Holiday Christmas Yugioh Gift Guide

spacegift-lodt-en-c-1eIt’s always hard to know what to get somebody for the holidays. If you’re not an enfranchised Yugioh player yourself but have someone in your life that does play, it’s nearly impossible to know what to get them and to know the difference between a starter deck, a booster pack, a booster box and, generally, what to gift your Yugioh player. Hopefully, this Christmas gift guide can help you purchase something within your price range and something that the Yugioh player in your life will actually enjoy. Continue reading “Holiday Christmas Yugioh Gift Guide”

Deck of the day: Toadally Awesome HEROs

elementalherobubbleman-sdhs-en-c-1eI’ve played all kinds of HERO decks for years and HEROs has stayed true to Fusion Summoning every time we get a new variant. There was Bubble Beat with Blade Armor and Excalibur back in 2012 and 2013 but the deck still used Miracle Fusions for Absolute Zero. And I used Mask Change for Acid and Vapor back before Shadow Mist was a thing. Invasion: Vengeance brought HEROs a new tool; Toadally Awesome. Don’t believe me? Bubbleman is a WATER, which means Bahamut Shark, which means Toadally Awesome! The best part of the deck is that it’s actually good! All aboard the Toadally Awesome HERO train! (we’re not playing trains) Continue reading “Deck of the day: Toadally Awesome HEROs”

Set Review: Duelist Pack Rivals of the Pharaoh

dprp-boosterenMany Yugioh players will ask if Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh is worth purchasing. Here’s a spoiler – packs are almost always a bad idea. Konami has done it again. They’ve released another small set, this time with only 11 new cards. I’m unexcited about this set. I won’t be buying any. But let’s take a look at what cards are in the set anyway. Continue reading “Set Review: Duelist Pack Rivals of the Pharaoh”

A parent’s guide to tournament Yugioh

MotherGrizzly-SDRE-EN-C-1EI learned to play Yugioh years ago. I only had my friends to play with. My parents were completely disinterested. At some point, I learned there were tournaments and started attending. I realized I was awful at this game and that my deck was awful. These people were on a completely different level than I was. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to be good at this game. I wanted a better deck. I wanted to know what priority meant. The decks that were used against me weren’t fair, but obviously, they were legal and anyone could play these unfair decks, making them fair. I learned a lot on my own and part of the reason I started The Big Eye was to help new players. But what I hadn’t realized was that a lot of new players are young and a lot of parents have kids that like Yugioh and don’t know anything about it. Let’s get into the parents’ guide to tournament Yugioh. Everything here also applies to any new players of the game. Continue reading “A parent’s guide to tournament Yugioh”

Are errata good for Yugioh?

trishula_dragon_of_the_ice_barrierBy creating the game of Yugioh and owning all of its assets, Konami has the ability to errata cards. What is an errata? An errata is a change to a card effective on all copies, even older ones with older text. Changing mistakes is fine with me. Technically, Trishula, Dragon of the Ice barrier technically wasn’t an ‘Ice Barrier’ monster. Dance Princess of the Nekroz still adds back banished ‘Necroz’ monsters. Konami is able to errata cards. They have. Many times. Necrovalley has had six errata and people still don’t really know what the card does. Sometimes cards get an errata to make it clearer how it works, or because of a mistranslation. But sometimes, Konami changes what cards do and how they work. Should they? My gut reaction is a strong no, but let’s see if we can’t find some validity to errata-ing cards. Continue reading “Are errata good for Yugioh?”

Konami’s Yugioh Online would be better than DN or YGOPros any day

Currently, there are two main options to play Yugioh online, should you want to play. Whether you want to test out a deck that’s new to you, a deck you haven’t tried, test for a tournament or play casually, DN and YGOPro variants allow you to play with all of the cards for free. Both platforms have their benefits and downsides, but I want to explain how Konami could make an official YGO-Online platform and make it better than YGOPro and DN.

DN perfectly captures dueling in real life.
DN perfectly captures dueling in real life with its special DN rarity.

Continue reading “Konami’s Yugioh Online would be better than DN or YGOPros any day”

Congratulations to Damon Ravage!

Damon Ravage has won the deck box and dice giveaway. I have sent them an email regarding information I need. If I don’t receive a reply within a week, I will have to pick another winner.

Thanks to all participants that entered. I hope to do more giveaways in the future. Possibly worldwide.

If you still want a box/dice for yourself, you can get some.

If you’re in the US,

If you’re in the EU,


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Top 5 items you shouldn’t play without + giveaway

If you’re playing Yugioh, you likely have gear or supplies other than just the cards. Or you’re looking to get some and want to know what the best is. Sure, you can play with bare cards on a bare table and keep track of everything in your head, but that ruins your cards and can make handling them more difficult. These are the top 5 items I would never play without.

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