Darklords (and the rest of Destiny Soldiers) suck, FYI

darklordmorningstar-deso-en-scr-1eDESO is out and we got some new Destiny HEROs, Abyss Actors and Darklords. Today is not for the former two, nor is it a set review, it’s more of a Darklord guide and different options you can take. I’m not going to definitively say anything on the deck because I strongly believe it belongs in the trash and doesn’t actually do anything relevant against the meta. With that said, the deck is still fun if you like summoning 2500-2900 ATK monsters with mostly irrelevant effects and sometimes Kristya.

First off, the new Darklords generally discard Darklord cards to do something but they all discard a little differently, which is terrible card design. Secondly, some of them allow you to pay 1000 to make that effect the effect of a Darklord Spell/Trap in your Graveyard, then shuffle it into the deck. Let’s look at what Darklords have for new cards.

Darklord Morningstar

darklordmorningstar-deso-en-scr-1eDon’t complain about the name because Morningstar is its name. Anything else is fan translation and speculation. I heard Beezleboss being tossed around but that’s too racey for the West. Japan is not Christian/Catholic and can have names that are religious. Konami has made it a point to not allow religious references in the West, so we can’t have it being called Lucifer. Lucifer is the name of Satan before he was cast out of Heaven. Lucifer is the translation of Heylel from Jewish, which means ‘the morning star’, ‘the planet Venus’, or ‘light-bringing’. Morningstar is a better name than variations of Beezlebub because Morningstar at least still references the heavenly Lucifer.

Regardless of name, Morningstar is pretty bad. You have to Tribute Summon it and it only conditionally summons Darklords from your deck. Sure, it can’t be targeted and can potentially gain LP but it can’t ever be Special Summoned. If none of its effects applied if it was Special Summoned it would be playable. This is not the case. Skip Morningstar unless you want to play a bad deck. If Darklords with Morningstar becomes a threat, people are just going to play three Veiler again.

Darklord Ixchel

darklordixchel-deso-en-scr-1eHer discard effect discards herself and any Darklord card to draw 2 cards. Ixchel also has a quick effect, you pay 1000 LP, target 1 Darklord Spell/Trap in your Graveyard and apply that target’s effect, then shuffle that target into the Deck. For those wondering, if you Contact Superbia back, it won’t be able to activate because shuffling the Spell/Trap into the Deck is the last thing to happen. You can only use each effect of Ixchel once per turn and you can only summon Ixchel(s) once per turn. That second restriction does not stop you from summoning two at the same time, like with Soul Charge. You need to run three Ixchel if you want any chance of having a deck that isn’t trash. At least 2900 DEF is not the worst. ABC-Dragon Buster’s 3000 ATK is still more than 2900.

Darklord Texcatlipoca

darklordtezcatlipoca-deso-en-scr-1eThis discard effect only discards itself and happens at the time of destruction and does not start a chain, unlike Nekroz of Gungnir. Typical pay 1000 LP, apply effect of Darklord Spell/Trap and shuffle it in effect. Texbro is neat but I wouldn’t play more than a single copy because it doesn’t really actually advance your game plan.

Darklord Nasten

darklordnasten-deso-en-scr-1eThis discard effect discards two other Darklord cards to Special Summon itself from your hand. This effect starts a chain, discarding is a cost and cannot be used from the Graveyard. It’s Darklord Megalo but worse. I’ve seen both two and three copies of Nasten because it can summon itself, activate Spells/Traps from the Graveyard and 2600/2600 is not the worst. If only it was Level 8.

Darklord Amdusc

darklordamdusc-deso-en-scr-1eAmdusc discards itself and any other Darklord card to add back a Darklord card in your Graveyard. Neat, I guess. Typical pay 1000 LP, activate Darklord Spell/Trap effect, too. Amdusc is just bad and I don’t see a reason to play it. I’ve tried it and it’s some garbage.



Banishment of the Darklords

banishmentofthedarklords-deso-en-scr-1eTypical searcher but you can only activate one per turn. You can use the effect more than once per turn with your Darklord monsters’ effects. Three-of staple.

Darklord Contact

darklordcontact-deso-en-scr-1eThis is your themed Monster Reborn and the Darklord monsters allow you to use it at Spell Speed 2, which is cool. The other three-of staple. Only being able to Special Summon in Defense Position is actually relevant otherwise you could go Superbia into Nasten/Ixchel into the other one for exactly 8000.

Darklord Rebellion

darklordrebellion-deso-en-scr-1eRebellion is really good. It doesn’t target and destroys anything regardless of card type and position. Plus, you can use it from Graveyard. The card is pretty simple and elegant, there isn’t much to say about it. Oh, you have to send a Darklord monster, not any card. Luckily you don’t pay the cost when you apply the effect with other Darklords.

Darklord Enchantment

darklordenchantment-deso-en-scr-1eThis also only sends monsters to take monsters. This also doesn’t target and is also decent. I don’t think you should bother with more than one.

With all that said, the old Darklord cards that are actually good in a Darklord deck are just Superbia and Zerato. Nurse Burn is not a Darklord deck, even if you use all the Banishments, Contacts and Ixchels you’re allowed. The deck’s game plan is still to burn with Nurse. Thank goodness they errata’d the Fallen Ones and the new Darklords don’t have to say “Darklord” or “Fallen One” every time.

I don’t think I really need to actually say that Allure of Darkness, Trade-In and Archlord Kristya work really well with the deck. Here’s what I’ve been testing online. I’m always unhappy with the result because ABC-Dragon Buster just ruins my day. Some guy ‘solved’ this buy playing Morningstar and Gameciel, which allow him to Gameciel ABC if they don’t split it, or summon three Darklords from his deck if they do split ABC. While probably good for that 100-ish person regional, I don’t think people will be surprised in the future. Solemn Strike in the main deck of ABC shuts that plan down by splitting ABC, then Striking Morningstar. Kristya is really the only win condition otherwise and ABC was able to deck me out because I resolved a single Desires and multiple other draw spells.


3 Darklord Ixchel
1 Darklord Texcatlipoca
3 Darklord Superbia
3 Darklord Zerato
3 Darklord Nasten
3 Archlord Kristya


2 Pot of Desires
3 Allure of Darkness
3 Trade-In
3 Banishment of the Darklords
3 Darklord Contact
2 Book of Eclipse
2 Twin Twisters
1 Soul Charge


2 Darklord Rebellion
1 Darklord Enchantment
1 Eradicator Epidemic Virus
1 Solemn Warning


I’m really unhappy with the numbers but I can’t find anything that seems to work better. Texas is super subpar but is better than Morningstar or Amdusc most of the time. Nasten or Ixchel face-up and Amdusc plus Banishment means you can activate Rebellion or Enchantment without paying the cost, maybe swap Texas for Amdusc. Book of Eclipse is to out annoying threats and sometimes turn off your own Kristya to put another threat down next to it.

If you have a better Darklord build, by all means, show me. Superbia and Archlord Kristya seem to be the only way to win. I saw one deck profile where a guy said he uses Morningstar to make Cipher easily, steal their monster and OTK but Cipher doesn’t allow other monsters to attack. Big Eye would be fine, though.

Until Wednesday, click an ad, get some Ixchels if you want to play Darklords and let me know if you think I’m wrong on…


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1 thought on “Darklords (and the rest of Destiny Soldiers) suck, FYI”

  1. I play OCG and I’ve been using Darklords for a few months, but I switched to zodiacs since they are just too inconsistent, but when it’s good mostly it’s a win, despite being a terrible and inexperienced player, I actually got decent results with it, topping 8 man locals once. My build for the win was
    3 ixchel
    3 superbia
    1 zerato nasten and amdusc. Sometimes I feel nasten and amdusc completely unecessary and just side it out, but 3 nasten I feel is just good.
    2 Kristya
    3 vanity fiend
    I also run 2 stormforth (at 3 here) but it bricks too much. It’s also allure fodder
    3 allure
    3 trade in
    2 desires
    3 banishment contact
    2 rebellion
    1 temptation
    1 vanity emptiness
    Tarantula is a good choice for rank 10 since we pay a lot. But honestly, the deck is just too inconsistent to keep up, and when it bricks you can’t do anything. Coming out in PP19 or infinite gold 4 is the new darklord and it can help a lot.

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