Cards of the day: All of the Galaxy-Eyes Xyz Monsters

Today is the first day with more than one card of the day! Today it’s all of the Galaxy-Eyes Xyz Dragons.

galaxy-eyes dragon
He sucks, but he was first.

No one really cares nor remembers the original Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. It’s not even an Xyz. But it’s pretty bad, which is why no one talks about it. But since 2012, we’ve gotten a Galaxy-Eyes Xyz monster every May. Will 2016 end that trend? Probably, unless Kinetic is in Shining Victories, which it probably isn’t. We do get more Odd-Eyes and Blue-Eyes, but not a Galaxy-Eyes.

Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

NeoGalaxyEyesPhotonDragon-GAOV-EN-UR-1ENeo Photon was only printed in Galactic Overlord (GAOV) in May of 2012 and was our first Galaxy-Eyes Xyz. It’s generic, but requires 3 Level 8s, making it not great. No built in protection, unless you summon it using the original Galaxy-Eyes. Even then, it only negates the face-up cards. It bops Xyz monsters, but 3 materials is asking too much. It’s neat that it’s kind of a counterpart to Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, but it’s too bad this card is bad. I played it in Dark World Turbo for fun, but anytime I summoned it it was never optimal.

Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon

galaxy-eyes dragonWhen the Dragon Rulers hit we also got Tachyon Dragon. It’s not great. At the start of your battle phase you can negate all the other face-up things, and potentially attack twice. But that’s it. It gains attack when your opponent’s effects resolve, but other than being a 3000 Rank 8, it’s not good. And Heliopolis* came out a year earlier and outclasses it in most ways. Tachyon Dragon is similar to Draguluon*, bad and usually not worth summoning.

Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon

galaxy-eyes dragonThis is one of two new Galaxy-Eyes xyz we got in the 2014 edition of print a Galaxy-Eyes. Again, we have another Neo form with 3 heads and the first Rank 9 Galaxy-Eyes. Some people played The Seventh One* to summon either this guy or C101, but outside of The Seventh One, this saw no play. It’s neat, but can’t go on top of old Tachyon like Gaia Charger on top of 5s and 6s, thus, bad.

Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon

Number62GalaxyEyesPrimePhotonDragon-PRIO-EN-UR-1EI was actually pretty excited when I saw this guy, not because it’s good, but because he had 5600+ ATK, which kind of makes it good. It has 4000 original ATK, but halves all battle damage if it doesn’t have the original Galaxy-Eyes as material. But the ATK gain is worth halved battle damage. During damage calculation if it battles you can have it gain ATK equal to the combined Ranks of all Xyz Monsters on the field x200. That is at least +1600 because it is rank 8. If you have a Rank 4 next to it, that’s +2400. If you have another Rank 8, +3200. Until Cipher Dragon, this is the best Galaxy-Eyes Xyz Monster due to it just being a generic 5600+ beater. Don’t forget you can activate its ATK gain effect even if you’re attacking directly. Also it comes back if it dies with original Galaxy-Eyes as material after two turns.

Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon

Number95GalaxyEyesDarkMatterDragon-PGL2-EN-GScR-1EDark Matter is pretty good and actually played for its effect, unlike the other Galaxy-Eyes Xyz Monsters. Dark Matter was called “Doesn’t Matter Dragon” when it was announced that the Dragon Rulers are forbidden. Dark Matter is a Rank 9 with 4000 ATK and you can also Xyz Summon it using any “Galaxy-Eyes” Xyz Monster you control. Dark Matter was only legal with the Dragon Rulers for like, one weekend, but the Dark Matter Dragon Ruler decks went head to head with Nekroz (which still had 3 Preparation and 3 Brionac) What does this guy actually do? Effectively, he’s a Rank 8 (that takes up two extra deck slots like Utopia the Lightning) and on summon you can dump 3 dragons with different names and your opponent banishes 3 monsters from their deck. He also attacks twice, but only can only attack monsters if you activate that effect. It’s pretty legitimate. Dragon Ravine was forbidden because it could dump the Dragon Rulers to grave, this dumped 3 at once. Dark Matter is crazy good as long as your deck plays Level 8 dragons that you want in the Graveyard. And the Blue-Eyes stuff coming out in Shining Victories (pending Alternative Dragon) wants exactly that. I’ll forgive Koomy if we get Alternative Dragon in SHVI instead of another Galaxy-Eyes Xyz for May 2016.

Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon

GalaxyEyesFullArmorPhotonDragon-CROS-EN-SR-1EBeing the May 2015 Galaxy-Eyes release, this was never legal with the Dragon Rulers, but it wouldn’t have mattered much as it only pops cards for free, has 4000 ATK and goes on top of any Galaxy-Eyes Xyz. Full Armor can’t go on top of another Full Armor, and Dark Matter can’t be used as Xyz Material, but at least Full Armor doesn’t have 0 DEF. Other than being able to Xyz Summon Full Armor using other Galaxy-Eyes, it has two ignition effects. The first is irrelevant 99% of the time and the other detaches 1 material to destroy face-ups your opponent controls. Okay, the first one lets you attack Equip Cards equipped to it as Xyz Materials, which is neat for stuff like Galaxy Zero, but won’t matter most of the time. Full Armor usually takes up at least two spots in your Extra Deck, but you /can/ make it using 3 Level 8s. At least it’s manageable and not 3 Level 9s. Full Armor is strong, but not quite as strong as Dark Matter.

Galaxy-Eyes Cipher/Kinetic Dragon

GalaxyEyesCipherDragon-CPF1-JP-OPThis time, Japan gets a Galaxy-Eyes Xyz in May. I can still hold out hope that it’s an import in SHVI, but I doubt it. Cipher might turn out to be Kinetic due to translations or something. I don’t know Japanese. I’m going to call it Kinetic Dragon because I think that sounds cooler. Since it’s not even out in Japan yet, this is the picture we have and this is the translated text we have.

“2 Level 8 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target 1face-up monster your opponent controls; other monsters you control cannot attack directly for the rest of this turn, also take control of that target until the End Phase, but its effects are negated, its ATK becomes 3000, and its name becomes “Galaxy-Eyes Cipher/Kinetic Dragon”.”

Provided it isn’t under 3000 ATK and summoning it isn’t a chore, more Galaxy-Eyes Xyz are welcome. And Kinetic Dragon has all of the same stats as the original Photon Dragon with the exception of being Rank 8 instead of Level 8, but that’s fine because Xyz Monsters don’t have levels. Okay, what does it do? It only has an ignition effect. The ignition effect detaches a material to take an opponent’s monster, its effects are negated, its ATK becomes 3000 and its name becomes “Galaxy-Eyes Kinetic Dragon”. Only the control change lasts until end of turn. The effect negation, 3000 ATK and name change lasts forever. Also, other monsters can’t attack directly for the rest of the turn. It’s like Big Eye, but not because with Big Eye you take their monster because it’s a monster you want to take. With Kinetic Dragon, you take anything and it becomes another Kinetic Dragon. Also, if you take an Xyz you can put Full Armor or Dark Matter on top because it becomes a Galaxy-Eyes Xyz. If you take Beatrice, she won’t trigger because she won’t be destroyed. The 3000 ATK change not changing back actually matters because if you don’t use their monster for something, they get it back, with 3000 ATK. If I take a Scarm, it’ll have 3000 ATK when I give it back (but it won’t be a Burning Abyss anymore, which is interesting)

Do you think Kinetic Dragon will be meta-defining? I don’t think it’ll break anything because it gives back the monster, but with 3000 ATK. If the monster was smaller, it’s now bigger, but if it was bigger than 3000, it’s now 3000. It’s also important that Kinetic Dragon isn’t a number in case you take any Xyz, put Full Armor on top, then make F0: Utopic Future.

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