently the only way to get Xyz Materials is by Xyz Summoning or using an effect like Overlay Regen that specifically targets face-up Xyz Monsters. Other than design philosophy, I can’t find anything in the rules that Kara breaks.
          Neat trivia: If you control two Xyz Monsters and Kara with two Xyz Materials, you can activate Xyz Gift and detach two materials from Kara.

          If Kara were to be printed, her summoning procedure would be worded like this “You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by banishing 3 WIND monsters from your Graveyard, face-down.” Or if you want it to start a chain, “If this card is in your hand: You can banish 3 WIND monsters from your Graveyard, face-down; Special Summon this card.”

          Stormfronts look like they’re playing in a really neat design space. Keep in mind that face-down banished cards have no identifying attributes. No card type, monster type, ATK, DEF, anything. They’re just cards and only cards that say ‘card’ with no specific qualities other than banished can affect them. You can do stuff like return 1 face-down banished card to the Graveyard, if it’s a WIND, do an effect but you can’t return 1 face-down banished WIND monster to the Graveyard.

          1. I didn’t really have anything I wasn’t liking with Wynn, I just wasn’t sure if I should push her strength a little farther or if she was fine where she was. As for Kara, it’s good to know I’m not really bending rules, just people’s brains. Also good to know about face-down Banished stuff not being targetable by non-blanket effects like Electrum and Necroface. Thanks for the insight, looking forward to the next post!
            …also crying inside just a little because we didn’t get Destiny HERO DeadlyGuy to make Dystopia actually be able to do something. Curse the TCG/OCG Split.

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