Card of the day: Dimensional Barrier

dimensionalbarrier-inov-en-1e-opInvasion: Vengence and the new structure decks that drop today bring a lot of things to the table. The structure decks bring ABC and INOV has some notable cards. I talked about Vermillion Dragon Mech before and today it’s time for a new staple to shine. That new staple is Dimensional Barrier and it really is going to have a heavy impact on any deck that uses Rituals, Fusions, Synchro, Xyz or Pendulums to any notable degree. But what does it do? Is it actually that good?

Dimensional Barrier has two parts to its effect.

Part 1: For the rest of this turn, neither player can Special Summon monsters of the declared type.

Part 2: For the rest of this turn, negate the effects of all monsters of that type while they are on the field.

Is it actually that good? Yes. Unfortunately, it looks like it’ll be secret rare. I hope I’m wrong because I don’t want to hear complaints about it being expensive. Remember Different Dimension Ground? This is a lot like that in that it’s a floodgate for just one turn. Usually, all you need is one turn. Emptiness is limited because it sits on the field forever and locks out the game forever, but it’s incredibly fragile. Dimensional Barrier also acts like a Skill Drain for one turn, which is back breaking.

This card is super simple and super good and kind of hard to understand exactly how good it is without playing with it.

I’m playing Burning Abyss. I summon Terrortop, then summon Taketomborg. You flip Dimensional Barrier and my turn ends.

I’m playing Burning Abyss and you can’t get over my Pilgrim Dante. You play Dimensional Barrier, then Castel it away.

I’m playing Herald and activate Dawn of the Herald. You chain Dimensional Barrier and my spell resolves without effect because I can’t Special Summon Ritual Monsters.

I’m playing Metalfoes and I activate my second scale. You activate Dimensional Barrier and I can’t summon Kirin, Metalfoes or other problem cards.

I’m playing DracoPals. You activate Dimensional Barrier in my Standby Phase.

I’m playing DracoPals. I Pendulum Summon Sorcerer, you use Dimensional Barrier as a Breakthrough Skill.

I have a Kirin on my side of the field and you play Dimensional Barrier before you summon anything and are able to come back.

You set Dimensional Barrier and pass. I hit it with a blind MST. You chain it and have roughly a 50/50 chance of calling either Pendulum or Xyz and locking me out of my turn. Past the first turn, you should know what type to call.

Dimensional Barrier just does everything. And like the official Yugioh blog says, no amount of inclement space weather can ruin your day if it’s targeting Dimensional Barrier. Until Monday, click an ad and talk to me on…


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