Top 5: Ways to level up your play

Because, ya know, top 5.
Because, ya know, top 5.

It’s been a while since I’ve written something a little more evergreen. It’s time for something not about current meta. Whether you’re new or you’ve been playing since the beginning, these are five things you really need to get down if you want to minimize your mistakes and maximize your win percentage. I see these ‘mistakes’ made mostly by new players and experienced players that get sloppy.┬áLet’s get into five tips that helped me level up as a player.

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Top 10: Decks for the September 2016 format

We have a new F&L list, which I already talked about. If you’re new to Yugioh, that means everyone is scrambling to find new decks because the list shook everything up. In reality, this past list didn’t shake things up too much. Konami hits things on the F&L list in cycles to push new products. Allow me to explain. Continue reading “Top 10: Decks for the September 2016 format”

Top 10: Cards that are like Mystical Space Typhoon

MysticalSpaceTyphoon-MRL-NA-UR-1EIt’s not often that the best one for one Spell/Trap removal in the game is contested. For most of Yugioh’s history, Mystical Space Typhoon is the only Spell/Trap removal you need. Other than big sweepers like Heavy Storm, Giant Trunade and Cold Wave, MST has been the best and usually the only one people used. Anything like Twister or Dust Tornado was used because it fit the theme of the deck better than MST, or as more copies of MST than you’re allowed. So, copies four through six. Or copies two or three when MST was limited. This is a top ten list – and like any top ten list – it’s my opinion and not based on strict facts. If you disagree or I forgot something, let me know in the comments. Let’s get into the top ten cards like MST. Continue reading “Top 10: Cards that are like Mystical Space Typhoon”